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  1. Bump... Am I missing something obvious, or does no-one know what training this scouting report button refers to? If I press it does it make permanent changes to the training? Is it temporary? Can I view the changes it wants to make? etc.
  2. This has always bugged me, so I'm asking - what exactly is the 'suggested training' this button is referring to?
  3. Aside from reading the Summary, the Data Hub page is meaningless to me (e.g. 'xGA/Gm' - 'Np-xG'?). Do others find it useful at all?
  4. I'm managing the Logroñés B Team. I've uploaded the file TEAMB-DEVASTATION.fm The Board Culture/Feedback is as follows: Sign players under the age of 23 for the first team - Disappointed. I have signed Under 23 players to the B Team, but it would be up to the Manager of the first Team to promote those players into the first team surely? Give playing time to first team players - Devastated. I manage the B Team and first team players are not available to be selected.
  5. I'm not sure if it is a related issue: the board are 'Devestated' because I'm not giving playing time to the First Team players - however, I manage the B Team and first team players are not available.
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