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  1. Thought id make my own thread instead of piggybacking others. Far too many times in the latest patch i have been dominating games, dozens of shots, multiple clear cut and half chances, hitting the woodwork numerous times. Most of these chances come in the form of 1v1's but also missing headers from underneath the cross bar. Whilst i understand not every chance can or will go in the balancing still feels very off to me especially when the opposition can score so easily from minimal chances I have attached 2 PKM's of matches where this has been most prevalent, i have many more if needed Leeds v Newcastle 1-1 Leeds v Palace 1-0 Leeds v Wolfsberger 0-0 Leeds Utd v Crystal Palace.pkm Leeds Utd v Wolfsberger AC.pkm
  2. this is happening to me almost every game, large amounts of clear cut and half chances but no goals. Palace game i won 1-0, other game was a 0-0 draw
  3. Agree with everything you've written, latest patch is just as infuriating as the last
  4. Im seeing my team have 20-30 chances a game, with multiple clear cut and half chances most of which go off target, then im losing to side that have maybe 4 or 5 chances a game. I Understand this does happen irl but for me it is happening far too often in this latest update. I was experimenting with defensive lines and no matter how i setup i was being beaten by balls over the top, my world class CB's have the turning circle of a cruise ship. One step forward and two backwards on this patch in my opinion
  5. even when selecting "extremely interested" no player will enter contract negotiations with my club. is this option working?
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