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  1. Do players lose confidence in their penalty-taking abilities if they miss a couple? I have a player with 12 penalty taking and 14 composure, and yet he has a record of 50% (10 penalties taken). He may not be a fantastic penalty taker, but I have had players with far worse penalty-taking attributes score a much higher percentage.
  2. Hereford, 2020/21: Season number three, and promotion again. Quite frankly, this was a bit of a miracle. Form was good until late November, after which it just dropped off a cliff and we couldn't win two games back-to-back. Then, somehow, our form got even worse: we won one match in eleven and the first few games of the season, when we had risen as high as second, seemed like a long time ago. However, we pulled it out the bag by winning our last three matches and sneaked into the last playoff place above Leyton Orient and Sutton on goal difference. Fixtures (pt. 1) | Fixtures (pt. 2)
  3. Hereford, 2019/20: Promotion! Sure, we didn't do it the easy way - we were top for about half the season and were let down by an iffy patch just after Christmas, but promotion through the playoffs (fantastic victories against Gainsborough, Stockport and Harrogate) is still promotion. However, now the planning begins for next season. I don't think scoring is going to be much of a problem - we were fine on that front throughout the season - but not conceding them might be. Fixtures (pt. 1) | Fixtures (pt. 2) | League | Past positions | Squad | Dynamics | Transfers Season | Pos. |
  4. Hereford, 2018/19: I've just finished my first season of the challenge and, fair to say, it's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. The team has shown both the sublime and the ridiculous in parts this season and, if they can remove some of the mistakes from their game and I recruit well, I see no reason why we cannot be promoted next season. Fixtures (pt. 1) | Fixtures (pt. 2) | League | Past positions | Squad | Dynamics | Transfers Season | Pos. | Division | FAC | LC | ECC | EC | Top scorer | Most assists | Best player -----------------------------
  5. Thought I might as well give this challenge a go. Some random bloke Hereford have picked up from the local pub is going to return them to their rightful place... League Two, and potentially even further. Manager profile
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