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  1. No it isn't I have a suspicion it might be related to consistency, but I haven't seen it often enough to be able to be sure.
  2. The system of how personalities change has changed in FM21, so this approach can't be exploited like this any more. You can still use the same model, but the results are wildly inconsistent and it's almost impossible to reliably mentor new model citizens. Rather than every single one of the hidden mental stats and determination being affected each time a player responds to mentoring, in FM21 a random selection of them are, and it can be anything from a single attribute to all of them. To give an example, I did an experiment at the start of FM21 and I had a young player who was a single point of sportsmanship away from being a model citizen, and despite having 4 mentoring successes over 2 and a half seasons, he never gained the point of sportsmanship that he needed. It's just so wildly random now that it's impossible to rely on and/or predict. I played 5 seasons of that save and mentored a grand total of 4 model citizens, despite having used to editor to find young players that were already close so I could try the system out again.
  3. Taking time to set up a good scouting network is a rewarding part of the game, but currently recruitment analysts are often working completely at odds with the rest of the recruitment team. I'm currently managing in the Premier League in England, and focussing on bringing youth into the club to develop (I know, I'm such an innovator, right?). However my recruitment analysts just bring me random reports of players who are of absolutely no interest to me. I genuinely couldn't care less about a 26 year old that has the 6th best stats for tackles made in the Norwegian second division, I'm only looking to sign players under 21! I also have the same issue in another save where I'm trying to sign only British and Irish players - my recruitment analysts are constantly suggesting players from all over the world. It would be great to be able to give assignments to recruitment analysts like we do scouts. For example: Under 20 players based in South America with at least X number of successful dribbles per game. Or Skybet Championship defenders under 23 with Interceptions per 90 above the league average. The possibilities are endless. Or failing that just the ability to direct them to analyse certain leagues/countries or nationalities/ages of players would at least be a start.
  4. Grantham Town Season 2021/22 League Table - An unbelievable season, from being predicted to drop straight back down to the 7th tier, to beating odds-on favourites Gateshead to promotion at the first time of asking. The season quickly became a two horse race, and we swapped positions numerous times throughout the season, including 5 times in the last 12 matches. We went into the final day level on points, but with a 4 point better goal difference. We took the lead early in our game, but conceded an equaliser midway through the 2nd half, around the same time that Gateshead took the lead in their match. We couldn't find a winner, and it looked like we'd missed out on the championship, only for Gateshead to concede a late equaliser and hand us the title on goal difference! FA Cup - A disappointing performance, being knocked out by lower league opposition in the third qualifying round. The less said about this, the better! FA Trophy - If anything this was even worse, knocked out after a replay in the second round. At least this time it was by a team at the same level as us. Tactic - A 3-5-2 vertical tiki-taka based loosely around the current real life Sheffield united tactic. There are some pretty demanding roles for this level in there, leading to a few costly mistakes over the season, but I'm happy with how my players performed overall. Squad - It was all change here, I took just over 600 players on trial over the course of the season, working as hard as I could to upgrade on the terrible group of players that I inherited. Only 6 of the original squad remain, and of those only Nathan Dyer and Liam Hardy are regular starters. I'm still not happy with the options at GK and MC (DLP), and I never found a truly consistent goalscorer, but considering where we started, I'm very happy with where the squad is right now. Transfers - 16 signings in total, all improvements on the players they replaced. They're also all under the age of 24 and have room to grow, so I'm hoping that one or two of them can make the journey up the leagues with us. Finances - Despite spending nothing on transfers, and being well below the wage budget set by the board, we were steadily losing money throughout the whole season. With no cup run to refill the coffers we end the season slightly in the red. Manager Profile - I was pleased to complete my national C licence, and start work on my national B licence in the first season. The board seem eager to help with my development at the moment, so long may it continue! Key Players Nathan Dyer - The best player that I inherited kept his place at right wingback through the whole season. Despite some negatives in his coach report he was one of our most consistent players, rarely getting below a 7 and finishing the season with 3 goals, 10 assists and and average rating of 7.48 from 38 appearances. Loïc Hernandez - My first signing on a free after being released by Barnet, he was an absolute revelation at left wingback. He made 36 appearances, grabbing 5 goals and a whopping 16 assists, leaving him with the highest average rating in the squad at 7.56. De'marlio Brown-Sterling - Signed after being released by Bolton and being without a club for the whole of the previous season, he fitted right into the DLF(s) role. A slow start to the season made me question the wisdom of his signing, but he grew into the role as the season progressed, finishing as our top goalscorer with 13 and n average rating of 7.14 Season League Position Achievements Coaching badges ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 National League North 1st Promoted as champions National C Next Season Thinking that I wasn't going to be promoted this year, I foolishly gave lots of my new signings 2 year contracts, meaning that I'm going to be stuck with quite a few of them in the league above. Adding quality in key areas will be key, and I'll be delighted with any position above the relegation zone!
