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  1. For example, when i send an analist with a player, it gives me info only with one player at one position, maybe it would be good make comparision with another player and, why not, another position. An example in the picture is that im looking for a ball winning midfielder, but the player that i found can also play as full back. So the analist only offer me the comparision with the full back.
  2. Thank you so much! This is what i was looking for!
  3. Yes, i saw that buttons, if its the only option i am as disappointed as you. Thats not good
  4. Hey, like the title says. Where i can find data(like heat map, pass conections,etc) during the game? At FM20 this was very easy to find it, but at this game i cant see where it is. Thanks for the help!
  5. Its not their fault, game tester just report errors and,if its true what they writed here, they already did it
  6. I had been buying FM since 2015 and never happened this to me
  7. They are taking so long time, its a feature that doesnt leave me make my save as i want. The game came out 4 months ago...
  8. Perfect, let me know if you find something, i can test it
  9. Its the same visual bug in the following matches. The crash is avoid if i dont put the 3d engine
  10. The default, not the dark neither the white I did and its the same, the crash is when i select to see the match with the 3d engine. But with the 2D engine, its the visual bug that i showed FM 2020 v20.1.2.1316421 (2019.11.19 12.34.14).dmp
  11. Its the same FM 2020 v20.1.2.1316421 (2019.11.18 20.43.04).dmp
  12. I tried with a skin, with the skin that bring the game and a new version of another skin. In all of that, the visual bug is there FM 2020 v20.1.2.1316421 (2019.11.18 18.25.22).dmp
  13. Its a visual bug in matches and when someone scores, the game crash. Adjunt photo and file of the crash FM 2020 v20.1.0.1313242 (2019.11.14 17.34.09).dmp
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