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  1. Yeah... Cant quite understand all that, i not a Skin Creator, dont have that much experience :/
  2. Please just change the white sections for darker colors... I dont like to use third party skins, i always use the default(dark skin). More risks to crash the game with unofficial skins.
  3. Please Mr. Devs consider this idea: Can we please add the drible "Step Over" into the game? It can't be that difficult... In every game in real life i see players do it, especially the wingers, would be a great eye candy, instead the player just try to run with the ball through the player, or make that stop in front of another player... it's a given movement in every game i see of football. I watched the FM19 stream the other day and it was veeeeeery similar to FM18. Please add some eye candy and realistic movement to the game that is "Step Over" Drible. Thank you. Hope hear something from yo
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