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  1. Halfway into the season, kicking and fighting like only a spartan can. We are starting to build a team of heroes
  2. What if we are not that bad? What if we actually got a fighting chance? What if we are strong enough for an even bigger challenge?
  3. Some extra end of season stuff, and then silly season and the start of the next season. We are looking for big improvements, but it seems it might come at a great cost.
  4. One match left to play and we have already secured a spot in the playoff, but if we win the final match of the season, we will advance directly to League One. In our way stands Peterborough. They are a brave team, currently holding the top three spot that we covet. Three points is a must. Will Peterborough prove to be our Thebes? Epaminondas developed new strategies of war in order to give Sparta its first loss in a major land battle. The odds are against us, but we are not ready to give up on our growing empire. Sparta dominated their enemies for 230 years, and even if our journey will not be that long, we are still looking to continue to climb, reaching new heights, as we stand on top of our defeated enemies. Peterborough are the favourites, but Spartans have faced tougher odds.
  5. I accidently lost an episode because the recording was bonked. Instead we jump directly into mid season, and the team is playing amazingly well, placing way above expectations. Even as one of the biggest new stars get sold to the top team in Championship (Crystal Palace), we still feel we are in a position to dance with the teams aiming for a playoff spot.
  6. New season and we need a ton of players, trying to focus on young talents that have been discarded by the best teams in England. We are predicted to struggle, but there is something special in the team about to burst.
  7. We take on the last matches of the season, battling for survival in League Two. We have a small head start on Ebbsfleet, but we know we most likely need to get good results from some of the last matches. Our team is weak, and just as Dan Maguire carried us to League Two, he have been carrying us this season too. Is he strong enough to take us over the edge?
  8. The battle to stay in League Two is tough and we go into two matches in this episode, against the two teams we are fighting against. Victories will push us into safer grounds, but if we stumble here, it is likely we will drop down into relegation. This is where we need to take our stand, for Sparta
  9. Two matches against weaker teams, and now we need to show that we can actually play decent football. If even the lower ranked teams in the league can beat us, there is no hope of survival at this level.
  10. How tough is it to be the new team? We relied on a few players last season, but can they continue to deliver in a higher division?
  11. Feels like we made it. We go over some of the awards and such after the successful season, and then we try to build a team for the next season. Why is it so hard to find miracle players for free? We also go into the first match of the season against Gillingham.
  12. Sometimes the difference between success and failure, is just one match. A short moment that determines the outcome of a full season of hard work. This is that match.
  13. We are at the point of the season where one team will make it through the playoff and get the opportunity to play in League 2. I feel that we come into it as favourites, but we are facing the best teams, and it has been both hits and misses against opponents of this caliber so far this season. Can we make it happen when it matters the most?
  14. There was a mishap meaning I had to replay a match. We are getting close to the end of the season, and we are chasing points to try and make it to League 2. It would be a great accomplishment to get there, even if it seems like it is the performance of a few players that are getting us there.
  15. After a very long break from the game, three months, I manage to pick it back up again. The team is a stable top team but we need to keep pushing forward if we want to gain promotion. With only one team moving on directly, the top spot is what we desire the most. A playoff would be good too, but with six teams fighting for one spot, it is a landmine. Maguire is our top striker and he is carrying the team on his back. Can we rely on him all the way?
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