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  1. The depth of players is important as it effects the database. It is also important to determine how much knowledge there is of those players among the general public as it would have an obvious effect on any potential sales. How many clubs are there in there in the women's game? I only ask because looking on Wikipedia, I see that Alex Morgan has played more games for her country than she has played in her entire club career. Are there enough clubs sides to create a game worth playing?
  2. How many players can people name that come from outwith the Uk and don't play for the US national team?
  3. If you have look for the underlap selected, does this mean wingers will be less inclined to hit the byline and will instead look to hold up the ball and look for the inside run of the fullback @herne79?
  4. Oh right, wasn't sure if it had changed from last year now that we have an official leaving date
  5. Does anybody know if it's a random brexit in FM18, in terms of hard or soft?
  6. As a fellow member of the human race, i would like to say that's a very black and white view of the point I was trying to get across. It's also wrong as never at any point have I argued against this inclusion
  7. I'd be happy enough with seeing a bit more from the flair players, in terms of dribbles and tricks and flicks.
  8. Most of the first part of what I was saying wasn't that serious but I do think it should be possible to see more detailed dribbling animations and possibly some tricks, from players whose attributes in the relevant areas are high enough
  9. No, I'm 100% serious. I want each member of my squad to look and feel unique. I want to be able to tell the between Ronaldo and some guy from the Vanarama Conference. I want to see players weaving in and out, doing nutmegs and performing tricks and flicks
  10. Very sad the fact I've been ignored by the admins @Neil Brock when raising this issue. I have only been responding to people quoting me and I think I've said all I can on this issue
  11. If they really want to confront prejudices and make people think differently then they could let it have an effect on Dynamics. These responses just show that I'm right in saying that SI and/or Miles should have raised this publicly, and officially, on the forums. This would have a much more effect than some tawdry easter egg. I couldn't care less if a player sleeps with men, women or both and I think that this news of a player's sexuality is made to seem a bigger deal than it should when you don't hear about the lives of your straight players
  12. They'd feel more comfortable if it was treated as everyday news and you heard about in the same way you would if it was news about a straight player's life
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