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  1. Black ball on 2d is making the game very unenjoyable. Can't see myself persevering with it if it stays like this.
  2. Is there any reason that after three patches the match ball in my 2D is still showing as black? I've deleted cache and reloaded skin a couple of times now.
  3. Against Albion Rovers in the Betfred Cup? Quite easy for that to be the outcome. 15 shots each half vs a poor side with my attacking front four. Not far away from the norm to be a lie. Ryan Hardie for Gavin Reilly at half time.. Didn't appear until the 80th Minute. Gavin Reilly had a shot off the post shortly after half time. Game quit right after the team talk - which i left to my assistant. Quite a reasonable outcome of an FM match in terms of stats tbh and a disappointing crash of the game - if you read the forum, there's been plenty of crashes - but if you fancy accusing me
  4. Just had a major buggy match with 30 shots on target and getting beat 1-0 in the last min. i made a sub via tactics at half time and it took till 80mins to actually replace the guy i picked.... Brilliant. Also, game crashed right after full time for no apparent reason. LOVE THIS YEARS RELEASE!!
  5. There's a list of all your discared players in the scouting section. I use it quite a bit to rescout guys i'm still not sure about.
  6. It is very laggy and additional menus shoehorned in for no reason it seems to me. I imagine with a new skin and playing it for a while we'll get used to it but can't help feel they've tried to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. The last year or two have been fine. They could've updated the ME, tweaked a few bugs and updated squads and we'd all have been happy with that.
  7. Is anyone experiencing a black match ball on the 2D viewer ? It's annoying and makes the game look even more amateur than it already is at the moment The UI is the worst I've ever seen it. Surely all these unnecessary menus have to change on full release? When i click on player/staff 'i' for their stats it comes up blank until i have to click on their profile to view stats... Ridiculous.
  8. 2D Classic all the way. I just cant get into the 3D ME at all. I think its maybe down to the years & years of Champ Man / Early FM without 3D.
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