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  1. Hi Riz & Co. Long time player, first time caller. Great job on the game, but I may have come across a BUG in relation to STAFF. While in the SCOUTING tab I tried to TERMINATE the contract of a SCOUT. When I hit the Confirm/OK button the following message appeared and the game crashed: get_fixed_player_search_name() : invalid parameters HOWEVER, when I started a NEW game with exactly the same setup I was able to terminate the same scout SUCCESSFULLY from the PERSONNEL tab. No message. No crash. (Maybe it signifies you have to call him into the office to be fired, and not let him know through his cell phone that he's been canned while he's scouting a AAA Midget game in Barfing Deer, Saskatchewan - but we digress) The crash occurred regardless of whether I was using the Default 2016 db or the TBL9.6. rosters; or whether I was playing with all/some leagues or just the NHL/National League selected. It repeatedly occurred after the game was uninstalled/reinstalled etc and so forth. Hope this helps. I'm off to my office to fire more scouts. Cheers Fat City
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