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  1. This is how 4141DM would look like after following my own tactical guide
  2. Well, simply pick a formation and watch how much your wide players are being utilised in a fluid and how much in a structured style, you should be able to see that your team exploits wide players more often with a fluid style, regardless of mentality...
  3. Think about it. If you play more structured plus more agressive, it's play to target man style, so therefore middle....if you play more structured plus less agressive, its pure counter, so again middle....if, on the other hand, you play more fluid plus less agressive, its play through defence style which basically relies on utilising width to approach the goal, and if you play more fluid and more agressive, its run to defence or play with creative wingers style, which again focuses on wide players...flexible relies on both...
  4. I see team shape, or fluidity if you wish, as a focus. You rely more on your wide players the more fluid you go, or you rely more on your central players the more structured you go. Usually it is best to play flexible and use your whole team and every area of the pitch.
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