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  1. and costs of living are not a problem for professsionel footballers ... (what could make cities like Newcastle or Bochum more attractive than London or Munich/Berlin).
  2. My 2 best remembered saves and my actual saves are all saves in which I started from the bottom. In the first (FM 2012)one I started in the Danish 2nd league and went after one year to a newly promoted team in the English 6th league. I was about 10 saisons with the team and moved them to league 2. It was MY club. The identification with the club was really high. I rember that still very well and sometimes I look after the club in RL ( In reality the club moved further down). In my actual save (FM 2017) I set me the goal to get a job offer from Manchester United, City, PSG, Barcelona or Madrid. I started to work my career up the top starting as a semi pro. I started as unemployed manager as usual, began in the Vanarama North with Worcester FC and battled via Galway United, VfL Bochum and Blackburn Rovers my way up as actual manager of Liverpool (presumably not very long, the situations begins to be critical). I have to confess that the international aspect is fun but the most satisfying aspect was to see that in Worcester some of my players played still after several years and I was several years favoured personal in Galway (after winning the Irish championship with them). I often think it would have been still more fun to stay in Worcester and move them further up. After this save I will try this.
  3. I asked the same questions several month ago but did not get a clear answer from SI. The answer was more or less that it depends whether it is a Cup match, derby or important for qualification/Relegation. My tactic is now to react as in real life. I leave them out if it is important from my view.
  4. Truly, the player was obviously bribed. He likes to bet ar a Croatian bookmaker?
  5. In my current save the situation changed a lot. I started as semi profi with team from the Nation League South fighting against relegation. In the second year after stabilising the team and on the way to promotion I got an offer from a team on the same level. After winning the promotion and stabilsing the team ín the National League I got several offers from teams from Ireland. I took the chance to manage a professionell team and went to Galway United. I won the championship and the league cup in the second saison and had some good results in the Championleague qualifers (without qualifing). After that I got many many offers. After 5 years I accepted an offer from VfL Bochum in the German second league. That was not very successful and after 2 years I left by accepting an offer from the Blackburn Rovers. I achieved promotion in the first year ( I joined in the winter and at that point Blackburn was already on a promotion slot), their manager went to the Potters). After that the offers were few and interviews were often not successfull (Rangers, Celtic, Mönchengladbach, Leverkusen, Bilbao - it is the FM 2017 and I am in 2032 now).. The last one was from Liverpool which I accepted.
  6. I only look on the mental attributes and the stars for the potential development. Everybody with at least 4 stars potential development (even only in black" is taken and then I look, how they develop. Of Course, the higher the niveau of your team is, the less probale is that you get youngster able to Play with 18 or so in the team. But that is a realistic approach of the game. The number of youngsters in top teams is low and the most do not achieve that in their home team.
  7. same here. I use that when I want to hold the ball, circulate it and work out chances in the box. From my view, it works well. Sometimes, I miss a more deceisive move in the penalty area but this can also be triggered by the "retain possesion" order.
  8. I play FM several years but mainly the FM 2012 and still the FM2017. However, I assume that my question applies to most version. I know. we know, everybody knows that victories improve morale and defeats lower it. The character of the players can influence how strong the psychological effect is. Now more details and about my question. I have taken over Liverpool in a save in which I set me the target to fight my way as manager up, i. e. started as semi-profi in the 6th English league as a manger with a focus on motivating. Liverpool is the first "big Ccub" in the career. The team itself is evealuated as "highly professionell" (surprise, surprise in the PL) and - what motivated me for the move - "strong characters, tough bunch of ... I do not remember the description in detail as English is not my mother tongue. 2 Players are levelled "leaders". Now the question: The effects of defeats and victories are tremendous. Never saw that before. Currently, I am on slot 6 in the first half of the Saison and have to achieve 5. So, no real problem. In the Europe league I am on place 3 in the group stage with 1 point less then number 2, so also no real problem. The problem may come later as I have to reach the semi-final. The morale was orange after some unlucky defeats and is now yellow after a draw at Manchester City. Why are those strong characters so affected by a start what is maybe 1 over par but no real problem? If I a demand in a press conference a victory etc. the morale seems to drop. Why that by "strong characters and a highly professionell team? They should know that they have to deliver. I have the Impression that I have to hug and pet them and not to kick them in the arse?
  9. To be honest, I think that it is much easier than in reality to move a Club up the leagues.
  10. On a first view I also thought that appearance boni are not a good idea. But on a second view the boni make sense. Simply look on the total salary package. Then, an appearance bonus gives you a decrease if the Player is injured and cannot play. However, you have to monitor the potential total costs to be able to manage the personal costs and not hit the budget.
  11. if you have suitable wingbacks, think also about 5-3-2 and attacks through the middle. The center and the back a good covered by thre midfielders and 5 defenders. In the attack you have 2 forward not far away from another ehcih makes passing easier. I was quite successfull which such a system for an underdog.
  12. This is very very interesting because I had a similar question. I am not an expert in English football. I play the FM 17 and in my actual save I leaved the Blackburn Rovers after 7 years and accepted an offer from Liverpool. The save is totally about 15 saisons old. So, much happened in my parallel universe. My keeper wanted to go to Chelsea and I accepted that. I bought a new one frm Westham and got questions from the press about buying a player from a rival. The same happened when I bought a right AV backup from Chelsea. In the general information about Liverpool no rivaly to the Hammers or Chelsea is mentioned, so I was a bit surprised. This would explain that.
  13. I have been relegated 2 times and as this was in the last simulated league I was also automatically sacked. The first time was a team promoted to the Dutch 2nd league and I "achieved relegation" 2 matchdays before the end. Ok, some bad luck because ad one point 4 of 6 wingers and AVs were injured but the team could barely compete and I increased the trouble by panicking and changing tactics all times. The second one was in the Swiss 2nd league with Lausanne and that happened on the last matchday. I could still kick my teams arses ..... bloody bastards. We had a good position. It was only neccessary to reach a draw ,1 POINT and everything would be fine. The other contestant for relegation needed a win against the league champion AND that we loose. So what could happen? I still remember how sure I was that nothing could happen when I started the 3 D simulation ...... . YES ... the other one WON against the champion (maybe the players were all drunk from celebrating). But that would have been still fine IF my bastards made a draw. NOO ... they lost .....
  14. I play the style which provides success with the team I manage. Personally, I like teams attacking via the flanks, play quick and direct football. But most of my teams were not able for that and I oimetimes play the opposite, slow steady build up, passing, until there is a hole in the defence.
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