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  1. Nevermind, it didn't solve the problem...
  2. As you guys might not know, January 15th Nvidia will let Free-Sync Screens to run on their Graphics card with the new drivers that will be release that day, ending with the exclusivity of G-Sync tech only, this might be a possible end to this problem, lets "pray"!
  3. "Patch 19.2.0" just came out and no fix on this?
  4. 1 more example.... Juventus - Porto (White Kits).pkm
  5. Doesn't the game gets all blurry and stretch with the resolution and ratio?
  6. I dont have editor... i would like a solution for sure!
  7. I guess it worked, but its not perfect, i'm going to post my settings: I know it's Portuguese, but can't change to English unfortunately...
  8. I know right? Since i bought a 144Hz Monitor(around FM17) been having this issue... going to Nvidia Control Panel and run the monitor 60Hz seems to solve the problem, but i have to constantly changing refresh rates for other games... and sometimes i forget to change it, so i get in a game and have to deal with shuttering and choppy gameplay until the end, save the game, close the game and change the refresh rate. Same with the other games, close the game and change the refresh rate...
  9. No, im not using the editor, dont even own one
  10. There it is Lyon - Porto (White Kits).pkm
  11. Is there any way to limit the FPS to 60 FPS? When i set the monitor to 144Hz, everything looks choppy, so i have to downgrade the monitor to 60Hz so it can run smoothly, but it's a pain in the a$$ to be always changing refresh rates when i'm going to play other games...
  12. Something is wrong with the kit choices for matches, for example i play against Juventus, why they play with primary kit which is white and black and i play with secondary kit which is white and not primary kit that's blue? I can't understand who's my players and the opposition players...
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