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  1. Looks like FLUT skin, download V9, i had similar issues but latest version seems to of fixed it all.
  2. I have tried with both custom skins and the default, whilst the customs skins are definitely worse the issue does still happen with the default skin no players will show, you change view and they appear
  3. Me and several others play a network game on a dedicated server which is up 24/7. All we did was reboot the game, steam and the internet. Had no issues with the game so far today. Fingers crossed that has fixed it
  4. Hi, after a little more research I think this may be a server/lag issue. Would make sense it only happening in network games. I did I full reboot of my server and the issue isn't there today. I'll keep an eye on it though
  5. Seems to be isolated to network games for me at least but when i click squad no players show Story is the same for tactics screen And opposition instructions This happens regardless of the skin I use. I have tried the usual steps of clearing cache and deleting preference folder. Also verified the games files on steam I have attached my dxdiag info DxDiagDJS.txt
  6. Also having this issue in our network game, players fail to show in sub screen, opposition instructions and sometimes squad view *Edit* Issue seems isolated to network games, tested several (not host) with both custom skins and default and this issue appears regularly. Players don't show on squad screens, tactic screens, opposition instruction screens when in game and when not.
  7. Having a huge number of CCC's post patch, not sure if this is intentional or not, cam attach PKM if needed. *EDIT* Seems to me the ME is recording anything thats on target from a corner as a CCC
  8. Are Spurs completely awful in anyone elses save? ive started a couple of saves now, they have been relegated in one and sit 16th in another
  9. Would love to see a simplified version of the match engine available in the training section possibly called "training pitch" or something similar where we could look at how certain tactical tweaks affected patterns of play and movement without having to play a full match. Would also love if this was extended to be able to practice set pieces over and over without having to wait for match days. A large portion of a manager's time irl is spent on the training pitch so feel this would make sense.
  10. My favourite type of save on FM has always been journeyman saves, I would love the ability to use your managers money to take language courses similar to when players do it making it easier for me to be considered for foreign Jobs.
  11. For me it's not necessarily about crossing to a player, I want then to put the ball into dangerous areas and let the skill/movement of my striker determine if there's a chance or not. But yeh the pic probably isn't the greatest example
  12. Ah didn't realise that, hopefully they have a solution, i dont expect every cross to be a perfect low ball into a oncoming striker or anything i just want to see them attempting it at least
  13. Im seeing lots of issues with crossing Far too many crosses are blocked imo, i have many examples of my player beating his man running to the byline only to slow down and let the defender block the attempted cross. When a player does cross, its never in line with my tactical instructions. I always have mine set to "low" but inevitably my players will always float one aimlessly to the back post Although there has been improvement im still seeing players dribble to the byline and shoot instead of pulling it back to the pen spot/edge of area for arriving midfielders I have man
  14. Starting to think this is an issue with defenders on the posts from corners in general. Here at 15:26 a cross is put to the far post, the attacker volleys and my defender on the post isnt even looking the the right direction PKM attached West Brom v Leeds Utd.pkm
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