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  1. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I've got the latest version of Demolisher tactic (FM19) TFF - DEMOLISHER V13.fmf
  2. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I don't remember that TFF suggested changing the mentality I leave it as it and it works threat for me
  3. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I leave it to my assistant manager and I've been doing great so far
  4. People, if you don't like something about the game then go to your Steam account and leave a negative review for FM19 because it's the only way to make SI to do something about it ! Also, bear in mind that anytime you can to change your Steam review from negative to positive if you see any positive changes in the game in the future. Leaving a Steam review is the best way to make SI to hear your voice !
  5. Malibden

    For Knap please.

    it looks like Mods abandoned this place Soon it'll turn into garbage...
  6. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I use v14 for all matches and smashing everyone
  7. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    The board adores me Strormcaller has brought Newcastle to the top
  8. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    Go to "Scouting" then "Player Search" then click "New Search" and import the filters
  9. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    Thanks for the filters, mate! Great work!
  10. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I must say that the new Stormcaller version is a cold-blooded killer I'm doing PEW PEW PEW with it in my Newcastle save It's easily the best tactic I've tried so far for FM19
  11. I agree... passes and defenders' reaction should be tuned
  12. Malibden

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    I'm having a perfect start with Liverpool Asbrinher V14
  13. I've tried re-installing the game but it also didn't help
  14. My Steam shows that I've got IGE but it isn't appearing in the game I’ve tried all the below but nothing helped: - restating the game - restating Steam - deleting Cache folders - clearing Cache - uninstalling the game PLEASE SI HELP ME!!
  15. I've tried restarting Steam and the game but it still isn't appearing! Please help me!!