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  1. k recently save my game from my alienware r5 to the cloud as i want to install it on my new xps 15 pc but my new pc doesnt see the saved game in he cloud ?
  2. i played it straight out of school on the amiga either 15 or 16 as left in june and my birthday is aug
  3. urgh i hate talking about the game with the dont say it........dont say it ........ fanboys !! its never done this ever and ive played the game since i was 15 im now 45. it was fine before this batch you either paid a premium like city wanted 300 mill for a 16 yo ok cool or they didnt want to discuss it at all im cool with that. but making a sim er not a sim is a bit stupid. its like saying offsides are annoying so we will jjust get rid of them coz we can. its not realistic for a 15 yo without a contract to want 50 k a week period and no silly argument you put forward will change it
  4. your not getting it dude. they are new you candidates so they are not now contracted so anyone can in effect sign them. now for ages they will just refuse a contract simple as that but this time they all want silly money. that is not how it happens. in real life it happens all the time with players chelsea done it loads. liverpool done it with brewster and sterling and solanke but we didnt pay the kids 50 grand a week nor did they ask for it!!
  5. its never happened before. these are not contracted to anyone yet. anyways how is making a game that is supposed to simulate the real game unrealstic a good change? in the past they just say no its simple thats cool you know where you are but if liverpool go for a kid from crew he will probably want to go and hes hardly going to ask for 50 grand a week
  6. something wierd is happening to all the english re gens when i try to sign them. normally they mostly reject any advances but this season they all to be a key player and want 30 to 100 k a week !!! makes no sense
  7. ive said this for ages, along with the analyst view not showing any shadows but it never gets a reply. or you get the "seems fine to me " reply like hunter did in my comments about shouts and how only 2 work. this despite there being loads of people who have said the same thing. and then closed the thread so you cant comment....nice
  8. again no answer to this that i have complained about for 2 years and never get a reply ?
  9. nothing gets fixed anyways. there are some things like i have said about a thousand times about the ball that ive been saying since 17 and si leave it and do nothing poeple have complained about the shouts constantly as you can only really use 2 otherwise you get a sill negative response and still nothing has been done about it stamina has been complained about ie players only lasting one match then needing a rest, loads have said this and still it is in the game
  10. seems to be a bug. ive looked at my team instructions and they are set to max pressing but if you look in the individual pressing in each player its set to easy pressing so basically hang back and dont press. si any chance of someone looking at this ?
  11. yeah thats what i thought it was but doesnt expand to opt out. you click on it and get no options ?
  12. ive opted into the beta would like to opt out now how do i do this
  13. contract negotiations are unreal at mo, they come in with what they want you change it to start the negotiations and then they break the talks saying your not listening or something and wont negotiate again?? a tad unrealistic
  14. been saying it for 2 years now that the ball in analyst needs to have shadowing added so if it goes in the air you can differentiate it from if its on the ground. i have said this multiple times but never gets a fix and never even gets a comment!! you dont need to have a save game or pkm its on every game so just play the game and see. also when the weather is bad the ball goes invisible virtually and you have to guess whats happening on the pitch also in analyst view
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