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  1. Thanks for the answers guys, I gave up on that 442 diamond and short after I gave up on that save, I was missing that «thing» which keep you interested on a save! I also think selling Coutinho wasn't a good Idea at all, eventhough he wasn't as decisive as I wanted he was a key player, and he was loved by supporters! I'll keep all your advices in mind! I like the way you think about how to counter tactic weaknesses @sherifdinn_ ! Thanks for your answer too @westy8chimp !
  2. @PonjaConRulos You're right, I didn't think about that. A regista is probably too agressive. So I changed a few things in my tactic, following your recommendations. So I've now been playing with : SS-A AP-S SS-A B2B-S CM-S DLP-D FB-A CB-D CB-D FB-A Using those instructions: Higher tempo and shorter passing (to have that quick circulation of the ball) Closing down more Playing the offside trap Prevent short GK distribution Play out of defense (not to kick the ball every time we have a bit of pressure) Exploit the middle (I don't know if it's redundant with that tactic...) Pass into space (makes good use of my shadow strikers moves) And the results have been very interesting, after trying it in a friendly during the international break (a 3-2 win against celtic with only 2 first team players on the pitch), I had a big game against Arsenal 2nd while I was 11th, at home, and I needed a win. You can see below that it worked out very well and I completely dominated the game despite putting the ball into the net only once. After that, my first ever champions league game with Liverpool, and it wasn't an easy one, receiving Emery's Real Madrid. Even if this game was more balanced, the result was a fantastic 4-0 win for the Reds, with Coric's first goal for the club, and my 2 MCs scoring. So I can say the changes made have had a great result this far, but I'll need to see with more games to have a more complete point of view.
  3. Yeah sorry what's called 9 1/2 in french is the shadow striker, I edited it. So you prefer the enganche role for the MOC, I guess the result is a better link with the CMs because of the enganche is more static and less attacking minded, and I see your tactic is much simpler than mine with DM and MCs, I'm maybe trying to over complicate things... Are your full backs going forward a bit when the team's on the ball? Cuz I'm afraid of them staying deep and being useless when the team's attacking.
  4. What I wanted to have was a short and quick circulation of the ball, but you're right there are some contradictions, I'll remove some of my TI and see what happens. Thanks
  5. Hey, thanks for the answer, West ham was in a 4231, with no real DM and United was in a 433 with Illaramendi as a DM but when looking at the global positions during the game he's playing on the same line than the 2 others midfielders.
  6. Hey guys, I'd like some advice on my Liverpool 4-4-2 diamond tactic. Let me explain, after winning the Premier League on my first year in charge with a 4-3-3 based on high intensity press, overlapping wing backs and a quick build-up from the back with high-intensity short passes about the same instructions that you can see below). But summer arrived, with its surprises, the biggest one was a 120 million euros fee for Coutinho, which was good on the previous season but not as much as expected, with 7 goals and 7 assists in 32 premier league games. I couldn't refuse it, but I lost one of my key players. I have to say that Mane (which was playing a classic winger role) was out for injury for about 8 months, so my 2 wingers where out. As I wanted some change I tried a strikerless 4-4-2 that you can see below, inspired from a tactic I saw on the internet, but I changed some roles and instructions. I recruited Alli and Van Dijk for the 1st team. Don't pay attention to the front line, it's usually Firmino on the left, Alli on the right and Lallana in the middle. I think roles haven't the same abreviations than in French so a quick recap: GK-D WB-S CB-D CB-D WB-S Regista-S BWM-S B2B-S SS-A AM-S SS-A I change the regista for a BWM-S and the BWM for a DLP-S when playing against a team having an MOC. And I have those team instructions, I hope you can understand even if it's in French... But after some terrific games in pre-season, I'm struggling since the beginning of the championship. I know teams need time to get used to tactics but they are perfectly used to it and they struggle a lot. Could you tell me what you think about it? Is it well balanced? I still struggle a lot to create my own tactics, but I keep reading and learning in order to improve. Any comment is welcome, thanks! I've been reading articles on these forums for so long, I'm very happy to be a part of it now!