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  1. Hey enigmatic, Thanks for the reply. It's not a big problem, by any means. Cheers. Grant.
  2. Hey managers, When I select an outfield player's career stats, I can see how many goals he has scored with his previous squads. However, goalkeepers just have dashes against their previous teams under goals conceded. Anyone tell me why? Cheers. Grant.
  3. Hey guys, As you know, you are able to customise the information windows displayed in the manager home screen. I wanted to ask, my medical centre window shows zero injuries, but when I enter the medical centre page proper from the left margin, I see 2 team injuries. Can someone explain this descrepency? For example, is it perhaps because the main season has not started yet? Many thanks. Grant.
  4. Hey guys, I recentlly started a new save and noticed that my manager's home screen showed different "windows" despite me setting my own preferences. Is there something I need to do to "lock" the screen to what I select? Many thanks. Grant.
  5. After updating to the latest version this issue appears to have been fixed. Thank you.
  6. So strange. I've carried on; I'm sure missing a meeting at the very start of the save is not gonna have a profound effect on my career. Hopefully.
  7. Thank you for the reply and acknowledgment!
  8. I also experienced mouse stuttering. Going into the Nvidea c/p and creating custom settings purely for FM - i.e. turning off GSYNC - resolved the issue. For information purposes, my monitor is 100Htz.
  9. Hello guys, I posted in the bugs forum that starting a new career save as Liverpool does not offer the chance to introduce yourself to the squad, whereas other EPL teams do. What I wanted to ask those who are experienced with FM is whether or not missing out on this introductory meeting could effect my early managerial career? Many thanks. Grant.
  10. Playing as Liverpool (EPL) does not offer the chance to introduce yourself to the squad at the start of the game. I have started several different saves; Man City, Spurs, Arsenal - all offer the team meting, but not Liverpool.
  11. Last comment: started as Man City - team introduction, started again as Liverpool - no introduction.
  12. Hunt3R, I started as Spurs and, yes, I got the chance to introduce myself, but to a squad who was for the most part rather unhappy again. Perhaps the current morale has something to do with it?
  13. Hello Hunt3R, Strange, I started another game, this time as Arsenal, and I see what you mean - I got the opportunity to introduce myself to the teamat the the point you mentioned. Not with Liverpool, however. What I did notice, though, was that the Arsenal squad were unhappy, whereas the Liverpool team were not. Grant.
  14. Hey, I recall setting the code of conduct but not seeing the option to meet the squad...
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