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  1. As mentioned in a comment above, Youth Recruitment is the way to impact this. A higher YR rating means you'll be able to bring players in from further afield, making it more likely to find players worth poaching.
  2. Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this one. It should only be effecting semi-pro clubs. We believe it can be worked around by using custom schedules. If you have examples of situations that can't be undone, please provide clear steps to reproduce and we can look into it further.
  3. Hi @brayden Who are you managing? It's possible your example is being caused by something different to what we've investigated so far. If you have a save game from just before last game of the season could you upload it for us to have a look at please? Cheers, Andrew
  4. Hi @Roga Unfortunately we still haven't been able to reproduce this internally. If you do have a save game from just before the issue occurs and youth players disappear, could you upload it. Just to clarify - are these players disappearing from the U23s and U18s squad lists within the Dev Center, or from the Youth Candidates page?
  5. Hi @SpikeHughes Could you upload a save that displays this please?
  6. Hi @Stevolf When you make changes for individual training of squads you are not responsible for, you should get the option to just make the change for 1 month, take control of just that player, or take control of whole squad. Is that what you're experiencing? If not, could you upload a save game for us to have a look at please.
  7. Hi @PontinPlays Could you upload a save game from just before you get promoted and these plans don't update?
  8. Hi @m.braathen Thanks for raising this, it's definitely something we can look into. Do you happen to have a save game from just before these high budgets get set that you could upload for us?
  9. Hi @ThinkCreateSee Thanks for raising this. There are a couple of things that might cause this - either newgen managers are generating to become too good, real managers are retiring too early/not interested in dropping down levels, or clubs are favouring younger managers too much. If you have your save game that displays this could you upload it for us to have a look at, please? Any saves from just before a newgen manager is appointed ahead of a more suitable real candidate would also be useful. Cheers, Andrew
  10. Hi @Hrafnsmerki Thanks for your post. Larne FC are owned by multi-millionaire Kenny Bruce in real life, who uses his own business to pump money into the club via lucrative sponsorship deals. Modelling this kind of behaviour in-game is difficult to get perfect, so whilst these big deals existing isn't a bug itself, the long term prospects of Larne are always worth monitoring so let us know if you do find anything else that looks unrealistic or plain wrong
  11. @Tiger666 it should be yes. There were a few different ways this issue could be triggered so if you do still experience it then please let us know.
  12. No worries @Jimbokav1971. Loaded this save into a build with the fix in and description of BK Hacken's Youth Recruitment has correctly been downgraded to Good. Thanks for all your help on getting this one nailed
  13. No worries @Jimbokav1971. If possible could you upload that latest save too? Would be handy to check our current fix against any fresh examples
  14. Hi @Jimbokav1971 Apologies for the delay, this was one I meant to provide an update on. We believe it's now fixed, and the fix should be save game compatible - so loading up the above saves should see the correct description once the next update is out. As mentioned before, this one was a bit of a can of worms, and whilst we haven't found any fresh examples of it internally, that's not to say it's definitely working perfectly so if you do spot something wrong then we'd greatly appreciate further updates and save games. Fingers crossed it'll all be good though Cheers, Andrew
  15. Thanks for the info on this. Looks like it's something going wrong with end of season date once final game is completed. Should be fixed in next update.
  16. Hi @jon_mesher, thanks for raising this. Seems like something has gone wrong with the "End of Season date", which may have been changed by editor files. @Vinnyvagus77, would this explanation also apply to you? I'll get it logged for our Dev team to look at, but a save game from just before your final game of the season may be helpful here, so if you do have one could you upload that too, please? Cheers, Andrew
  17. Thanks @Roga. Any more info you can provide on this would be appreciated, for example when the players are disappearing, or if they disappear all at once or 1 by 1. Cheers, Andrew
  18. Hi @timbo1983 What's happened with Haaland's progress chart is that it's based on his current ability Star Rating, which is calculated in relation to the rest of your squad. So Haaland's ability hasn't actually decreased, it's just the rest of the team has improved around him, meaning that his rating is now 3 stars as opposed to previous 4.5. Star Rating also takes form into account, so at the start of the season you're he'll be at his lowest, if he plays well you should see it improve again. Majority will be English, but there will be some from other nations too. 2 years is a very small sample size and I think you've just been unlucky. This feature is still present in game, again I think you've probably just been unlucky - there are a lot of factors that depend on this being able to happen.
  19. @RogaWe need a save game that we can reproduce the issue from - is the issue still occurring for you?
  20. Fixes for this will be save game compatible but will only effect newgens that are generated after the fix is in - newgens already in game won't have second nationalities added to them.
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