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  1. It was at a 3 star rating. Thanks for your advice. I actually asked in the general section to get a sense of how many people were experiencing it but the thread was moved...
  2. You should probably rename this thread if you're going to delete people's questions...
  3. Having not played for a few months I jumped on today to check if the single player click-lag, especially in player search, had been resolved. I still get 1-4 second delays (i7, 32gb RAM, GEforce 1080ti, no skins or add-ons...) on each click when trying to search. It makes the game unenjoyable / unplayable. Are others experiencing this?
  4. For me no, and it'll be the last one I buy. Totally unmotivated to play when the match engine: 1. Allows tactics like this: https://www.fmscout.com/a-unstoppable-attacking-fm18-tactic.html or this https://www.fmscout.com/a-mayets-ultimate-unorthodox-fm18-tactic.html - if the engine claims to represent football, these should lose consistently. The problem is that they've been so scared to significantly change the engine since WWfan gave them a way out of all the bugs by streamlining the user's possible choices/experience, that the engine hasn't progressed and garbage like the above still exploits it. 2. Locks you in to other's interpretations of positions, and prevents you from adjusting player instructions if they go against these interpretations. Totally goes against what made this game great from the early editions. and 3. the other main reason is single player lag. I have a super-computer and playing single player reminds me of playing network now. You can't have delay on clicks in a game like FM. They've gone in the wrong direction, adding things that don't touch the match engine (dynamics for example). It's the first time I've been left totally cold by it.
  5. In a 4-4-2 diamond the 2 centre forwards split to block passing lanes to the LB / RB and show opposition through the middle. In a 3-5-2 the two strikers cover 3/4 of the opposition back four, if the ball gets to the fourth player (on the far side), a designated centre midfielder or wing back pushes forward. In a 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) the #10 pushes in to press/mark the opposition #6 more aggressively. Etc etc etc. Consult an experienced coach.
  6. Should I be getting click-lag of 3-4 seconds with this comp? I have a database picked that said 3.5 stars but in game it's like playing network on a crap connection. DxDiag.txt
  7. Lag fixed? Do we know what causes the problem for a lot of users? Nvidia? Antivirus?
  8. here's another one. when you have your philosophies meeting and request the two youth ones as well as "attacking" and "possession" they say "happy to agree to your changes" but only except the latter two.
  9. The "rating" view for staff doesn't actually load the ratiing bar in the view that comes up. Just out of interest, how many testers are there pre-beta?
  10. So much skipping. Get some stones and work on the match engine.
  11. Hi, No custom add-ons, normal skin. Just running it out of the box. Avast antivirus. Can you advise an antivirus program that definitely doesn't cause issues? I have this graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z 11GB I've put the gaming PC away for a week so no dxdiag / tests for the mo.
  12. Just as bad for me in 18.1.2 5-10 seconds lag doing anything in the squad depth screen is the worst (just one of many areas). I'm on a super computer too pretty much.
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