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  1. He uses Kysi Rensie's FM19 skin which allows you to customise the between highlights screen. You can download it here: https://mrkeysirensie.wordpress.com/2018/10/30/the-fm19-rensie-custom-skins/
  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this, it's much appreciated. Other than Xadas I can't really take credit for the team. That's all Chris Wilder's work I did originally have them that way round, but I was finding that the WBR was isolated and his only option was cross or nothing, so I was trying to give him some support from the DLF moving into the channels. But as you suggest changing both WB to support roles, that should hopefully be less of an issue. I'll definitely give it a shot. Yeah, I was hopeful he would play the role ok if I restricted his dribbling, but he's certainly no more than adequate. I'm going to stubbornly persevere for now though! I've toyed with this during certain games already, and it makes sense especially as all 4 wingbacks at the club have the 'gets forward whenever possible' trait. I did play around with a version of the tactic with a 2 CMs and an AM back when the beta was out, and Fleck played well as a carrilero, I was just concerned it was a bit too defensive in this system. But it does make perfect sense if I accept he isn't going to be making runs into the box, which he wasn't doing much of anyway! Cool. I'll have a play around with those changes and see how it looks. I did consider a F9 role rather than a DLF, but I used one in FM18 in a similar system but with a flat midfield 3, so wanted to try something different. What are your thoughts on transition instructions? I know you mentioned earlier that you thought counter pressing would hurt our defence which was already under pressure due to the roaming midfield, and I do sometimes see all 3 of our midfielders chasing back from upfield as the opposition bears down on the defence, but the back 3 seem to cope with that reasonably well - at least at this level. The transition instructions and pressing are a bit of a mess in my head at the moment to be honest. I can't quite decide exactly what I want to do with them.
  3. I understand what you're getting at here, but the idea was to start with my interpretation of the real life roles, and go from there, it certainly wasn't about trying to shoehorn in fancy roles for the sake of it! What you're saying about defensive risk makes perfect sense though, and I questioned to use of 3 roaming midfield roles in the blog post that I linked to, but strangely enough we have the best defence in the league by quite some margin, it's in attack that we are a bit toothless, only having scored the 13th most goals. This is a great point, and something that I'll definitely have to look at. My theory was that we'd work the ball up to the DLF or out to the wingbacks, then the 2 CM's and the poacher would make runs into the box, but that certainly isn't happening, so there's clearly a disconnect there. My thinking here was to go slightly narrower because we only have the wingbacks out wide. Suck the opposition into the centre, and leave the wingbacks 1-on-1 with their fullback. I guess I'll have to play around with this and see if playing wider improves things. I'm kind of attached to the regista role, purely because this take on the tactic was inspired by Ollie Norwoods performances in real life, and that's the role that most closely resembles how he plays imo. I understand that I might have to make changes elsewhere to make it work, but that's one role I don't want to change if possible. This is completely fair, it's a hangover from the last couple of versions of the game where long shots were utterly terrible (and I never used wbib), but you're absolutely right that it's overkill here. Thanks for the help, it's all really useful stuff to cogitate upon.
  4. That's a good point about Xadas, I'd not really considered that I may not be seeing the best of him yet. I toyed with a Carrilero role for Fleck, but with the formation being so bottom heavy, I wanted a role that pushed forward a bit more aggressively. I do tend to change him to car-s if i come up against a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 that attacks down the left. If i don't get any joy with adding PIs to the BBM role, I may revisit the carrilero. Thanks for the input.
  5. Thanks for the response. A very fair point regarding the regista. Perhaps including his goals/assist stats was a bit misleading - it's more that he always seems to opt for a simple ball, and going by the role description (and the player's traits), I'd expect him to play a more expansive game than that. The role description for the BBM also seems to suggest he will provide a (late arriving) presence in the box, but it just isn't happening - he almost never gets beyond the DLF. I did consider get further forward, but I'm worried that with him being paired with a attack duty it will leave us short of midfield cover. I'll give it a try and see what happens. As for the mezzala, I'd agree that he should be a goalscoring role, but that's not the case so far!
