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  1. Hi, didn’t know where to ask so thought to ask here. Is there anyway to change the default 1-11 squad numbers? E.g. so the centre-half’s are set to 5&6 instead of 4&5.
  2. Does anyone know how to change the 1-11 squad numbers in English Non-Leagues? E.g. change the centre-half’s default numbers to 5&6 instead of 4&5.
  3. Does anyone know how to disable transfers for the first year, to make it more realistic?
  4. There's no option for it when I right click
  5. Says 'could not load file' when I try to load it
  6. I have last_saved_rules, but no unsaved_current_rules
  7. I saved it after as I didn't realise, where do I find those .bac and .tmp files? They aren't in my editor data folder
  8. I spent ages making a custom database in the editor and i accidentally deleted the changes in the editor! I have a game loaded to test it, is there anyway I can get it back from that?
  9. Hi, would someone be able to upload this for laptop resolution?
  10. Does anyone know wher to put the improved pitch textures mod? The folder to put it in from last year doesn't seem to be there.
  11. Would it be possible to create a mod where you can have a real picture for your manager (like previous games) and be able to add career stats, previous jobs and basically just be able to use the editor on your own manager? I hate starting games when some random guy becomes the manager who has no experience in anything
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