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  1. Urbiscuit - so would you just go very fluid then instead of fluid + roaming ? My logic for retain + pass into space, is that retain shortens the passing length, whereas pass into space is about frequency of through balls. Betis do play short passing, but definitely not afraid to play those killer balls. denen123 - as I say in the blog, wasn't sure if the overlap does help the full backs go beyond the wide centre-mids, if you're sure not, then obviously can be turned off. Retained shortens passing even further, as far as I was aware work into box is about mode of chance creat
  2. This season, I’ve been really taken with Real Betis and their attempts to play attacking football that utilises the technical abilities of their players. Setien is a maverick, a man who has stated his sole purpose is to produce produce entertaining football and score goals, even at the expense of getting results. A man who has said he is left cold by modern football, he is a purist, a man who idolises Johann Cruyff and Luis Aragones. His Betis side, at times have played football at least comparable to anything produced by Guardiola’s City and Sarri’s Napoli. Here’s a video from Tifo,
  3. Hello mate, of course I can. Just working on developing a Simeone at the moment, which is tricky and taking up a lot of time !! Do remind me if I forget. J
  4. Absolutely yeah. It's on the list for sure. Just working on Grande Inter, have given up on the diamond Ancelotti, cos it's annoying me.
  5. it's bad defensively, but i don't think I've lost a game yet with any team with it. Lot of 3-1s, 4-2s, 5-3s, 6-1's....
  6. Hey buddy How do you think of a Segundo ? I gave him that because i thought a ball winning mid would limit him defensively ? Segundo seems to fit what he did ? Charging around winning tackles and getting up in support ? Still struggling with this atm, it's nowhere near as effective as Sacchi and Guttmann.
  7. Cain Yeah i can, although it's not as good as the 3-2-5 Guttmann or the Saachi so far, i'd prefer to have a play around, gonna start at Man City cos they have enough cash to quickly bring in the right players for it. I have totally the wrong team for the tactic @ AC, and i don't wanna start ****ing around with the playing squad in that game. So far, i played 5, won 3 drew 2 versus Man City home, and away at Sassuolo, so not convinced of it atm, but could be because of the playing squad. Will have a muck around with City now, tweak it tomorrow, and post tomorrow evening.
  8. Traveling ATM but tactic worked amazingly well - see screenshots added to original post. Amazing considering it's unfamiliar and I don't have the right players at all
  9. Hey buddy i quite like your interpretation with regards roles, obviously cain89 wants kaka in behind shev(dlf-a) and pippo (p-a). Also I'm putting Gattuso as a DMCR Segundo, and Seedorf as MCL CM- A, to move from a Xmas tree to asymmetrical diamond. Cafu a higher mentality than Maldini. however I think the critical issue with your interpretation is how you get the slow build up in front of defence with faster counter attacks cos in essence the engine doesn't want to do this. I did this to a degree in my FM17 Sarri tactic so will be interesting to see if this can be done with
  10. Good idea cez - i will do the tactics with each of the correct teams. Just starting now with Benfica for the Guttmann tactic. Then i'll do Grande @ Inter Guttmann actually cursed the club, saying they'd never win a European trophy for 100 years, so it's added element to the tactic.
  11. Hey guys, So after my Sacchi tactic was completely dominant, winning Serie A by 13 points in Season 2 and the Champions League, i got a bit bored, and thought i'd go through all of UEFA's Greatest Ever Teams. The entire list published by UEFA is as follows: · Hungary 1950-56: the Magical Magyars · Real Madrid 1956-60: the European pioneers · Benfica 1960-62: Eusébio's Lisbon marvels · Inter Milan 1962-67: the 'Grande Inter' · Ajax 1971-73: the kings of 'total football' · Bayern 1973-76: Germany's first world-
  12. Has to be the 80s cosve what he achieved. I Definitely will, I'll make one too, because aspects won't be that difficult from my Sacchi, and we'll compare notes. Cheers
  13. would LOVE to see Graham Taylor's Watford. Whilst researching my Arrigo Saachi tactic, i learnt that Taylor was at the same time as Saachi, trying to implement this compression of the zone between attack and defence and aggressive pressing. Obviously with Taylor, you have the additional interest of playing long balls, the width of his two wingers, and CM's swarming into the box. Would be an amazing and unusual tactic to research and develop. J
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