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  1. Hi anyone from SI researches that can help with the above question? its very interesting question and i am also looking for a similar help in doing a similar league structure.
  2. it says promotion places (2) should be subdivided to Groups (5).
  3. Hi Guys, i am trying to activate Syrian leagues in FM19, specially the lower divisions, as the Syrian premier league is pretty straight forward. i know the rules for the First and second divisions which contains group systems but cant seem to be able to get the rules approved by the editor, could somone please help in getting this right? the rules as noted below" Syrian First Division: the Syrian Division 1 league is split into 5 groups: - Group A: 1. Al-Jihad 2. Al-Jazeera 3. Al-Khabur 4. Amuda - Group B: 1. Al-Hurriya 2. Al-Tadamon 3.Qamhana 4.Ommal Halab - Group C: 1. Al-Muhafaza 2. Al-Arabi (SYR) 3. Al-Yaqdhah 4. Al-Kiswah 5. Al-Nabek 6. Al-Bariqa - Group D: 1. Al-Harjalah 2. Al-Fotuwa 3. Jayrud 4. Jaramana 5. Shahba 6. Al-Nidal - Group E: 1. Musfat Baniyas 2. Ommal Hama 3. Salamiyah 4. Efrin The Rules are: The First Team in Group (A,B,E) Qualify to the Final Stage i.e (total 3 teams) The Best 2nd place team from Group (A,B,E) qualify to the Final Stage (1 team) The First and second place teams from Groups (C & D) Qualify to the Final Stage (4 teams) Total teams for final stage should be 8. The Final Stage is a group system, the first and second place from this group gets promoted to the Syrian Premier League. Relegation Rules: The last position teams in groups (C&D) immediately relegate to the Lower Division i.e (2 teams immediately relegate) The last position teams in groups (A,B,E) play a group stage where the last two teams in the group relegate to the Lower Division. i.e (3 teams play a relegation battle group stage) Syrian Lower Division (DV2) The league consists into 4 groups: - Group A: 1. Al-Sanamain 2. Moadameet Al-Sham 3. Al-Saboorah 4. Al-Mleha 5. Al-Theelah 6. Lahtheh - Group B: 1. Artouz 2. Jbab 3. Al-Shouleh (SYR) 4. Zakiyah 5. Al-Raha 6. Salkhad - Group C: 1. Shortet Homa 2. Qara 3. Al-Mkhram 4. Al-Joulan 5. Harasta 6. Al-Qutayfah - Group D: 1. Mork 2. Al-Nerb 3. Talqeta 4. Al-Nasr Al-Watani 5. Al-Dhaheriyah 6. Al-Yarmouk The Rules: The First two teams from each group qualifies to the Final Stage, also the best 2 teams in 3rd place qualify to the final group stage (10 teams in a group stage the top 4 teams qualify to the first division. appreciate the help
  4. I don't know if someone mentioned this before, but AS Roma's GK Robin Olsen stats should be improved at the moment his current ability and potential ability shows 2 and a half stars, which I believe is way below his ability at the moment.
  5. HR Syria Tamer Haj Mohamad (23190124) Joined Ohod Club KSA on a 2 years contract Mohammed Osman (37041776) is currently a Syrian national team player, his stats are very low, he is young with lots of potential and his abilities are as good as Omar Al-Soma. https://www.transfermarkt.com/mohammed-osman/profil/spieler/273431 Omar Al-Soma (23150719) Stats and current ability could improve, he is on fire for Syria and his club Al Ahli KSA Omar Kharbin Stats are very low needs lots of improvement, he won the best player in Asia last season. Ammar Ramadan the u17 Juventus player is missing from the Database. he is now a free Agent. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ammar-ramadan/profil/spieler/490811 Khaled Kerdagli is a Left Back not a Forward. Simon Amin (93069516) Holds Syrian Passport now https://www.futhead.com/19/players/8896/simon-amin/ Jalil Elias (14123773) he has Syrian Origins and will be called to represent Syria in Asian Cups. Fares Arnaout (23439004) is a Center Back. Osama Omari (23438960) is With Qatar SC , his stats needs lots of improvement as he is one of the stars of Syria and the Qatar star league. https://www.transfermarkt.com/osama-omari/profil/spieler/394558 Ibrahim Alma (23438954) is with Al Wahda SYR, also his stats could improve.
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