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  1. Hello, TFF Gladiator V1 tactics was tested by FM-Arena site - https://fm-arena.com/topics/163-TESTED-TFF-GLADIATOR-V1-by-TFF/page-0.html You can go there, grab the game save with Gladiator V1 test and check any stats you wish I find it's very handy
  2. I play with Atletico Madrid and use the Gladiator & Conqueror set as TFF suggested in the guide The results are incredible Thank you!
  3. Shield Wall V8 also delivered a very good result in 19.3 FM-Arena testing https://fm-arena.com/topics/156-TESTED-TFF-SHIELD-WALL-V8-by-TFF/page-0.html
  4. If I'm not wrong then "Short Passes" PI was added the back 4 in all tactics
  5. Conqueror did great in 19.3 FM-Arena testing ! https://fm-arena.com/topics/154-TESTED-TFF-CONQUEROR-V5-by-TFF/page-0.html https://fm-arena.com/table/tactic-testing-table-19-3.html
  6. It works fine for me Make sure you copy/paste the password without empty spaces
  7. Hi I wonder why FMT still hasn't been updated for 19.3.0 When will it be updated? Thanks
  8. I agree that doesn't look good at all... There some time left until 19.3 comes out so hope SI will fix it
  9. Punisher V2 has been tested by FM-Arena The result is very good https://fm-arena.com/topics/130-TESTED-F19-TFF-PUNISHER-V2-by-TFF/page-0.html
  10. As far as I know there are many reasons why a player can get a red card, it might happen due a high level of his hidden "Dirtiness'' attribute or just the referee might had a bad match and did a lot of mistake... Btw, do you remove ''Hard Tackle'' PI when your players get booked as TFF suggested at the OP?
  11. Hey TFF, Your BERSERK and CONQUEROR V2 did great in FM-ARENA testing Keep up the good work, mate! https://fm-arena.com/topics/82-TESTED-F19-TFF-BERSERK-V1-by-TFF/page-0.html https://fm-arena.com/table/tactic-testing-table-19-2.html
  12. Shield Wall tactic performance looks very impressive, especially, the defensive stats https://fm-arena.com/topics/57-TESTED-F19-TFF-SHIELD-WALL-V1-by-TFF/page-0.html
  13. Hey TFF, CONQUEROR V1 did great in FM-ARENA testing https://fm-arena.com/table/tactic-testing-table-19-2.html https://fm-arena.com/topics/25-TESTED-F19-TFF-CONQUEROR-V1-by-TFF/page-0.html
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