  6. I'm looking for a few tips to weak my tactic slightly. I'm currently sitting 2nd in the league, having been predicted to finish 9th, so definitely over performing, but I'm not happy with the contribution of the midfield 3. The regista seems too conservative, with no goals and 1 assist in 14 games, and the 2 central midfielders don't seem to be making the runs into the box that i'd expect them to, or really contributing from deeper either (1 goal and 3 assists in 18 for the mezzala, and 2 goals and 1 assist in 16 for the BTB). The lack of runs from midfield also seems to be affecting the DLF too, as he has limited options for through balls when he's in possession, and often ends up passing backwards. I don't want to make major changes, as i'm trying to stick to my interpretation of the real life Sheffield United tactic, but some tweaks are needed (My original thoughts on the tactic are here: https://thattherefm.wordpress.com/2019/02/22/unfinished-business-at-the-lane-part-2-the-wilder-5-3-2/ - I've just swapped sides for the wingbacks and the 2 CM's since then) PIs: DC - Take fewer risks WBR - Shoot less often, Take fewer risks WBL - Shoot less often, Take fewer risks RGA - Shoot less often, Dribble less BBM - Shoot less often, Close down more Mez - Shoot less often, Close down more DLF - Close down more Poacher - Close down more Any thoughts and ideas are gratefully received.
  7. When selecting the 'focus play' (left right or centre) TI, I'm aware that it increases the mentality of the players in that area. Is that all it does, or does it have other effects under the hood - encouraging players to pass to that area etc?
  8. The closest I got was having the outside 2 CBs as BPD on stopper duties, with dribble more, and stay wider selected, and the 'PPMs brings ball out of defence' and 'tries to play way out of trouble'. they made some entertaining runs down the wings, but never overlapped like they do in real life, and it was a disaster defensively!
  9. It still winds me up way more than it should that the yellow bars say 'average' when it isn't an average at all, it's just the total of all your coaches!
  10. You might be getting into risky territory if you played a roaming role as well as the CMa, but the only way to find out is to try it and see.
  11. With 3 central defenders you can often get away with no defend duties in midfield. I had a lot of success in FM18 with a midfield 3 of DLPs - CMa - CMs in a 532WB tactic.
  12. Cheers. I thought I'd blown it when my 13 point lead at the top turned into a 1 point lead with 2 games to go. managed to sneak 2 wins to seal it though.
  13. Grantham Town - Vanarama North - 2020/21 Media prediction: 10th Board expectation: Mid table finish League Table - First place. Smashed both the board and my own expectations. We did blow a 13 point lead though, and left ourselves only 1 point clear of 2nd going into the last day, just to keep things interesting! Going full time meant our players really benefited from training through the season, and a few of the signings we made last season really came into their own this year. FA Cup - A fantastic run to the 3rd round beating league 2 Accrington Stanley (who are they?) along the way. Derby County proved a step too far though, and beat us comfortably 3-0. FA Trophy - An unexpected win, beating several conference north teams along the way. As well as being an achievement in itself, this fills me with confidence that we can compete in the league above next season. Transfers - A continuation of out theme of slowly improving the squad year on year, this seasons transfers were all about improving cover for our 1st choice 11 and making sure injuries didn't hit us as hard as in the previous year. The exception being Joe Hardy, a striker we had tracked for almost a year before he agreed to join us, although we had to make him our highest paid player to convince him. Squad - I'm really happy with where we are now. We have decent 1st choice and cover in each position, so we'll just be looking to improve when the right players become available. Finances - One of the things that I didn't foresee when we went professional was the fact that all of out players would want much higher wages. We more than tripled last seasons wage budget, and only the £195,000 in prize money from our cup runs kept us in the black. Club Profile - Not too much change here, just our 2 latest trophies Plus the fact that we're playing our games at the Jakemans Stadium belonging to Boston united whilst our new stadium is built (kindly paid for by the local council). Manager Profile - More coaching courses this season, and my attributes are still improving. Even my level of discipline went up! Still no movement on working with youngsters though. Career Overview Season League Position FA Cup Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama North 7th 2nd Round Playoff semi final 2019/20 Vanarama North 14th 4th Qualifying Round N/A 2020/21 Vanarama North 1st 3rd Round Promoted, FA Trophy Winners Next Season After our performances against Vanarama National teams in the cup competitions this year, I'm confident we can give a good account of ourselves next year. I'm aiming for a mid table finish at least.
  14. He's only 3 games in, but my new striker is looking like a decent signing already!
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