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  1. Yes, depends on the level you are. PC is a rare event in the 6th league and a standard event in the top league.
  2. Leverkusen has not been created in such an artificial way as Leipzig. However, the club and is position is a result mainly caused by the Bayer AGs money. It is situated between Düsseldorf, Köln, Mönchengladbach and the Ruhr clubs (Schalke, Dortmund, Bochum, Duisburg. Essen etc.) and has a very low fan base. Bayer supported in the 70ies also KFC Uerdingen from Krefeld. To save money they dropped that later with result that Uerdingen, sometimes playing in the Bundesliga and even in the UEFA-Cup dropped down to semi-professionalism . Without Bayer Leverkusen would suffer a similar fate, I presume.
  3. LOL I think its really funny that you all play teams only few Germans would play ( e. g. Wolfburg, Leverkusen, RB Leipzig). These are teams without tradition, without a history. And they are all pimped by the industry ... Leverkusen is clear, its the club of Bayer AG, Wolfsburg is supported by Volkswagen AG and Leipzig belongs to Red Bull. Kaiserslautern is in reality now poor but has a long and glorious history. Would be from the German view a nice choice. Cologne, too, but it would be much easier as Cologne has now a solid financial basis. A club with a long history but not much success is VfL Bochum. Bochum has a very good youth department and is an old workers club. Lead Bochum back to Bundesliga! Other very stylish clubs from the 2. Bundesliga are FC Sankt Pauli from Hamburgs redlight district (for the lefties) with its "antfacist" marketing approach or 1. FC Union Berlin, a club with a famous GDR history as it was the club who was always fighting against the STASI club Dynamo Berlin, a club pimped by the GDR secret service. The battle cry is "Eisern Union!" (Iron Union!) and they just achieved promotion to Bundesliga.
  4. Fine, that keeps thing similar to real life, a bit indifferent and grey. I appreciate that because it is good simulation and avoids cracking a code and having a an easy mathematical explanation.
  5. Wide play can be a problem in my system but I accept this because I have no good wingers and I have to strenghen the defensive wit 3 CD resp 5 defenders 3-5-2 is the offensive mode with winger or wide midfielder instead of WBs. However, for me 352 is a bit risky if the winger/WMF are not good defensively. I try that only against weak opponents or systems with only 1 forward and no AMR/AMR, e. g. 4-5-1 formations.
  6. This is called hierarchy. You are an employee of the club and the club represented by the chairman makes some decisions. I suffered the same fate with an extraordinary good left winger who I wanted to play in the first team with 17 years. So good he was. Then he was sold for a laughable amount.
  7. The last match against Arsenal became a massive final. The matches before went not well but also my opponents had problems. So, three teams (My Blackburn Rovers, Tottenham and the Wolfes) with 60 points and a goal ratio only different by few goals were fighting for slot 6 and 7 on the last match day. As mentioned I "faced the impossible" with Arsenal away, the Wolfes had to fight the Citizens and Tottenham I forgot. With regard to the questíons of the press it was very very clear that this was a (very) BIG MATCH. So I sorted out all those players with one exemption because I could not replace him. The match was a desaster and my team blown out the stadium with a 5:1 defeat. The defence was a simple not existing and penalised by me afterwrads with wage deductions for 3 of 5 players. I got slot 8. Still, that gave 30 millions € from the FA and the saisons was overall very successfull. And then some days later I got the message that we qualified for the European Cup with slot 8. After looking on that competition I finally understood that. Tottenham had won the Cup and England got, therefore, another starting place in the Cup. What a stroke of fortune ....
  8. I assume that you have t0o many offensive players. I do not play the FM 19 or 19´8 but still the FM 17. I am a big fan of wingback formations and 3 CDs. However, I put the wing backs only on ATTACK if the situation is desperate. And I only have them in tight marking if I know that the wingers are slower than my WB (what is more or less never the case). In connection with a thin midfield with only 2 standard MF and an offensive MF or an AM you are a bit weak in the midfield. I assume that the opponent controls the midfield and is able to use that to feed the wingers . My standard formation for the midfield are 3 players with a defensive BWM, a deep or advanced playmaker in support or attack (depending on the opponent) and a BBM. This works very well. I normally control the midfield and can stop or hamper the opponent there. In defence I have a solid chain of 5 players.
  9. IN FM 12 I managed a team in the Conference South and got a Namibian AMC/MC who would have been with 15 years a key player. With 16 he played on a regular bases in the team and my coach thought he would be a good Championship player in the future. With 18 a championship team - I forgot who, Norwich or Sheffield - bought him and more or less immediately selled him to Man City who leased him out. He played finally in the first team of the Citizens and became the captain of the Namibian national team. I got >2 million € out of the deal. His favored team was still my team *s*. The most funny thing was his second name: "Bester". This means in German: "Best"
  10. Thanks ... I tried to search that but did not find that.
  11. I find often players with the "do not love big games" - attidude. My question is how can I identify matches where it is risky to have such player playing. I think it is clear that any cup-final is such a "big game". I am also quite sure that a derby against a fierce counterpart is such a "big-game". But what about the semi-final of a league -cup, the quarter-final, or especially a game which is important to secure a league position? Are only games which trigger special questions by the punidts big games? How can I identify such games? Example: My team was rated 18th of 20th in the English premier diviison and now we are 1 point away from slot 7 and the European competitions. There are 4 matches to go. In reality every of the last 4 matches is a big game (if I do no loose the first machtes ). However, I have doubts that the game engine can evaluate that. The very last match of the season is against Arsenal in the Emirate stadium. And Arsenal is on slot 6 at the moment with a distance of three points to me. So, in reality the last match against Arsenal could be somethig like a final. Is that a "big game" if I could reach the EC qualifier with a win or draw according to the game engine?
  12. I start more or less alwasy unemployed and look what I get. For me it is the best fun to fall in love with the club witch hired me and since I start mainly as semi-pro, I am from Germany and do only use the standard leagues of the game, I start always abroad. So I do not know anything about the clubs which choose me.
  13. for MFs - wait with killer ball until forward is offside for Forwards - run early in channel and turn back just when pass is played
  14. Do you emphasise mental attributes? I have problems if the team contains many egocentrics and few teamplayers and/or determination is low. If such a team got a bad run it is difficult to overcome the bad mood. Do you have inconstant palyers, especially in the defense? I have several times suffered a bad run, especially in the the second half of a season. My explanation for that is: - no adequate fitness especially in lower leagues / not enough rotating - selfish players disturbing the team mood - to many new players who need time to integrate - changed tactic of AI-teams - weak mental attributes, especially low determination, low bravery etc., inconsistent performers, low concentration etc. - too many tactic changes I had recently such a problem and asked here for help. And I had a look on my matches and had to notice that I made also some managing mistakes, i. e. overrated my team and was to offensive and hat several new players which were not integrated (5 new players in the first team). I was in my first premier league saison 12 th at christmas with 12 point distance to relegation and then went down to 16th and needed a draw in the last match to survive (got luck and got a draw against the Spurs). Now I have only 3 new players in the second saison and thing go well (5th after 9 matches). I assume that the integration probem is now solved and I act more cautious, playing almost always 532. And I had a bit of luck. So its often not a single problem but several or as we say in German: "You can have fleas and lice!"
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