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    defending and crazy me

    i know this sounds dumb as ive used the forums a lot but what is the pkm? never uploaded before apologies
  2. jamessmith010101

    previous meetings

    previous meetings is wrong, i have played man u 3 times 1 win 1 draw and 1 loss and it only shows the loss and victory
  3. i dont get the engine sometimes. for the most part the fbs or wbs have no idea what they are doing. they tuck in losing track of wingers even when your playing with wide defence. when they are tracking wingers like man marking a long pass in behind will have the winger sprinting to get the ball and your defender watching as the ball goes over his head then he reacts and by now hes got 5 or 6 yards to make up. same there for central defenders their reactions to passes are too slow. they allow balls to go over them and turn too slow. now i get that strikers will lose defenders that happens but it happens very rarely to world class defenders its why they are classed as world class because they are good defenders and yet on the game they act like defenders from the 3 division sometimes. irl that just doesnt happen. also what is happening about feedback? is it ever going to be fixed? was an issue in the last version and still feedback is only good for a couple of shouts. also the closing down or pressing needs to be fixed, players still hunt in packs where as in real life if they go twos up on a player then they dont just leave their role behind and leave players in the clear there is always someone there to cover. the game seems to forget world class players do this, they cover each other so if the play is on the left and your winger is pressing and your central mid decides to help out the team will rotate and players will drop in to fill the void this never happens on fm
  4. ok thats cool but im just saying they could have asked would have taken 2 seconds
  5. they didnt ask for one. it wasnt an example of a game. ones to do with the stamina of players you rest them they have 2 weeks off then they play and you have to rest them. the other having to play a semi final of the fa cup on a fri. if they wanted saves they could have said, i would have provided anything they wanted !
  6. we were told not to post our moans in here supposed to be in the bugs forum. would help if they replied in there though !!!
  7. im in the semi final of the fa cup as liverpool. i have a league game on the wed and then the fa cup semi final is scheduled for the fri ?? trouble is i cant rest anyone on the wed as its a top of the table clash. a tad unrealistic
  8. im playing as liverpool and the players seem to be needing a rest all the time. i get it we have a tough schedule but they dont recover even when you rest them. robertson who irl hardly ever rests is forever playing one game then resting, he rests for 5 or 6 days and his stamina goes up 1 or 2 % same with van dijk
  9. so we dont post our feedback in this thread anymore ?
  10. aggggghhhhh how do you upload pkms this fb issue is getting on my nerves and the defenders missing easy headers and making silly decisions. i have my lb playing cwb and hes playing in the wb hole. ie a little futher up than fb . but hes tucking in and keeps playing as a cb!! ive got the def to play as wide as i can but nothing works to stop them tucking in meaning the opp can cross unopposed
  11. yeah ill do that as well. the reason i posted was that i went from 19.1 to .2 and noticed the difference straight away
  12. ok ill do that. so whats the idea of having the beta feedback forum ?
  13. also seems to be something wrong with defenders heading the ball. they are letting the ball bounce where as before they would attack it now it bouncing and always giving the attacker the edge. also when oh when are you guys going to fix the ball shadow in analyst view. every single edition has been the same since the view came in. you have no idea whether the ball is in the air or on the ground it frustrating to keep feeding it back with every patch and every game and its still there ?
  14. only played one game but in that one game the thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is that full backs or wing backs not doing their job. offensively they are too gung ho. when we are in possession like out wide with a winger they need to provide support but stay out wide in case of counter! but they are sprinting in the area leaving no cover at all? defensively they are tucking in too much which means crossing and goal is back. 1 game and 3 goals all the same cross to far post wb has tucked into centre and winger scores at far post