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  1. There is a specific section for editor related questions I would suggest trying to create your own league, it takes some time learn the basics tho First time i created a league based on the idea of my city getting independance from the nation, using some popular towns and places for names of the teams, its quite nice to do it that way, its so nice to see the team from your amateur/junior local league being in a CL qualifier
  2. There is no such thing as call ups here, u could get the A team job after winning segunda division with a B team, but that would need a very desesperated and struggling A team, like early season madrid (or even worse due to how sackings work in FM
  3. Teams do tend to retrain AMC, Forwards and AML/R to IF i do that myself but most of my youths capable of reaching a rotation role are not in those positions, maybe i will just train every forward in a IF since i don't really need more Forwards since my 3 best ones are 24 or younger
  4. Is not about how much players, is about a rare role to see in this save, got a lil more over the preseason and could sign the 20M guy, he will be out for a month, but better than having a non optimal IF
  5. I would at least go for paying 180M as for me that would make me feel less bad with myself, also, mourinho is the manager and is having a rockus in the dress room, being hilarious how after 7 games without winning against my team he calls my team "trash"
  6. There are more that fit my criteria, but they are 32 old or more, are bad finishers, lack pace/acceleration or have very bad mental stats (like decisions, anticipation, vision and off ball) i have a plan b but is injured so have to wait to january for him As for scouting reports i do see them, if they are dirty, inconsistent or don't like big matches i think more before making a bid the only bad thing (if i could call them that since they are all in yellow) are that he is one footed and a little lack or bravery Basically i want some kind of Cristiano in his early Madrid days, fast and strong with good finishing And as i said before regens at IF are a lil rare in this save, let alone a world class one, on top of that the ones that are world class have a big hole in the traits i want, this 2 im talking about being the only exceptions (also a 32 year old guy, but im sure that his pace/acc will by the floor by the end of the season) Edit: took another look at the 20M guy and he doesn't like big matches and is a lil dirty...boy my luck...
  7. The guy is happy with chelsea i did tried to unsettle him, he is interested, only if i pay him 375-500k a week basically, only money can move him from there, chelsea and i have a yoyo with premier so is understandable, only thing i have over chelsea is champions league performance and only because chelsea fall short to one of the finalist Done that with my plan C guy since last season, he is the first option right now, other players that could be good as IF have a 0 on the opposite of his foot, will try that and see what world class guy can get a decent work, if not i guess i'll sell my amr for him
  8. Thats what happens when u don't use your correctional glasses, sorry lol Scout tab normally loads very slowly, even more if u make several movements at once, my game sometimes takes around 15 secs to load the menu that pops up when u go to scout tab, sometimes it takes that same amount of time if a filter have too many options or too many players as a result, i normally play with 80-100k players so i guess 350k would do that since its doing a lot of stuff at the same time
  9. I do have someone that can play there, he is just not optimal (he lacks pace and some key mentals stats) was thinking the same only thing that really got my head spinning was the natural fitness, then again, i just need a 3-4 season player so i can look for a wonderkid IF
  10. Are u aware that genie is not developed by si?... Also, data is moved a little slower when is loaded in game afaik, my pc is worse than yours and in takes around 5 mins to load a 100k database, moving 350K is just too much
  11. Never liked to overpay for a player like the psg/neymar way, but im in a situation that i just need a IF and the regen generation just hasn't generated much world class IFs and i got my eye on this guy since 3 seasons ago, the problem? Chelsea wants 260M, i have around 230M Budget and only really need that IF (maybe a DM, but just because i would sell my current one due to him needing new challenges, so he will pay his replacement himself if he leaves) The guy is 28, counts toward nation's homegrow so thats a plus Want opinions, does it worth it to do it like that? My other option is a 29 year old from chelsea too that is going to cost around 20M due to being unhappy and at last year of his contract, problem is he is injured until november They are mostly the same, the cheapest one having less physical traits (16-14 on average points, around 2 points per stat except for jump and natural fitness and stamina that are 4 or more) but he has some misc stats on technical (tackling and marking...free kick and penalties...having 1 less point in ball control and 3 less in crossing) and mentals are a mix for both, only standing out concentration for the 260M guy
  12. First of, anything that u edit on the pre game editor doesn't take place in old saves, not sure about in game editor as the "don't use editor" toggle is always checked for me. Existing players won't be affected so u have to wait for those nations youth intake day. Stats that need to change to get nice regens from obscure nations are youth coaching and facilities for clubs (maybe get the reputation to 1 or 1.5 stars) for the nation itself you need to edit youth rating, league should be improved as well to match the teams' reputation After all of this there are more chances to get youth from those nations...im aware that you could still get nothing as "next messi/ronaldo" or even a decent rotation player as this nations produce 1-3 players every 5 seasons or so (non fifa nations never get them afair) and since youth intake is mostly tickets to a 2000+ players lottery this nations don't get many world class players due to having 1 player per year at most Only exception would be to make this nation's leagues playable so they generate more players but playing oceania's champions league with 11 wonderkids is just overkill unless u make oceania a continent as good as europe with the editor
  13. While fixing a skin error from my fm17, my manager profiles got erased too, my saves are ok so i can see my managers there Thing is, normally my first manager on every installment of the game is the one i normally care more for his aspect (i don't like photo generated ones so i use in game face editing) wanted to re do him but i can't make it again somehow, is there any way to "extract the manager from a file and store it on manager profiles?
