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  1. It looks like we will be moving, we dont know where or when but we will be doing
  2. Black Leopards - 2017/18 - South African First Division League/League -We had a very good season.We lost our first two games in the league, after that we went on a ten game unbeaten streak this propelled us up the league. We then hit a bit indifferent form before we hit top of the league in week 17. We stayed there all year and won the league with two games to go. In the last two games I played the kids and lost both, but it didnt matter the league was ours. Competitions - Decent enough result in the Cup, we knocked out a team in our league and a non league team before being beaten by a Premier League side in a close game. Transfers - I decided not play with width so those were sold and a couple more strikers were bought in. Youth - Couple of decent prospects including a keeper who will be number three next year Finance - Just picked up 100k for my league position and still in trouble. Stars Jean Mungana - Great player in the middle of the park for us who created a decent amount of goals. Needs more goals but was good this year. Morgan Shivambu - Another centre midfielder, this time this lad scored a few more goals. He was a bit more of a ball winner and was very good. Lebohang Mabotja - The final of the three centre midfielders and the best by a mile. A bit more of an all rounder and a quality player Next Year I signed a new two year deal before Christmas which is what I wanted. We are going to have to bring in more quality but survival will be the aim next year Story So Far 20117/18 - South African First Division - 1st
  3. Keeping going with the usual formation is good to see. At least you have survived relegation and the new board.
  4. I have decided to do a save that I have not seen around these parts before. I have always had a massive affinity with football from the lesser parts of the world, I love how the game can reach every corner of the world it amazes me. Over my time, I have taken in games in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa. It is the last of these where I will be starting my adventure. The aim is to take an African Team from the doldrums of African Football to being the best in Africa and eventually the World. I will do this by bringing through my own youth products and developing players from Africa. Eventually I would imagine I would take over the South African National Team but for the first few years I will be running with Black Leopards. We are not blessed with the greatest Facilities nor is there much else to learn about the club (I am a bit in the future so I will be posting my first season shortly.)
  5. @dafuge good luck with this pal. I was considering doing something similar to this.
  6. Maybe, I am going to keep going and get newly promoted team. Still use this manager I think
  7. @Fadedaf cheers pal, I am presently in my 7th season and I think I have found a tactic I am sticking with a 433. Survival is the aim this year
  8. Merthyr Town- 2023/24 - Vanarama National League South League / Graph - We started off in general good form, as we looked to break our league points record. We kept playing well and doing a decent run. We then would loose a couple and then I would change tactics. This kept happening until we ran into a brick wall. We saved the season with a win on the last day to secure survival. I was not pleased. Competitions - FA cup was poor as we were bulleted out by a team in league below us. In the trophy we did ok, but should have gone further. Transfers - I really struggled this year to find players who wanted to join us. I brought in as much as I could but it was tough. Finance - Errrrrr not to much to say Stars Robbie Patten - I keep thinking I will replace him but he keeps performing really well. Lucas Odunston - Superb striker who scored a hell of a lot of goals again for us this year. Quickly becoming a special player for me. Ben Hornsby - Decent midfielder who did well when he played, I was hoping for a little more out of him but he did well enough. Next Year I was really not pleased with this season, it was the toughest season I have had here. I am slowly running out of ideas as to what to do next. I will take the pre season bring a few new faces in and maybe re think the tactics. Aim for next year is nothing more than survive. Story So Far 2018/19 - Vanarama National League South - 19th 2019/20 - Vanarama National League South - 13th 2020/21 - Vanarama National League South - 18th 2021/22 - Vanarama National League South - 18th 2022/23 - Vanarama National League South - 16th 2023/24 - Vanarama National League South - 19th
  9. I am really struggling with this. Presently in season 6, nothing seems to be working. I seem to win a few then it’s like the game finds my tactics and I can a loosing run so I switch again. It is looking like I could well go down this year.
  10. I am still struggling along in Conference South, in the lower midtable
  11. Cheers mate, I reckon I can beat that we look years away from promotion
  12. Little question for the more experienced of those in this challenge What’s the longest anyone has ever gone without promotion from bottom leagues? The way I am playing I can see that record being under threat
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