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  1. I could totally make a kit pack for this database if one doesnt already exist.
  2. Fair enough, took me a while to figure it out. Ill let you know if i ever get my MLS to england database working properly, as of now i cannot get the MLS sides out of concacaf if i set their base nations to canada and USA (want the newgens to be canadian and american). Would be nice to have complete U18 sides for them . Problem with the default database is the youth do not play games as the lower leagues arent unlocked so they just sit there and dont develop...
  3. There is a way, its just a question of how lazy I am, and school work. I was browsing it last night and it looks like all the TFC III players are on The TFC II roster. I cross checked it with the TFC Academy website.
  4. Im a huge fan of this database, but I also want to use this for my custom database which sends the MLS to England, if it ever works lol.
  5. Is there anyway to export the TFC III, Whitecaps and Impact academy rosters to use separately from this?
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