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  1. How about we just let SI get the Football Manager bit right before we start asking for Chairman-add-ons.. Just an opinion...
  2. I have managerial experience, all be it at a reasonable low level... It wasn't the stress that made me quit, it was being "offered outside" by the dads of one of my players (he was 26, the player, not the dad). Like to see how Mourinho would cope if JT's old man came a knocking...
  3. Whats the capital of Peru?? You did say ANY questions...
  4. It is so beautiful, I nearly cried. But that may have been cause I sat on my nuts.. Either way, it's very pretty..
  5. Hi Andy, thanks for the info... You the man...
  6. Morning all... Bit of a newcomer to online play, and have a couple of basic questions if someone would be kind enough to help. Q1 - I'm going to create an online game from me and my bro, and was wandering. He hasn't downloaded any graphics for his game, and looks like a poor relation of mine. If I am the host, and he signs into my game, would he then see my graphics? Or will he have to download them himself? Q2 - I understand how to create the game (i.e - untick the "move matches for tv" option). However, will I be able to create a seperate, non-online game where I can keep this option? Are the preferences definable by each individual game, or will that be the default for every game on my computer once they are set? Thanks all for any help. Gaz.