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  1. A problem I've been having when making editor content is that if you make a championsship play-off, the european qualification will be determined by the teams ranking in the league before the play-off begins. Meaning if a team is in the 1st spot before play-offs they will get CL even if they finish 6th after play-offs. I made an exaggarated version of this in Denmark which has 4 spots for european competitions to prove this. I made 4 groups that would meet at first, then go to championship play-offs for the top teams in the groups, and relegation play-off for the bottom teams. The teams who won the groups would get the european places regardless of where in the league they finish in the play-off. Group 1: FCM won Group 2: SønderjyskE won Group 3: FCN won Group 4: FCK won The top 4 in the champions play-off was: 1. FCK 2. FCM 3. AaB 4. BIF Spots were given like this CL: FCM EL: BIF (Because of being cup winners), SønderjyskE and FCN Despite FCK winning the league they didn't get any placement in europe. I shared the file here because i was not able to upload it on this site due to it being 50MB https://ufile.io/cw201 It will delete itself in 30 days so please respond quicker, or ask me to reupload it
  2. Is it possible to add Europa League 2 in the editor? I don't know how to use the continental rules very well... So is it?
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