  5. Save Introduction The Club Formed in 1874, Grantham Town - nicknamed, rather wonderfully, The Gingerbreads - have been a perennial fixture in the lower leagues ever since. Having spent the last 20 years bouncing between the 7th and 8th tiers of English football, their promotion to tier 6 and the National League North presents a new challenge for the club. The squad is seriously lacking in quality for this level, and will require major surgery if the club is to avoid an immediate relegation back to more familiar surroundings, presenting a significant challenge to any manager. To this end the Gingerbreads board have turned to former Sunday league journeyman Harry Wilder, looking past his lack of managerial experience and tasking him with guiding the team to safety and beyond. The Manager Named in honour of my two favourite football managers (Dave 'Harry' Bassett and Chris Wilder), Harry Wilder will look to add some Sheffield steel to a lightweight and rudderless Grantham squad, focussing on the determination, work ethic and teamwork demanded by both his namesakes. He will also be looking to replicate their preference for players from Britain and Ireland, making sure that any foreign players are standout stars rather than journeyman squad fillers - this should also help dealing with the new restrictions imposed as a consequence of Brexit as Wilder (hopefully) guides the team through the leagues.
  6. Immediately I can see that you're using a higher defensive line + offside trap when your 2 central defenders have acceleration of 9 and 10. That's going to leave you massively vulnerable to balls in behind. Secondly you're on a positive mentality with more direct passing, higher tempo and pass into space, so you're basically immediately punting the ball long into space and hoping that your advanced forward gets on the end of it. You need to find a way to get your supporting players more involved in attacks to give you some more variety.
  7. A BPD with a stopper duty and the right traits will step into midfield to bring the ball out fairly regularly, but there's no way to have him sit higher - he'll very quickly return to his defensive position once he gets rid of the ball. I'd love to see some kind of support duty central defender that sits higher in possession like many modern centre backs playing in a 3 do, but I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for FM22.
  8. Alas, it seems those days are gone in FM21, at least from what I've observed so far.
  9. I'm 99% sure that isn't the case. I had improvements all the way through FM20 from tutoring all kinds of player personalities with model citizens.
  10. The whole 'getting along' thing doesn't exist any more since the change from tutoring to mentoring. Any player can mentor any other.
  11. It's a shame I never got to see that project to it's conclusion in FM20. Things have definitely changed in FM21 though. Whereas before all of the hidden attributes and determination were affected at once each time a player was influenced by the squad personality or mentoring group, in FM21 it seems that only some of those attributes are affected each time, so it will be much harder to game the system to create squads full of model citizens like last year. You'll still get improvements in personality, it will just be more random and difficult to predict.
  12. This is the issue for me. I like the new system in principle, but at the moment information from different places often seems to be contradictory. Hopefully these are teething problems which can be patched out.
  13. Preseason 2021/22 Squad Not much change here, other than a couple of our newly signed youngsters being part of the first team squad. With Berge leaving, Jorrit Hendrix will rotate with Melegoni in the DLP role, while Riccardi will move to the left side of the midfield three and Bellingham will move from a substitute role to challenge Zaracho for the Mez(a) role on the right of the three. Tactics I felt like I'd drifted away from my initial tactical identity a little bit, so some more tweaking towards the latter end of last season sees us start the new campaign with the following 3 tactics. I've also started dropping the DLP into the DM slot against opponents who play a 4231, otherwise my back three can be exposed versus the opposition front 4. Mentoring We still only have 4 mentoring groups at the moment, but several of our players are now approaching 24 when they will start to mentor others, meaning we will be able to increase the number of players being mentored, including starting to bring youngsters into the first team squad to be mentored. Preseason Results We had our usual preseason schedule. A quick whistle stop international tour - to China this season - followed by some games against local minnows to ensure we go into the new season with the highest morale possible.
  14. I don't at the moment because I binned all of my U18 and U23 players in the first couple of seasons. I'm just starting to fill the squads up again now, but the hierarchy in reserve and U18 teams seems to be very erratic, so it's hard to settle on the right players as mentors. The long term plan is to rotate players from the U18s into the first team squad to be mentored for shortish periods at a time, but it remains to be seen whether it works or not in the longer term.
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