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  1. If the process is made easier (clicking an icon or a button to post PKMs), the dev team will get bombarded with PKMs since everyone will start reporting it. Furthermore, lot of frustrated players will start reporting bugs which are not even bugs. For e.g.: - The classic 25 shots (human) vs 1 shot (AI) and AI still won. - I can't score goals even though I'm playing the most beautiful football on the planet and dominating games. - I can't buy/sell a player. How dare the AI. - My tactics aren't working. No matter how flawed it is. The above aren't bugs and shouldn't be reported. The current process of reporting bugs is fine imo because it requires due diligence which makes sure only the quality bug reports are filtered through to the dev team. This is how it should be in my personal opinion.
  2. The ME just feels arcade like instead of simulation at the moment. Same patterns being repeated over and over again regardless of players, tactics, stats, moral, reputation etc.. Difficult to get into a serious save at the moment due to these issues. Everything else in the FM 2020 is great but for me tactics and ME are most important so I'll just wait for either the full release with ME update or the ME patch. I don't want to cheat or beat the ME, I play FM to try different tactics and style of football I like to see. It's not possible to enjoy at the moment due to same patterns being repeated by ME in every freaking save. These are the patterns I'm talking about: 1) Long balls over the top 2) One on ones 3) Wingers/wide players not crossing when you want them to 4) Wingers/wide players not dribbling when you want them to 5) Long shots from all over the place 6) Long shots too accurate and overpowered 7) IWs/IFs staying too narrow in the final third 8) High pressing on high mentality too effective 9) Constant switching of play and long cross-field passes regardless of tactical instructions 10) Wingers/wide players shooting into side netting instead of crossing/squaring the ball There may be more but I'm only having issues with the above.
  3. That's interesting. If my memory serves me right, didn't Jimenez have low composure (<=10) in previous FMs? Has he received stats boost in this version? (I don't have access to FM right now).
  4. You work in QA and I'm a developer. You haven't tested games but have tested other software, I have developed games and other software too. I may be wrong about ME but I have more knowledge about coding than you do so don't tell me what to type and what to not type. Regardless of what I type or how ME is coded, it's clear to see in current ME, players prefer to pass to their teammate in space (which isn't incorrect mind you) a bit too much regardless of passing, mentality and tempo instructions. That's all I was saying.
  5. The ME is coded to find the players in space for the pass regardless of mentality, tempo and passing instructions. The center is congested most of the time, hence the long crossfield Alonso and Beckham-esqe accurate passes. Therein lies the problem. There are three problems here- 1) First of all, the passing behaviour should be based on tactics. If the tactics is to play short passes with low tempo, then these frequency of these direct switch of plays should be rare. Instead the switch should happen using short, quick passes from one side to the other. 2) Better marking for the wide players is required. These switches wouldn't happen so frequently if the marking of wide players by the defending team was better implemented. This needs to be better only slightly because the AI still need to prioritise defending central areas first and foremost. 3) The accuracy and weight of these long passes needs to be reduced. How many accurate hollywood passers exist in real life these days?
  6. Regarding AML/AMR staying too narrow issue, this seems to be by design rather than a bug since it's been present since previous FM versions and hasn't been charged even after requests from the community. ME team clearly thinks it's not needed. As for real life, several teams play their wide attackers high and wide in the final third. Man City is the prime example. You don't need to look far. Many other teams play this way, it's nothing new. Secondly, what is the point of having 6-7 different roles for wide positions and hard-coding all of them to stay narrow in the final third? I was excited to see IW role added to AML/AMR positions this year but after playing the beta, I am disappointed to see I still can't instruct my wide attackers to stretch the pitch in the final third.
  7. Jack needs to confirm this but I think IW may have more creative freedom under the hood by default, whereas IF may have less creative freedom hence more goal scoring focus since he is a forward?
  8. Someone in this thread earlier couldn't get his full backs to cross even with 'cross more often' PI. How are other people finding their full backs?
  9. May be you can use a Windows virtual machine on Ubuntu? Will that work?
  10. Sorry to bother you guys again, but I'm keen to know the changes/additions in team and player instruction screens. If anyone can provide a feedback, it would be great. Thanks.
  11. Any changes to the team instructions and player instructions screens? Anyone?
  12. Sorry can't go back to FM19 knowing a much improved version is just around the corner.
  13. I've spent hours browsing steam store for last 2 days since there's no FM 2020 beta in sight. What games do you guys think should I be playing meanwhile? I do not like action/fighting games. I like complex, strategic, progression based, long term games. Thanks in advance,
  14. Instead of cutting in, a normal winger mostly looks to dribble out wide looking for a crossing opportunity. That's his primary job. He may still cut-in and play like an inverted winger if his preferred foot is on the opposite side (left footed winger on the right and right footed winger on the left).
  15. When the play is in the final third, an inside forward will be looking to get into goal scoring positions off the ball (Salah) whereas an inverted winger will mostly be holding his position by staying wide and cut-in from there. (Sane and Sterling)
  16. So inverted wingers are now available for AMR/AML positions which is a great news. What other new player roles or changes to existing roles are there?
  17. No, he hasn't. He used to play 4-3-1-2 at Empoli before he discovered his 4-3-3 at Napoli. He continued it at Chelsea.
  18. The closest you can come to this kind of set up is Italian style 4-3-1-2 formation, which uses a Trequartista as AMC behind two strikers who provide width by drifting wide/moving into channels. Marco Giampaolo's Sampdoria plays this way. But even they defend in a flat 4-3-3-0 formation without the ball. The FM's version of the front 3 not tracking back without the ball is just stupid sometimes.
  19. This year's FM is anti-plugandplay. That means AI is better than previous years when it comes to countering your tactics. So you can not plug a tactics and sit back and enjoy as it smashes all the points and goal scoring records. The AI this year tends to play very defensively away from home and is brave and aggressive at home. As soon as it plays aggressively against your ultra attacking 4-2-4, it finds holes and is able to exploit it. Try to be bit more conservative away from home.
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