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  1. Alas, it seems those days are gone in FM21, at least from what I've observed so far.
  2. I'm 99% sure that isn't the case. I had improvements all the way through FM20 from tutoring all kinds of player personalities with model citizens.
  3. The whole 'getting along' thing doesn't exist any more since the change from tutoring to mentoring. Any player can mentor any other.
  4. It's a shame I never got to see that project to it's conclusion in FM20. Things have definitely changed in FM21 though. Whereas before all of the hidden attributes and determination were affected at once each time a player was influenced by the squad personality or mentoring group, in FM21 it seems that only some of those attributes are affected each time, so it will be much harder to game the system to create squads full of model citizens like last year. You'll still get improvements in personality, it will just be more random and difficult to predict.
  5. This is the issue for me. I like the new system in principle, but at the moment information from different places often seems to be contradictory. Hopefully these are teething problems which can be patched out.
  6. David Mendes scores a debut goal after coming off the bench
  7. Preseason 2021/22 Squad Not much change here, other than a couple of our newly signed youngsters being part of the first team squad. With Berge leaving, Jorrit Hendrix will rotate with Melegoni in the DLP role, while Riccardi will move to the left side of the midfield three and Bellingham will move from a substitute role to challenge Zaracho for the Mez(a) role on the right of the three. Tactics I felt like I'd drifted away from my initial tactical identity a little bit, so some more tweaking towards the latter end of last season sees us start the new campaign
  8. I don't at the moment because I binned all of my U18 and U23 players in the first couple of seasons. I'm just starting to fill the squads up again now, but the hierarchy in reserve and U18 teams seems to be very erratic, so it's hard to settle on the right players as mentors. The long term plan is to rotate players from the U18s into the first team squad to be mentored for shortish periods at a time, but it remains to be seen whether it works or not in the longer term.
  9. Transfer Window Summer 2021 Outs I was generally pretty happy with my squad, but I had to make the tough decision to move Sander Berge on due to his personality stubbornly refusing to move. He'd been tutored constantly for two full seasons and hadn't made a single gain, so despite being a consistent performer for us he had to go. RB Leipzig came in with an offer of £40 million and he left with my blessing. Ins I'm focusing almost entirely on the future with my transfers in now, and several new young faces arrived at the club. First up is Gastón Cháve
  10. May 2021 & Season Review Results The month began well with two wins and two clean sheets, including two goals in two games for Fedor Chalov. A disappointing 1-1 draw with Aston Villa followed, before a narrow 1-0 loss to Manchester City. We finished the season with something of a whimper, a 92nd minute equaliser salvaging a 1-1 draw against Everton. Final League Table Despite our slightly disappointing end to the season, we secured 4th place and a second consecutive season of Champions League football. We finished one place lower than last season, but
  11. There's such a huge random factor involved in mentoring that stuff like that can happen just by chance.
  12. He's been great for me, and still has significant influence in my mentoring groups.
  13. It looks like age might finally be caching up with Rodrigo Palacio. Fortunately we only have 2 games to go this season, and he will only be an emergency backup player next year before he retires in June 2022. Hopefully we can still get some mentoring influence from him in his final season.
  14. March - April 2021 Results March began in routine fashion with a 2-0 win away at Southampton, and continued in the same vein with a comfortable 2-0 home win against Fulham. The final game in a quiet month was the 2nd leg of our Champions League tie against Schalke, and a second consecutive 1-0 win gave us a 2-0 victory on aggregate. We drew Manchester City in the quarter final, giving us a tough route to the final 4. If March was routine, then April was anything but, and it began with a visit from Liverpool who were directly below us in the table, and most likely to
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