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  1. already asked this question on keysie's website, but i would like to see/show oppostiotn roles/duties on formation screen(s), maybe also the ones on the inbetween match highlights screen. Do anybody know how i could apply this? like this:
  2. probably a bit off topic, but can somebody tell me how to show opposition roles and duties at the formation screen? I'm using the keysie skin and absolutely love it but this is something i would like to add to better understand the game
  3. Is there a possibility you would allow me to play your save Kinda interested how you got there with Nuneaton. Is it the dafuge challenge ?
  4. have you tried the 4-1-2-2-1 yet ? I would be intrested to see if it works
  5. Maybe the picture is a bit confusing, but i meant the variation with fullbacks not wingbacks Keep me updated if you try this system, how it works out ! Thoughts on your new striker Stojiljkovic. Looks decent, very talented. Could fit in "my" ;D 4-1-2-3 system as a TM-A if you play with a winger on the right, or TM-S if you opt to play with a RMD on the right. He is a striker who can work with the crosses provided by the wingback and the winger. So it's good that you got two different types of strikers now, with him and Neuvel. i would probably work on his passing and vision if i would want to use him as a link up player (as a support duty).
  6. I don't know if you have settled on the 4-2-4, but i would try a 4-1-2-3, like this: GK: I see you play with a SK-S. i don't know how good he is, but for an "all out attack" sytstem, i would play with a SK-A or at least Support. (PI: Distribute short to CB's or FB's) CD's: I would pair a normal CD-D (right) with a BPD-D on the left. Makes your build-up play more aggressive and adds variety. Mauret could play as a BPD also, because he is both footed and got good Vision, but you have to work on his passing and dribbling if you decide to play him there. RB: I went with an IWB-D on that side to cover the gap the CM-A leaves. Width is provided by the W-S on the right, so no need to go with a Wingback or something on that side. Khodadadzada could play there, because he is a hard working fullback with good vision, decisions and concentration. He lacks the pace, dribbling and crossing abbilities to be a WB-A for me, but you can try him on the left too. LB: WB-A to Attack the space freed up by the APM-S, constantly making overlaps and providing width. Maybe you can change him to a WB-S, because Bos is not that good at defending. But if you want to score goals and don't care too much about conceding, i would play him as a WB-A DM: DM-S, because he is quick and can move up the field and win balls back high up the pitch, his tackling and positioning are decent and on support he will be a bit more involved in the passing game, and he is kinda like a playmaker with 16 passing. You could play him also as DM-D to anchor the defence and provide a bit more cover and play more conservative, or as a BWM-D to be a bit more aggresive infront of the back four, but this wouldn't make much difference compared to a DM defend or support. I wouldn't play him as an BWM-S because on higher mentalities his pressing is to much, i think he would leave his position to easily and would leave holes in your defence. LCM: DLP-S, Bos got excellent Vision and Passing, also PPM "tries long range passes" so i want him to create from a deeper position. A Playmaker, because he is so good at passing and i want to draw play to the left, so the CM-A can make runs into the box. Bos's Tackling and Positioning are ok but not awesome, so maybe you have to cover him with your wingback, you can also try him as a DLP-D, to sit even deeper and provide more cover. I would probably create a version of this tactic for stronger or very attacking opponents, where i would use on ore two more defensive roles and duties. RCM: McAllister, mainly because his OTB is so good and your striker needs support from midfield. i would try to improve his finishing appart from that I'm sure he would score some goals. LAM: APM-S Arend, another playmaker in your team. Will move inside (PPM "move into channels"), will "come deep to get the ball" (PPM) and help with build up. leaves space for WB-A to exploit. And will score on or another long range goal with his 16 Long Shots. You could try him as a APM-A or wide Treq to be even more attaking, but i would change the roles behind him than. RAM: W-S providing width, getting in behind and deliver crosses thats all he got to do. You could also try the combination of F9 and RMD, so he will attack the space in behind the opposition defence even more. ST: P-A Neuvel got excellent finishing, so i went with a P-A, but you could also play him as a AF-A to let him move and dribble a bit more. Apart from that he is still very young, so you can train him to fit the role and dutie you would like to see him in. Like mentioned above the combination of F9 and RMD is also worth a try. Attack/flexible For TI's i would probably take it simple at first, so i would go with: Play out of defence, Push up much higher and much more pressing. Sorry for any grammatical errors, not a native speaker
  7. i don't really like that one, so maybe it's better to apply this to the base dark skin... is this possible ?
  8. There probably will be a thread about this already, but i can't find it... so is there a skin (for fm18) which shows opposition roles and duties in the match screen ? Or is there a way i can apply that by myself ?
  9. Is there a chance this thread will be continued anytime soon ? I know you are really busy at the moment, cleon, with your new website and stuff. But i would love to read more about how you approach the game generally ! Can you suggest any good read, about how to sort out staff and handle finances at lower league level ? I'm having problems with this, dont know what to do with my staff and keep track of my budget at the same time
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