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  1. I've asked for this a few times now, but I'll try again. Can we please get some easy way of reasonably selecting photos for regens please? Having to trawl through the internet (or facepacks) manually, size them, get the player id, find the xml, write the xml, refresh the UI - then do that another 12 times...it's horribly frustrating. Adding a 'set image' option on the context menu for the photo seems like it'd be a 15 minute job.
  2. Adults discussing something related to skin colour makes you uncomfortable?Don't worry, everything's going to be okay.
  3. The last couple of regens I picked up were demanding £5-15k pw wages. They better _not_ up them.
  4. On my screen the player profile photos are absolutely tiny, but on the comparison page they're a decent size. Is there any way to get a proper sized photo on the profile too? I've tried searching, and I've read through player profile.xml but can't see anything particularly relevant. Thanks
  5. I'm just grabbing the update now. I'm seeing reports of people being able to set proper photos for regens via XML (which wasn't in|working previously). Is this one of the fixes that went in? That'd be really great if true. Edit: Yup!
  6. As far as Im aware, this is one of the things you're going to have to buy the next version for. I'd truly love to be wrong. It's not the kind of thing I wanted to find out a couple of days after I bought the game, especially after waiting 5 or so months for patches to go in.
  7. I have a reasonably decent resolution so the player photos on profile pages are tiny, yet they're very large on the player comparison page. Is it possible to have them that size on the player profile?
  8. I've just spent all night putting together the images and XML, and ended up here trying to figure out why they weren't being picked up. I don't even know what to say. I wish I'd known this before I bought it.
  9. When the match plays, the conversation bubbles pop up over the match stats display making it pretty useless. There's a load of 'blank' space on the screen, is there a way to move the conversation bubbles around / make it so they don't obscure other panels? When the match plays, I have two display panes, currently the left is player ratings, the right is match stats. Is it possible to replace one of these with the proper match stats - the screen listing all players of one team so you can see their passes, key passes, missed tackles, shots on/off target etc? On the player profile screen, with all the different display panes, is there a way to display the proper players season stat breakdown (games/goals/assists/shots on target etc) in one of these panes? On my squad screen a player is marked as being available for reserves and I want to remove that, however when I right click go to Squad, Available for reserves I only see options for 45min, 60min, etc but no options for making him unavailable to reserves. How do I do that? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. Same thing I've been suggesting for 6 years or so. The ability to right click on a missing portrait > select PNG to set player faces.
  11. I just picked up FM2013 yesterday (Old timer but got burnt by the some of the newer versions so took a break), and this is probably the most interesting thing I've seen yet. SI employ this person, please.
  12. No Right Click > Set Portrait. For, ohhh, about the last 5 years or so. Such a ridiculously simple, ridiculously useful bit of functionality.
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