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  1. Hi anyone from SI researches that can help with the above question? its very interesting question and i am also looking for a similar help in doing a similar league structure.
  2. it says promotion places (2) should be subdivided to Groups (5).
  3. Hi Guys, i am trying to activate Syrian leagues in FM19, specially the lower divisions, as the Syrian premier league is pretty straight forward. i know the rules for the First and second divisions which contains group systems but cant seem to be able to get the rules approved by the editor, could somone please help in getting this right? the rules as noted below" Syrian First Division: the Syrian Division 1 league is split into 5 groups: - Group A: 1. Al-Jihad 2. Al-Jazeera 3. Al-Khabur 4. Amuda - Group B: 1. Al-Hurriya 2. Al-Tadamon 3.Qamhana 4.Ommal Ha
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