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  1. You should probably rename this thread if you're going to delete people's questions...
  2. For me no, and it'll be the last one I buy. Totally unmotivated to play when the match engine: 1. Allows tactics like this: https://www.fmscout.com/a-unstoppable-attacking-fm18-tactic.html or this https://www.fmscout.com/a-mayets-ultimate-unorthodox-fm18-tactic.html - if the engine claims to represent football, these should lose consistently. The problem is that they've been so scared to significantly change the engine since WWfan gave them a way out of all the bugs by streamlining the user's possible choices/experience, that the engine hasn't progressed and garbage like the above still e
  3. In a 4-4-2 diamond the 2 centre forwards split to block passing lanes to the LB / RB and show opposition through the middle. In a 3-5-2 the two strikers cover 3/4 of the opposition back four, if the ball gets to the fourth player (on the far side), a designated centre midfielder or wing back pushes forward. In a 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) the #10 pushes in to press/mark the opposition #6 more aggressively. Etc etc etc. Consult an experienced coach.
  4. Lag fixed? Do we know what causes the problem for a lot of users? Nvidia? Antivirus?
  5. here's another one. when you have your philosophies meeting and request the two youth ones as well as "attacking" and "possession" they say "happy to agree to your changes" but only except the latter two.
  6. The "rating" view for staff doesn't actually load the ratiing bar in the view that comes up. Just out of interest, how many testers are there pre-beta?
  7. Just as bad for me in 18.1.2 5-10 seconds lag doing anything in the squad depth screen is the worst (just one of many areas). I'm on a super computer too pretty much.
  8. Squadre Africane nei mondiali: 5 Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal. Squade Italiani: 0 "non sono mica un africano e razzista"
  9. Women's football is huge at grassroots / junior level, it'd be great to see FM get behind it early.
  10. At the moment it doesn't matter as FM appears to use about 10% of the processing power of your comp regardless right?
  11. Depends on people willing to to the data research I gues... but yeah, of course you'd want it- why not.
  12. The lag makes it unenjoyable. Can't get a refund because I've played more than two hours.
  13. Lag still makes it unplayable. 5-10 seconds on the squad depth screen. Bug thing submitted. It's like playing multiplayer on an average connection..
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