  14. I don't mind the 17 man squad (done it twice as a top team in england) what im talking about is players wanting league game time, as gib players will never be as good as foreing players those 3 league spots saved for them (specially yhe starting xi one) will make me have 1 or 2 players asking for more play time
  15. Cleaning my pc for extra space i found a lot of saves that i started and never got so far, one of those was a gibraltar challenge i tried until i got excited about my main save when all started going my way and forgot about gibraltar Anyway, the save was in early june, so league was over, signed some african/asian players and some english rejects, only to find out before the first game of the season that u need 1 player trained in gib in the starting xi and 3 in total How do the ones doing this challengue go over this rule? As this could be problematic once the team is a CL group stage regular due to 3 players having to lose games in the league due to that rule and getting player at 18 or less with good potential is costly and hard since im the 4th best team in gibraltar right now Any tips from people that got this challengue done?
  16. Kinda, i don't know if Germany has a u18/u23 league like in england, but normally u18 plays with other u18 teams, so your prospects will play better football as my u18 team has mostly Championship/L1 level players i guess it is better to get them on u18 with 2nd and 3rd tier players around than make them play on 4th-5th tier of the league system, im comparing to england system so idk if the comparison is accurate or not
  17. i go for a 1 week fine if is a 2 yellow sent off, 2 weeks for straight red, i only give warnings for first low perfomance game, 1 week fine for the second, then a warning everytime it goes below 6.3 and teams loses, 1 week fine for consecutive 6.3, i give a 2 week fine if below 5.5 that how i work, there are some special cases like messing up a important game or being at fault for the team being eliminated by a lower league team where i hand a 2 week fine, if all team plays badly, is a 1 week for all 6.1 or below and warnings for 6.3 and 6.2
  18. by the name of the stadium i guess is named after your manager? if thats so then thats the only real way of getting a new stadium before the 20 years rule
  19. either a typo or a bug in database i guess is supposed to be trained by your team
  20. 9-1 to MK Dons while i was a 6th tier team in fm17, having a relegation struggler in the 3rd round of FA cup was an good thing so im not that sad about that result
  21. Morale is not the same as motivation, u can have low morale but be motivated to do it better, he got angry due to "le gasp! how dare u saying i play poorly! i'll show u you are wrong in the next match" +motivation due to challenging himself to do it better -morale due to being angry/down by your words then again, motivation is not really a stat, i'll say it just makes a player get out of a slump earlier
  22. nope, the spot would go to another league afaik, that only happens with europa league if the champions of FA cup and EFL cup qualify to any of the 2 continental competitions via league, giving the spots to 6th and 7th
  23. exchanges are normally successful if the team u are offering wants to leave, and the team u are offering think it can give him a contract he would accept, i managed to get a player offering a player as a loan (the player wanted to leave and wasn't asking for much in wages, and was fine to go a lvl down the ladder) could lower a counter offer of 20m bid to 19 + loan
  24. if rules state that it should be from club them don't, if rules state that is from nation loan only in local teams
  25. i don't use Dof since 17, i mostly use him for staff (if he mess up there is not big deal) for players i do it myself to remove release clauses, salary raises, highest earner and automatic renew after x games
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