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  1. im aware that DoF can get u better deals with the player, the problem is that he likes to add bonuses or Clauses that can crush you transfer/Salary Budget after a season or 2
  2. FM 17, 9-1 against Arsenal in the 4th round of FA cup replay while i was a 4th division team, to think i was 1-0 in minute 95 in the first game...damn referee...
  3. that league is more 2 sided than the past decade Laliga
  4. say that to good old generous me giving high bonuses every year and getting at least United/City/Arsenal in one of the first 3 rounds every year
  5. yeah there, just like players and staff the icon will appear there, sometimes press will say that certain team is interested but it will not appear, most likely cuz it had interest for less than a week
  6. better to pay just 30% of wage than paying all that wage and have him messing the squad up in my opinion, he is backup anyway, so a kid from your youth squad can cover that
  7. maybe try south american football with the financial limitations of the region? you could also try to get a league to the top, like Croatia, Czech or even Estonia? MLS is also a fresh experience, is so weird that is like a completly different game
  8. 1 put password/block pc if not in use 2 pray that u have a backup in pc 3 always hide saves in other places sometimes, it can save u a lot of troubles (erased by accident a conference to championship save and was so down to have to start again, then i found a save i put in another place, was in league 2 promotion season but better that than have to start all over again)
  9. well...Neymar kinda did it, why not another one? some players move more due to money than teams rep sometimes they just want to change airs or try another challenge
  10. while playing as Worcester in the championship i needed to share ground with West Brom, that year i promoted as champion, i guess it does lower the home advantage, but not to a high degree, it really depends on what kind of team you are, a bottom of the table might have a lot of problems due to teams going to attack you even at your home, but if you are a top table team you can benefit you because teams will not park the bus on you
  11. IF u have success and only if you are in a top league system, by the time he gets to the top flight (he is playing in scotland) the player will go on a free
  12. prepare for the player to be pestering you for all the season... i was ninjaed by your post so read the one i put before it so u think things, having an unhappy player is worst than selling a key player, it can get you sacked
  13. i think you aren't in sure in what place you are, you are right now an "obscure" team of the second division of Scotland, no team will spend so much money, board accepts because is too good of a offer, you are better of accepting the best offer that u get, do make then wait until the deadline of the offer so u can get/negotiate better offers and if the board accepts an offer just start accepting all other offers that are higher and hope that the player help you in this one and accept any offer but the one the board accepted Also, player WILL get mad if a better team wants them and you just say no, that the natural way of thing in real life, you can go and fight against the top teams, the problem here is that you first need to get to the top flight, then use those players that you can sign before another team comes for them, if u have to sell use that money to get 2 similar players, top teams (or better teams in your case) normally offer a lot more than you spent for the players, unless you are managing signings poorly, so you will get profit from selling and can actually more players of similar skill/potential also, as a team in second division u aren't supposed to have wonderkids, they will be poached ASAP by top teams, as a lower league team you need to build for now so you can get to top flight and then you can actually start looking for wonderkids once you are midtable/league contender
  14. this is no arcade so no weird cheat there, u just got a good combination of teams underestimating you, a good tactic that is working really nice and decent players that are in a wonder season, Premier league will be a pain in the first couple of years though im sure of it, you will need to improve your squad ASAP since you have League 1 players and some championship ones i guess, so this players will go down against top teams. do try not to change half of your squad tho, that could end even worst that way, try to get 1 or 2 key players and maybe a good rotation player, also remember that relegation is not the end of the world, Premier league money can make Championship a kids game
  15. you can win 500 games in a row, but if you don't reach the objective is a failure, simple as that, the game is kinda harsh on this, but that alone could put any manager in near sacking if you are the favorite for a competition, on top of that the result itself is like putting your finger in the injury. on the other side, the FA could be more forgiving since irl, Low had a even worst result in world cup and he wasn't sacked...maybe SI should take a look a this, but i think this has to do with the hidden FA Patience stat
  16. what happened to you can happen in club levels too, you get a team from conference to premier and simply being eliminated in quarter finals/being out of the CL spots when you have the objective of being champion can net u sack, obviously this isn't normally the case for irl (PSG won everything but champions and emery is not in psg anymore due to failing the main goal) i guess FA wanted you to win that and of course a 5-1 doesn't help, maybe they would spare you if it was in the final, but remember that International management is a world of fast changes, u see croatia at the final this year, croatia could fail to qualify for next world cup, and if there are bad results, the best thing to do is to change something also, winning so much games in a row is kinda bad since a loss can mess up with expectations, just look at brazil in the last 3 world cups, its expected to win, comes from a very good pre world cup/qualifiers and goes out in quarter finals (and humiliated in 2014 semi final) heck i think most people had brazil reaching semifinals but eliminated by a more favorite team
  17. brexit should be implemented the season after u get the first notice about it
  18. if u missed the message you can go to the premier league rules tab and see if the work permit system is there or not
  19. that seems accurate, irl there are more post shots than you think, of course, you will see a lot more on your side if you shot 10+ times
  20. the notification just warn you that its going to be applied next season, so the pre brexit rules are still running
  21. no, u can increase it by sending Scouts to nations that those scouts have no knowledge so they can get knowledge from that nation, in my current save i have around 55% (give or take a few % since i haven't touched my save since almost a week due to xmas stuff) im sure you can get near 100%, but you will need like 50 scouts and a lot of time to do so
  22. u can't really have 2 top targets, even if you are going for Messi and Ronaldo, only one of them can be top target
  23. players can still grow in height, now, is not rare to see 1.85m for GK , keilor navas is one of the best Gk in the world and he is 1.85 tall
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