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  1. The depth of players is important as it effects the database. It is also important to determine how much knowledge there is of those players among the general public as it would have an obvious effect on any potential sales. How many clubs are there in there in the women's game? I only ask because looking on Wikipedia, I see that Alex Morgan has played more games for her country than she has played in her entire club career. Are there enough clubs sides to create a game worth playing?
  2. How many players can people name that come from outwith the Uk and don't play for the US national team?
  3. @mark wilson27 No, not really. Every time I log in everything takes an age to respond which is annoying because I can zip round the site with ease before i log in. When I do log in, I'm constantly having to refresh pages or go back to the home page because it takes me to a random page. The page that I keep being directed to is Failure To Read Forum Rules page, I have never selected this page or even been on the forum where that page is located. It even sometimes covers the page when i am trying to post and even goes over the top of other people's posts, depending on what they've posted. When I type something, there is no telling whether or not it's going to send, resulting in some incoherent posts after a previous attempt fails to send because I lose the thread of what I am trying to say or can't be bothered typing it all over again . The notifications take forever to open. I have tried using the contact us form to ask if I could try changing to a new profile but I don't know if that message went through or not as I've had no response from it.
  4. Thanks anyway. I think it might have something to do with the email address I use for here as I got a message about suspicious sign in activity. I only use that email address for this site and not for any other sites.
  5. Not sure If that would work as I don't think I have Cloudfront installed on my computer as it doesn't come up when i search through apps. Not sure if this means I have some sort of virus or malware on my computer. if I do, then I don't know why it is only affecting this site
  6. I have tried Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Epic Browser. I have also been using an Amazon Fire Kindle This is the only site I have been having any problems with and everything was working fine before my ban expired. It's very tricky typing anything as I have no idea if it's going to go through or not
  7. I can't even view my notifications as they take too long to load. The forum also keeps round in circles
  8. Regardless of what browser or device I was using yesterday, i kept getting a Cloudfront error message every time I tried to log in to the site. The message said " Error the request could not be satisfied". It is only today that I have been able to log in but the site is still very slow to respond and either freezes or takes me to pages that I haven't clicked on. Does anybody know if this is due to a fault within the forum or the problem is coming from my end? Should I try changing my password? Is there anything that can be done to ease this problem or to stop it from occurring? @Neil Brock @mark wilson27
  9. Whatever happened to timey wimey? ( or whatever the Doctor calls it)
  10. If you have look for the underlap selected, does this mean wingers will be less inclined to hit the byline and will instead look to hold up the ball and look for the inside run of the fullback @herne79?
  11. Hearts have just spent £14m on a new stand where you can't even see the goal from some of the seats as there is a control room blocking the view.
  12. I think the LMA Manager series had the real stadiums as I remember playing it on the PS2 and being able to design a replica of Old Trafford
  13. Have they reduced thee number of cross cum shots yet? Haven't got FM18 yet but those shots have been around in high number for a few years now, along with the one where the keeper dives 5 yards past his post for a shot that is going out for a goal kick
  14. The second tier on the right of the picture appears to be lacking a wall or railings of any kind, that man could just topple out of his seat to his death
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