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  1. I had the same problem - freezes when I talked to players in break. Btw the was no translation when they responded. After their respond the game froze.
  3. Luckiest man... Btw... Im assure you all have your suits on? or tracksuits :)?..
  4. im so exited!!! Please save me from another night at the couch watching another bad tvshow with the misses - She actually understands I have to play the game when its released! True love....
  5. Thats the Way football works via scouting, but maybe we missunderstand eachother. It is commonly known that supertactics doesnt exist in fm anymore, thats my whole point
  6. Crewe is also in my mind ! Thanks a lot for your post mate
  7. Read this if you dont believe me https://thesetpieces.com/gaming/get-better-fm17-someone-knows/
  8. Haha 😂 Okay so Leeds, Dons, Coventry and Blackburn Will get my attention. I Will keep you updated for and decisions 👌✌️👍
  9. Im fm17 the ai gets to know your tactics aswell. So if you play the same over and over you get dominated. Tweek your tactics depending on your opponents weaknesses.
  10. Thanks guys, Ill keep that in mind. Any keyplayers in their current squads?
  11. That actually sounds interesting. You know anything about their youth players already?
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