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  1. ive said this for ages, along with the analyst view not showing any shadows but it never gets a reply. or you get the "seems fine to me " reply like hunter did in my comments about shouts and how only 2 work. this despite there being loads of people who have said the same thing. and then closed the thread so you cant comment....nice
  2. nothing gets fixed anyways. there are some things like i have said about a thousand times about the ball that ive been saying since 17 and si leave it and do nothing poeple have complained about the shouts constantly as you can only really use 2 otherwise you get a sill negative response and still nothing has been done about it stamina has been complained about ie players only lasting one match then needing a rest, loads have said this and still it is in the game
  3. yeah thats what i thought it was but doesnt expand to opt out. you click on it and get no options ?
  4. ive opted into the beta would like to opt out now how do i do this
  5. contract negotiations are unreal at mo, they come in with what they want you change it to start the negotiations and then they break the talks saying your not listening or something and wont negotiate again?? a tad unrealistic
  6. been saying it for 2 years now that the ball in analyst needs to have shadowing added so if it goes in the air you can differentiate it from if its on the ground. i have said this multiple times but never gets a fix and never even gets a comment!! you dont need to have a save game or pkm its on every game so just play the game and see. also when the weather is bad the ball goes invisible virtually and you have to guess whats happening on the pitch also in analyst view
  7. not sure whats happened to closing down but it seems to be all over the place all of a sudden. players will go to close, get close then stop and stand off and allow the opp loads of space. happening in every game now
  8. any way of adding more coaches to the orig set up? i know you can pester the board but its not realistic at all. example if they say no then you cant ask for another like 6 months its a bit silly when in reality you can just bosh them another email a week later or the next day every day if your feeling real brave. so i know you can do it in fmrte but i am opted into the beta so that wont load up. you used to be able to do it in the in game editor but doesnt seem like you can now ? i have put this in the editor bit as well but doesnt seem like people post there much so put in here too. si make the going to the board bit more realistic esp if you have heavy on your schedules in training, the board should be coming to you to add more coaches
  9. i add myself as manager of affiliates and make sure my young loanees play regulaly
  10. hi there i remember you used to be able to edit the number of coaches you have with the in game editor but that option seems to have gone now. any way to do this? i know you can do it in fmrte but ive opted in to try out the beta so i cant load that at the mo
  11. anyone else having an issue with the defenders playing 2 games a week ? they are always jaded and yet they run the least of all the players on the pitch? defenders (central ) running average 9km and the mids running around 12.5 to 13 km but the midfielders seem ok . something i reported ages ago but is still an issue. even the wingbacks run less than the mids and again they are always jaded
  12. i know this sounds dumb as ive used the forums a lot but what is the pkm? never uploaded before apologies
  13. previous meetings is wrong, i have played man u 3 times 1 win 1 draw and 1 loss and it only shows the loss and victory
  14. i dont get the engine sometimes. for the most part the fbs or wbs have no idea what they are doing. they tuck in losing track of wingers even when your playing with wide defence. when they are tracking wingers like man marking a long pass in behind will have the winger sprinting to get the ball and your defender watching as the ball goes over his head then he reacts and by now hes got 5 or 6 yards to make up. same there for central defenders their reactions to passes are too slow. they allow balls to go over them and turn too slow. now i get that strikers will lose defenders that happens but it happens very rarely to world class defenders its why they are classed as world class because they are good defenders and yet on the game they act like defenders from the 3 division sometimes. irl that just doesnt happen. also what is happening about feedback? is it ever going to be fixed? was an issue in the last version and still feedback is only good for a couple of shouts. also the closing down or pressing needs to be fixed, players still hunt in packs where as in real life if they go twos up on a player then they dont just leave their role behind and leave players in the clear there is always someone there to cover. the game seems to forget world class players do this, they cover each other so if the play is on the left and your winger is pressing and your central mid decides to help out the team will rotate and players will drop in to fill the void this never happens on fm
  15. ok thats cool but im just saying they could have asked would have taken 2 seconds
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