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  1. I choose Physical tab..but it show Technical training selection..All tab show Technical training selection
  2. I think this happen most of times in matches..our player carry the ball on the touchline and then forgot to brake..the ball on the line and AI take a ball..most of time happen in defensive third..Al pressing hard but they decide to carry the ball rather than clear out of danger..i didnt include pkm because it happen most of matches.
  3. Goalkeeper seems overpowered this year..i've played lot of matches..and had 5-6 clear cut chances per matches but barely score...even striker come centrally to score,not difficult angle..still goalkeeper able to make a ridiculous save. ACF Fiorentina v US Sassuolo.pkm US Sassuolo v S.S.Lazio.pkm
  4. I can't change B team training schedule in spain league..i've already report and upload save game file to SI cloud in beta..but after the full release FM20..this bug still not been fixed.
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