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  1. Keeping going with the usual formation is good to see. At least you have survived relegation and the new board.
  2. @dafuge good luck with this pal. I was considering doing something similar to this.
  3. Maybe, I am going to keep going and get newly promoted team. Still use this manager I think
  4. @Fadedaf cheers pal, I am presently in my 7th season and I think I have found a tactic I am sticking with a 433. Survival is the aim this year
  5. Merthyr Town- 2023/24 - Vanarama National League South League / Graph - We started off in general good form, as we looked to break our league points record. We kept playing well and doing a decent run. We then would loose a couple and then I would change tactics. This kept happening until we ran into a brick wall. We saved the season with a win on the last day to secure survival. I was not pleased. Competitions - FA cup was poor as we were bulleted out by a team in league below us. In the trophy we did ok, but should have gone further. Transfers - I really s
  6. I am really struggling with this. Presently in season 6, nothing seems to be working. I seem to win a few then it’s like the game finds my tactics and I can a loosing run so I switch again. It is looking like I could well go down this year.
  7. I am still struggling along in Conference South, in the lower midtable
  8. Cheers mate, I reckon I can beat that we look years away from promotion
  9. Little question for the more experienced of those in this challenge What’s the longest anyone has ever gone without promotion from bottom leagues? The way I am playing I can see that record being under threat
  10. Merthyr Town- 2022/23 - Vanarama National League South League / Graph - Not the worst year we have had. We were in and around the mid table spots all year round. Towards the end of the year we had a bit of a fall off a cliff and this resulted in us dropping down the league table. We were so close to getting the record points of 53 this year but just couldn't make it. I am fairly still pleased still. Competitions - Nothing in the FA Trophy yet again, but we did manage to get to the last qualifying round. Transfers - A few more new players came into the squad
  11. @Hypanimz I have been made favourite for a few jobs and offered a few interviews but obviously didn’t attend any. I think the highest was a League 1 job.
  12. @Hypanimz they must be aware of your past exploits in this challenge
  13. Merthyr Town- 2020/21 - Vanarama National League South League / Graph -It was a bit of a strange year for us this year. I honestly did not feel that we were to far away from making things click. We had some amazing wins and some decent form. It was let down a little bit as we could not seem to stop defeats and we conceded a lot more goals than I would have liked. I think this was down to a lack of tactical consistency and injuries. All in all it was ok as we were never really under threat of the drop. Competitions - In the FA Trophy we were poor. We got through t
  14. Merthyr Town- 2020/21 - Vanarama National League South League / Graph -Again we did really well at the start of the year before falling off a cliff. As you will see from the graph we fall off a cliff and did not fulfill how well we did. Competitions - In the FA Cup we got knocked out a little quicker than I would have liked which was not ideal. A decent little run in the FA Trophy was fantastic for the club. Transfers - I dont like cups Finance - Slowly getting worse for us, the board have now took 2k a week off my wage budget Stars Robbie Pa
  15. Merthyr Town- 2019/2020 - Vanarama National League South League -We started off really well this year and looked really good. As a few injuries came into the squad we seemed to struggle a little bit with form. By the end of the season we had spent most of the year around the playoffs before failing to win any of our last 6 games. We finished in a dent mid table spot which was very good. Competitions - In the FA Cup we got knocked out a little quicker than I would have liked which was not ideal. A decent little run in the FA Trophy was fantastic for the club.
  16. I have been linked to a few jobs but nothing too much of note
  17. I think it’s fair to say my second season has started better. Four wins in opening six
  18. Merthyr Town- 2018/2019 - Vanarama National League South Me / General / Facilities League -I knew that this would be a struggle, it always is in the first year of this challenge. All I wanted was survival so I could stick out another year here. It was a learning curve as I switched from 4-1-3-2 to a wide diamond and eventually settling on a narrow 4-1-2-3. We were never any higher than 18th all year long. We sealed our survival for another year with two games left in the season. Competitions - Nothing happened for us really in these Transfers - A fair ne
  19. Agents Season - 2021 After winning the Czech Cup, I decided to leave the club and try to find a new club team to manage and bring success to. In the end I was unable to get a club to take a chance on my and I was unemployed, I then decided to take the step into International Management and I landed with Canada I was fairly happy to take the role. The club had been poor in the last Gold Cup but we were looking ok to move forward in the Word Cup. I led them into the final stages of the World Cup qualifying before I entered into the Gold Cup. In the Gold Cup we
  20. Agents Season - 2018/19 We had a decent enough pre season. In regards to transfers we did not do that much as I was fairly happy with what we had available to us. Four new boys came in and 7 left. Again this made us much better it allowed us to have a much better starting 11 which was the most important thing. In the league we did well as the main thing I wanted to achieve was to sure up our defence. We did only concede 38 goals which considering we were at a new higher level I felt like that was a decent enough return. We scored 43 which really showed why we could only
  21. Cheers @vikeologist its going well so far not seeming to be any issues with touch if there is I will give you a shout.
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