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  1. If we can have an in-game editor for FM Mobile, then we can surely get one for FMT!
  2. Lads, let's try and get this to a 100 votes. We've done well so far but we still have a long way to go!
  3. Considering that there is an in-game editor available in the mobile version and that much of the data available on the full version is available on the touch version, the in-game editor for touch should allow players to manipulate all the statistics and data of players, staff, managers, stadiums, and fans.
  4. Would you also support an in-game editor for the tablet edition?
  5. Have you started to share this with your friends yet, I would like to have over 100 people participate in this poll!
  6. https://community.sigames.com/topic/449890-f/?tab=comments#comment-11541756 Here's where we start!
  7. Do you think that SEGA should implement an in-game editor on FMT 2019 that allows the player to manipulate the details of all the components of football from the players to the tournaments?
  8. They still won't implement it, so maybe we should start a poll to show how popular the idea of an in-game editor is. When I first suggested it, I thought I was the only one!
  9. I have brought this up with the developers of the game!
  10. I suspected this, the players that you are signing are attached to clubs that do not have as high a reputation as your club, therefore they will not ask for a massive fee, unlike a big club, if these players were from Bayern Munich, Barcelona, etc., you would most certainly have to pay more for those type of players.
  11. I suspected this, it appears the clubs you have acquired these players do not have as high a reputation as Barcelona, so they won't be as demanding as high a fee in negotiations as Barcelona or Real Madrid.
  12. That is my argument, less-capable staff members like at Scunthorpe United probably aren't more able to judge potential and ability than Liverpool's staff, so they will misjudge him to have better potential.
  13. How much money did you pay for these 5-star regens?
  14. To be honest, you just may be very good at the game and are more able to find quality regens than me, since regens with 5-star potential don't just grow on trees.
  15. That may be down to what level of staff wants to be involved with these clubs. For example, have you ever been able to sign a 5-star staff member with Crewe Alexandra in League 2? Probably Not, the club I'm playing with has 4 and a half star reputation, therefore, I can sign staff members that have more ability. My head of youth development is 4 and a half stars and he has 19 judging ability and 20 judging potential, and the youth player in question according to my head of youth development had 4 star potential. If this youth player was at FC United of Manchester, the club's staff is not as capable as the staff I have, so of course he'll have 5-star potential.
  16. It probably means that you have a very good scouting team or I suspect that you would have to pay a lot of money for world-class regens at age 19 because I highly doubt that any big club would dare turn down a player who is already world-class at a young age. Which clubs did you acquire these players from?
  17. Not necessarily, the vast majority of regens do not have 5-star potential. Just recently on my save, I had a youth intake day, and none of these regens had 5-star potential. The "best" youth player had 4-star potential, and the club I was playing with had 4 and a half star youth facilities, Junior Coaching, and Youth Recruitment. Besides in real-life there are thousands of wonderkids, so the game is simply reflecting this fact.
  18. For the Next Version of FM Touch, I would like to be able to buy an in-game editor that allows a manager to edit the details of players, staff, stadiums, board members, clubs, fans, and tournaments. I want to be able to edit everything from a club's transfer budget to its status(which division that club plays at.) I want to be able to edit a player's details from their technical attributes to their personalities. Lastly, I want this unlockable to be able to be earned for free by achieving some goal. I know for the average player this may not be the most pressing issue. For those players, I want to say this: The developers of this game claim that FM Touch is an alternative to the full version, without all of the "pre-match build-up and media circus." If so, then how does it make sense for me to be able to buy the in-game editor on the mobile version of the game as well as the full version, but not on the Touch version? Thank you if you took the time out of your day to read this and consider my points.
  19. Wishlist:  A change I would like to see made to All platforms for FM(Full version, Touch, Mobile):  *Option to offer an assist bonus to players in contract negotiations - In real life, midfielders who don't score as often as strikers are offered assist bonuses to entice them. If Football Manager wants to retain its selling point as a game that is as close to reality as possible, then this change should be implemented in the next version of the game! Addition of Backstory to Managers: Position they played in their career, which could influence what badges could be attained, Personalities, Managerial styles, Marital Status, Relationships with other managers and players, etc. More Tactical Control: Ability not to order any crosses into the box or the ability to encourage players to send through balls. Unlockable for Bids/Offers: I would like to propose a new unlockable for FM19 that could be available for all platforms of FM. This unlockable would allow a player to make any transfer bid/ contract offer of any kind and have it accepted, regardless of value. I think this would be quite interesting! It isn't really a suggestion, just a crazy idea. Changes to FM Touch Exclusively: *Ability to buy an In-Game Editor that manipulates the details of players, managers, staff, chairmen, fanbases, stadiums, awards, and tournaments or if a manager completes some kind of task, the unlockable should be offered up for free! I don't mean to be insulting when I say this, but how does it make sense for me to be able to buy an in-game editor on the mobile version, yet not on the Touch version? I believe that the ability to buy this unlockable should be accessible to all platforms of FM! Press Conferences for Important Matches, such as Derbies and Cup Competitions, new signings, as well as occasional tunnel interviews! *Improved AI: I remember vividly a match when I was managing Liverpool, and I was playing Tottenham, and in the 33rd minute, my CB makes an inane mistake that leads to a 2-1 loss. There have been several moments like this where I concede terrible goals in high-stakes matches. So I ask you to please improve the match engine to reduce the number of mistakes like this. Changes to FM Mobile: More attributes provided in a profile of a player, more specifically, set-piece attributes. In a scouting report of a player, I can see the player's proficiency when referring to set-pieces, yet I cannot see their attributes. I hope this is changed in FMM 19, but it's nothing urgent! Ability to create a manager that is younger than 46.
  20. https://community.sigames.com/messenger/78625/?tab=comments#comment-1456 In this link, you will find my wishlist for football manager 2019, please message me if you feel there are any issues with it.
  21. I have not received a lot of responses to these suggestions.
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