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  1. Miles said day before yesterday that beta won't be released today or tomorrow. Day before yesterday was 'today' and yesterday was 'tomorrow' so technically today could be the day it could be released. If not today then definitely tomorrow. I would prefer it to be today because I'm sinking deeper and deeper into my current FM17 save and it's getting exciting. It would be be a very hard choice to abandon that.
  2. One of the wishes in my bucket list to take one year off from work every time a new FM is released. So yeah... lifetime travel to FM dimension. If beta is not released today I may as well just.................. ..............................continue my current FM 17 save.
  3. Agreed. Almost every team IRL defend in a compact block with strikers defending deep zonally and wide players tucked in defending zonally. This is such a fundamental part of football that we shouldn't even be discussing this. The ME should have this by default.
  4. Improved AI transfers looks promising but has the wide players defensive positioning been fixed?
  5. Do you know you can have your own custom formation and name it whatever you want? or modify the current ones and rename them?
  6. It's there. Happens when players have high creative freedom.
  7. Striker lacking confidence, low morale, low composure, low finishing, low technique, shooting angle, GK good at 1v1 etc...... These are few factors that can affect your striker. There can be many more.
  8. Opposition instruction is different. I know I can use it. I'm taking about the new 'Mark specific position' PI that's been added in FM 18. I suppose that PI is there to influence individual player defensive positioning?
  9. If I ask my strikers to 'Mark specific position', will they be able to mark DMCL and DMCR positions even if the opposition is playing 2 center midfielders both at MCL and MCR positions? (To cut off the passing lanes btw)
  10. Ideally in a 4-4-2 diamond/4-3-1-2, you need to have 2 x shuttlers at CM positions (this will now be possible in FM 18). But for FM 17, 2 x CM Support/BBM can be most efficient. Your central mid can either be a DLP or a BWM (D). I personally prefer a DLP. At AM position I almost always prefer a Trequartista but you can use any of Trequartista/AP/AMC based on your mentality preference. As for strikers I prefer to use them in their best roles. Sampdoria IRL plays 4-3-1-2 with beautiful one touch passing and combinations. You can watch some of their matches to get ideas.
  11. The combination of new roles along with new 'Mark specific position' PI can open up lot of new tactical possibilities. Let's hope it all works well and we can now emulate some of the real life tactics which were not possible in the previous versions.
  12. I hope Carreliros shuttle during defensive phase too, otherwise you can't emulate Simeone tactics. There's also a new 'Mark specific position' PI now. Does that mean I can make my wide players mark central positions and my central players to mark wide positions. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. What about the defensive phase for a mezz'ala? Will he defend the central zones, half spaces or wide zones?
  14. The new scouting system and dynamics look really promising which will make the game more realistic. The new player roles are my area of interest though. My only issue with FM 17 was not enough tactical depth, so if one of these roles make the wide players defend half spaces centrally as per the modern 4-4-2s, this will be the best FM for me by far. I also hope that AI managers are clever enough to use these roles. Fingers crossed.
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