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  1. Save from immediately beforehand, if needed. fm_save2.dat.gz
  2. I made a loan request for 4 months. However, when it described my offer, it described it as to the end of the season. When it was accepted, it was correctly confirmed as being for 4 months.
  3. Looks like it matches their schedule: https://www.dcunited.com/schedule?month=2&year=2018. They played a couple of early matches & cup matches at other local stadiums, but were mostly on the road.
  4. DC United's stadium wasn't ready until July. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audi_Field#Opening
  5. Have only one GK, wearing #1 Sign an autogenerated reserve wearing #1 Reserve is automatically promoted to first team ... I now have two #1s on my first team.
  6. Now that MLS has been in the game for two years... are there plans to have it be more like MLS? Or is dealing with the nuttiness of GAM/TAM/DP/HGPs/etc going to exclusively be a FM/FMT feature? (I can certainly understand why having all this in the rules engine for one league would be a mess.)
  7. Apologies, don't have a screenshot/save. Enhanced match engine, had the referee go to VAR to determine whether a foul was inside or outside of the box. The free kick proceeded before the VAR decision was given and before the referee came back into position.
  8. Using 9.2.0. (Android, if it matters). 1. Start new game 2. Set "Use Fake Players" 3. Female-coded staff members now use the male-coded silhouette. Doesn't seem to happen unless 'Use Fake Players' is set.
  9. Update: board got increasingly cranky about the wage budget as the season progressed... but on rollover to a new season, I was given 'normal' wage budget reflective of the current squad (~$4.5m/yr). If the initial budget is coded as just "<some multiple of your average salary>" when create-a-club starts, you can close this.
  10. 1. Do create-a-club, MLS 2. Pick a random team as a template (have seen with NE Revs and Crew, at least) 3. Remove players 4. Add 11 amateur level teenagers to your team so you can proceed Your wage budget from the board is now ridiculously low (~$2600/week, ~$130-150k/year) - it's not even close to the max individual salary. See attached screenshot. It is from later in the game - you'll see that the board will let you blow through the budget without complaint (so far).
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