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  1. Hi. I have tried to load kits for Brazil for 2 days now, i think i'm going crazy. Tried with the kits and names fix, tried without it. I have the kits from known sites for Serie A - C, and a less known kit for lower division teams. It just won't load. I've made sure the Id's are correct, i've tried recreating the xml's incase something was inacccurate. All other leagues work perfectly, even the kit_textures for the lower league brazil teams work. But the kits just will not load, beating my head against a wall. Anyone else had these issues with Brazil
  2. Hey boss, i would like to suggest or request a minor feature. I play on a 1440 screen and zoom in by 150 or 175. The skin is absolutely amazing man, i don't mean to complain. But would it be possible to make a sideway scroll bar on the Match UI? Because of my higher resolution and such, i can't see my teams average rating or reactions to my teamtalk. I know it's my own fault for using the settings i do, but it's how my game runs best without getting my eyes weared out. I just really wish i could scroll sideways on the team stats, would improve my experience
  3. Works now, i delegated general training but took control of individual. Set general training to my Head of Youth Dev. Thanks a lot! That's pretty scuffed lol
  4. I have delegated it. The general training is a nightmare i never touch, i do like to control individual though :/ I think because Mestalla B is a team you're able to control soloely, i donä't have access to this. I will mess around with those settings though, thanks for the advice. If all else fails i will release 30 players so he doesn't have an option haha.
  5. I guess this is just a general question, not only applying to Valencia. How do i grant control over the tactical choice and the selection? I'm trying to strengthen my B-squad and also develop players that i have in mind. But i can't seem to change the tactical system how i want to, and players i pick are rest seconds later, as well as the adjustments i make in positions. It says i have control over squad selection, i can't find the good ol option where you force your backup teams to play the same system as the main team. Do i really need to make another
  6. Anticipation is now 12 in my save, only a few months in. Giving him extra training in Attacking Movement for OTB. I realize this is why he's not fully natural as a Regista, hence why i created the thread. Wanted to know if it's something thats possible to fix. I feel like with the attributes he has, putting him as a DLP will pacify a lot of those stats. As a regista his whole skillset is put to work. I could be completely wrong, but again it's why i created the thread. I could do the easy thing and play with the same idea in mind, but a libero instead of a reg
  7. Trying a slightly different version now with the wingers pulled back into the midfield line and the wingbacks put on support. I'd play Tousart as a halfback but it feels a bit thin with only a Mezzala or CM in the middle.
  8. Absolutely. Bare in mind i qualified to the CL one year later by winning the league. But my goal for 2024/2025 was achieved already when Denmark was granted a second seed into CL 2020, at which point i finished second but was seeded into Europa League ( assuming because the new rule went into effect next year )
  9. My two tactics based on opposition strength
  10. He has: Tries killer balls, Dictates Tempo, Does not dive into tackles, Tries long range passes, Brings ball out of defense. Incredible mentals. But yeah, i just got worried because the new (helpful infact) clickables areas of the pitch said he had a low impact because of his role suitability. Just wanted to know if anyone further into a save knew wether he becomes fully familiar. Thank you for your input though, i will just keep him doing it and see how it goes 3-4 seasons in. It's just fairly hard to get a non-cluttered midfield 3with a regista in it.
  11. Hi, sorry if this has been posted before. I'm trying to play around Tonali playing as a Regista. He has all the necessary attributes but is very far from natural in the role. Is he able to adapt to a full competence Regista in FM 20? I'm a bit concerned i might buying into a long-term plan that will never truly prosper. Also, what would be a good third midfielder role for a Regista to work well. I've a BWM CM and a Mezalla on At, but they feel a bit cluttered and i can't seem to spread out the midfield more with instructions
  12. This is simply incredible. It's better than last years even. Thank you so much!
  13. My apologies and thanks for the response. Very exciting league to play in 20
  14. Frederik Norrestrand is missing. I know he is clubless, but he is a really good player. One of my favourite players in 2019. Bought him for every save i played, Liverpool to Lyon to Bari. Always turned out a monster. Where is he ? I want to buy him back into Bröndby as a homegrown.
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