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  1. I am really surprised the i3 I have is able to run Fm18 on the 3D mode as well.
  2. Started of with a 4-2-3-1 of sorts but had no luck at all. Ended up with 4-2-2 and doing quite well with Millwall. Just wanted to ask a amateur question. How long does it take to train a player in a certain role? I have Aiden O'Brien who I want to convert to a Treqartista (he is yellow in the circle that shows adaptibility). I have put him on training in that role,
  3. Yeah the sub occurs on the mouse pointer not where the name is dragged.
  4. I did do a save with 2 seasons in the beta but din't feel like continuing. So started a new save when the full game released. One season in got Millwall to 9th. Transfer budget is so poor in the second season as well (300k). Add to that Leicester is in the championship and sold 3 players for 100 mill !
  5. Somehow my i3 is running the game. Probably a bit slow but its doing a more than decent job. Loaded about 46K players.
  6. Started the full game again with Millwall this time. Given a transfer budget of 0.5 mill and payroll of 0.3 haha. Results are looking good for a change.
  7. Started with Sunderland got sacked. Got the Wolves job got sacked. Somehow have now ended up in the Premier League with Aston Villa. Score draws against Tottenham and Arsenal so things might be looking ok atlast. Paid a lot more attention to hiring the right staff and the workloads etc. Also concentrated on a mix of youth and already decent players rather than potential. Also spent a ton of money. Sunderland was the worse in terms of Dynamics out of the 3.
  8. I have an issue where sometimes the match starts but the players dont come out of the tunnel and camera just keeps on shifting as if waiting for it. Eventually need to quit and restart even though the game is usable, but the match just won't start. Could do with some tweaking to dynamics where the manager isn't under constant pressure just because he is trying to be assertive. Surely Kolarov/Hart were influential but the other players at City din't make a fuss of it. I think the whole selling an influential player part is exaggerated in terms of reaction of the other players.
  9. Its like you are just one stupid answer away from losing your job.
  10. Its really tough. I am doing a Wolves season and most of the players don't really seem to care, however Sunderland was a pain (got sacked in 6 months).
  11. Probably going to start off with Girona. If need be will do another one in the English lower divisions.
  12. Ok, I just tried searching for an answer around the same. Most of the answer said that the 4.42 GHz is a relative number to an Intel Pentium 4 processor. My best guess on this topic would be that since the Intel Pentium 4 is a single core and my chip seems to be 2 cores, maybe that is why it is faster than the Pentium?
  13. Oh my, I am in a spot now. Thought about starting this series after 4-5 years ! Why do the online scanners tell me that the game will work? Minimum: 2.2 GHz+You Have: 1.7 GHz Performance Rated at: 4.42 GHz Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 Intel Core AMD Athlon 2.2 GHz+You Have: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70GHz These results show this and it shows that it passes the minimum requirements. I do think mine is a quad core processor if that makes a difference. Sorry I am not a well versed in this topic so just needed some pointers.
  14. Guys, I have a Dell Vostro which has a i34005U chip. It also has a Nvidia GeForce 820M Card and a 4GB Ram. Should that be enough for the game?
  15. Thats a good idea but I don't want to limit myself once I have a team (probably just me :P). City would get boring without any restrictions put on myself right? I think I might go for a National team or maybe a Plymouth or Portsmouth of sorts. Or would you recommend a Girona like team?
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