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  1. If we can have an in-game editor for FM Mobile, then we can surely get one for FMT!
  2. Lads, let's try and get this to a 100 votes. We've done well so far but we still have a long way to go!
  3. Considering that there is an in-game editor available in the mobile version and that much of the data available on the full version is available on the touch version, the in-game editor for touch should allow players to manipulate all the statistics and data of players, staff, managers, stadiums, and fans.
  4. Would you also support an in-game editor for the tablet edition?
  5. Have you started to share this with your friends yet, I would like to have over 100 people participate in this poll!
  6. https://community.sigames.com/topic/449890-f/?tab=comments#comment-11541756 Here's where we start!
  7. Do you think that SEGA should implement an in-game editor on FMT 2019 that allows the player to manipulate the details of all the components of football from the players to the tournaments?
  8. They still won't implement it, so maybe we should start a poll to show how popular the idea of an in-game editor is. When I first suggested it, I thought I was the only one!
  9. I have brought this up with the developers of the game!
  10. I suspected this, the players that you are signing are attached to clubs that do not have as high a reputation as your club, therefore they will not ask for a massive fee, unlike a big club, if these players were from Bayern Munich, Barcelona, etc., you would most certainly have to pay more for those type of players.
  11. I suspected this, it appears the clubs you have acquired these players do not have as high a reputation as Barcelona, so they won't be as demanding as high a fee in negotiations as Barcelona or Real Madrid.
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