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  1. Ok so I have been giving the game one final shot after previously stating my frustration with the ME. And to my surprise, I'm actually enjoying this save. There have been no over the top amount of set piece goals and I've actually managed to score some goals from through balls. One goal I scored really surprised me was when Minamino scored from a back header flicked into the box from a throw in. I haven't lost a game and have only conceded 1 goal in 11 league games so far. A lot more central play is noticeable (but would still like to see some more). You would swear there was a patch uploaded without any confirmation given
  2. Judging by both your reactions I can see it was neither of your intention's but it came across like that a bit. Understand your point fully and I'm all for constructive criticism, but I do agree that (some) posts can be over the top. At the end of the day we all just want the same goal which is the best version of the game possible.
  3. No need to apologise, I just thought peoples opinions had been shot down as other didnt view it the same way. I'm not of the opinion the match engine is broken either, but I do find it quite repetitive. I take a lot of time to look at all the details of my squad,tactics and staff to make sure I have what I need before I even advance the 1st day on the game. Like I said previously, I'm happy to see people are enjoying the game and I love everything outside of the match engine , but it has become stale for me but I still hold some hope that the last patch will fix some if not all of the issues.
  4. I'm happy to see some people are enjoying FM 20 and I respect their opinions, but what I don't find fair is comments like these that just because my opinion may be different to theirs or what I'm seeing or how I enjoy the game. There is alot of assumption in these posts. Maybe I have read this wrong and correct me if I am, but are you presuming everyone that has an issue with the game is a "plug and play" type of person or that we dont watch "real football". I am not enjoying the game even though I'm performing above expectations due to the lack instructions being followed for example: low crosses being non-existent and many others which have been discussed on this forum. It's not results that the majority of people are complaining about, it is the lack of style of football being translated from the instructions given to the team to what is been produced on the pitch. Like many others I've been playing this game since championship manager 01/02 and have extensive experience in how to manage the tactics side of the game. Absolutely have your opinion and voice it, but please dont tell people to either like it or go do something else. At the end of the day we all want the best version of the game possible.
  5. So after giving FM20 a fair amount of time and after numerous patches I have come to the decision that it is tainted - for me anyway. Aesthetically it looks great and the idea's that SI had for the game seemed good in theory, however, when it comes to actual game play particularly the match engine, its disappointing for many reasons that have already been covered in this thread and no matter how determined I am at starting a new save and making it work, it always comes down to me just falling out of love with it. It's just repetitive now and the best thing I can do is just park it off and wait for next years game. As for FM21 and what I would like to see is a remastered match engine. No new scouting area, no new youth set up or new leagues to play in. The only thing that needs to be worked on is the actual football side of things. Do that and you will have the best FM in the series. As for FM20, what can I say, it was a wonderkid with 5 star potential but with the determination rating of 3.
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