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  1. Agree completely, on the whole I'm enjoying the new game, but what they have done to the scout reports is a mess. Hopefully its sorted, doubt it though.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to create a club to replace Chester in the Vanarama. Every time I try my club ends up being the Senior Club, when I want it to either be neutral or the feeder club. What I am trying to do is create 'London Celtic' who are basically Celtic FC's way into the English Leagues. I want the club so share Celtics Kits, but not necessarily the logo, although if these come hand in hand I don't mind. I want the deal to be permanent. I want the same board/owners as Celtic. I want my youth to be able to use Celtics facilities. I want financial aid from Celtic, if needed. I want to be able to Loan from Celtic, and share their scouting knowledge. I keep having difficulty setting it up like this. Can someone tell me what I should be checking and what I shouldn't be. When I set it up its as though Celtic are benefitting from the link up, when it should be 'London Celtic' Also it isn't very clear what the different affiliate types mean so if someone could clarify that too, id appreciate it
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