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  1. @Rob1981 is right, I think, when he says people's favourites are influenced by their team doing well. I'm Welsh but also half-German so obviously follow them quite closely. My first World Cup was '90 and I can just about remember the final, but my favourite is 2014 - by a long way. I spent most of that in Germany and the atmosphere of the place was fantastic, only bettered really by the big love-in Wales had in 2016. This has been an entertaining World Cup, and I've loved teams like Iran and Iceland doing well with clearly defined tactics and whatnot, but a great one? Maybe not, although part of my feelings about that that could be due to the ridiculousness of some of the media in Wales trying to get us all to support England, and Germany being bollocks certainly didn't help. That said, if Croatia wins today it'll automatically be ace in my mind.
  2. I hope Belgium or Croatia do it but France, if they click, are comfortably the best. Went for Belgium in the poll, anyway.
  3. Renato Augusto, man. What a player he'd be if he wasn't prone to injuries.
  4. Marcus Berg there, showing why he had the career at Hamburg that he had.
  5. Turks get this stuff often in Germany, though. Not integrating properly, importing wives from Turkey so they don't have to marry Germans, all the usual nonsense certain berks over there spout. That the main target of abuse from the fans is a Turk while others, like Thomas Müller or Mats Hummels, get far less abuse is no coincidence; despite him creating seven goal scoring chances in the loss against Korea, it's Özil who gets the abuse, not Werner or Gomez for not being able to finish anything. Yeah, his appearance with Erdogan was stupid, but he's not getting this abuse just because of that. In 2016 he was getting stick from AfD for going on the Hajj, and one of the people they blamed for the Mannschaft not being German "in the classical sense." It's bollocks, and he'd be getting much less of this if his name was, well, Peter Müller or something.
  6. It's been ace, despite being unable to use my half-Germanness to get some success. There haven't been too many boring games and the smaller sides like Iceland and Iran have marshalled their resources admirably. Peru were brilliant and I think this World Cup has been very enjoyable. At the same time the fact that Wales aren't in it is a bit of a greater bother than usual, because of 2016 and the fact that I know we're better than we showed in qualification, but overall it's been ace.
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