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  1. @HUNT3R you closed my own thread on this topic, saying it has already been asked in this one. Fair enough, but since you lock/close it, means you guys are clearly seeing it obviously. May i ask why you don't answer it/them then (i see there is a couple more about regens in FM18 on here)?
  2. Can anybody official on here, confirm if the numerous regen issues from last year(s) have been fixed for FM18?
  3. I agree 100% here. In regards of the regen issue i don't even want to start. It's pretty obvious this is one of the biggest mess ups in the franchise history. Now to the manager picture part. It makes no sense SI so aggressively fight against the option to let players use their own manager picture. It was worked around i think like 2 or 3 times by skinners last year, and despite the fact they could not be bothered to fix the constantly and randomly changing hairstyles of regens (for like the last 3 FM's that is) and their cartoonish appearances plus the shading issue which was raised by like 5 people separately, it didn't even take them a week to take away the skinners workaround for using your own manager picture with patches. What makes it even more weird, is the fact that Miles and co. suddenly loose the ability to speak, every time the community ask "WHY?". If at least the reasons were obvious, i could understand they wouldn't be bothered to ask silly questions. But so many are asking, and wanting the feature, so for god sake, speak up humans! Just out of curiousity @McClane29, who is the graphical contributor you refer to in your thread? Please don't say it's Debski or Flut!?
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