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  1. I'm playing with AC Milan and Maldini (who is a Board Director) is doing the job of a DoF, but I want Ariedo Braida (my actual DoF) to do that. When I sign a player, if I want to delegate the contract negotiation, the default option is to delegate to Maldini, but not to the actual DoF (Braida). This feels like a bug to me. I know I can delegate ALL contract negotiations from under Staff Responsibilities, but I don't want that. I want the option to be able to manually delegate to Braida (screenshot attached), and not to Maldini, who shouldn't even be doing this.
  2. I'm wondering why I can send some coaches for courses and not others. If I go on their page under Contract, it gives me the option to ask the board to pay for a course for them; but it only happens in very few cases and it seems that there's no logic behind it. Why can't I send all my coaches on courses?
  3. You can't get rid of them, they still appear. I'd let the assistant do them, but I don't want him to do/say something stupid in those... I see it as a useless feature and was wondering if it's possible to get rid of it altogether.
  4. Is there a way to NOT have tactical briefings appear in my inbox? I never use them and they start to irritate me. Can I opt out somehow?
  5. It would be nice to be able to add history to your playing career. Today, you can only say what experience you've had as a player, but how cool would it be to be able to name the clubs you've played for (and maybe for how many seasons and what status did you have there, e.g. "Highly influential player at A.C. Milan for 12 seasons")? This would make your profile more dynamic in the media: Let's imagine you're managing Anderlecht, and are playing a Champions League game away on Old Trafford, where you've spent 4 years of your career – the media and the fans could pick up on that You
  6. Same here, Liverpool, Chelsea, and City have been having issues in the first two seasons. In this third one, United is not doing so well either. Arsenal is doing well though.
  7. Managed Everton in beta and I got off to a great start. I will keep managing The Toffees.
  8. How would they be able to, when it was released two days ago?
  9. Don't know if I like your answer because it's witty and funny, or if I simply don't understand what your problem is...
  10. Maybe. But several times a season... don't know. I just think it's highly unlikely (especially when the team is doing better than expected, the manager has higher reputation, etc...).
  11. Have you ever heard about a whole team going to the manager and pressuring him into playing someone who underperforms, or giving someone a new contract? And on top of that, have you ever heard it being leaked to the press?
  12. I fully agree. It's annoying, and it's not only happening in your case. It's also happening when I refuse to give a new contract to a player. The whole team knocks on my door and wants to talk about it. How many times does this happen? When the hell did Maldini care that Shevchenko was not getting a new contract? I don't understand how big issues like these can fall through the cracks. I think it's because SI sometimes comes up with new features (good intentions) and they want to showcase them so much that they overdo it. Players should mind their own business much more often than in the
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