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  1. Not constant, I have managed to reduce it. In fact ,my tactic is largely solid. It's more galling because it feels like because I've made the tactic solid, the game is finding ways to create really silly chances for them. Corners, throw in, long balls over the top , my players playing long passes that are intercepted when I told them not to , team's instructions and player instructions, even steering clear of some roles so I don't risk the pass, even putting it on hold the ball instead of countering when we get possession back to reduce turnovers. I do know what I'm doing. Li
  2. As for the other feedback, I do appreciate it but I have heard this all before. I'm very aware of how this ME works , I try to inform myself and listen to the Bust the net channel and also how team instructions and roles behave. The issue I have is with the "it's your tactics" crowd. Yes sometimes it is but other times it has been patiently proven wrong by the updates to the ME that SI make. Can you see why it's hard for me to trust some of the advice (even though I have made those tweaks a million times) because a couple of months later a new patch or a new version of the game attem
  3. I was listening to what you were saying ( heard it all before btw and made the necessary tweaks, I'm not a noob in this game and i know what I'm doing) then read your last line and that invalidated all the effort you put into that post. I have no time for people like you. Go be passive aggressive to someone else.
  4. I would rather concede from an intercepted short pass or through ball than seeing the millionth long ball I told my players not to make, get intercepted leading to a counter and high quality chances. The game doesn't even let you choose the way you want to lose. It's just that bad. If the game essentially let me make my own mistakes, let's say I have placed my players poorly on the pitch and there's no free player for the pass and it gets intercepted, fair enough that's my mistake! I as a player then need to go back to the drawing board and figure out a solution. But the error
  5. This is my biggest issue with the game and why I have given up on the last 3 editions except for the beta this year. In the beta, players did exactly what I wanted them to do. Then they changed something on launch and it was back FM 20 football with a sprinkle of centre play. Then everybody told people who complained that they were all crazy. Even the CB always playing the ball to the flanks. Then they come out with a patch for the ME now that tried to fix the CB thing. But people on here will still tell you that you were crazy to spot the issues. It's so disingenuous. It
  6. Why would we not see or have the same issues in the beta if the problem is a misunderstanding of the instructions? The point is there is a direct comparison being made by users who see a difference pre and post beta. it's not a tactical problem as long as the users have not changed anything since beta. I certainly haven't and it was working before, I even restarted the season just to make sure it wasn't fatigue or player morale or teams working me out or something. I also think that there's a segment of users who like the high tempo , attacking mentalities and it was never a problem for t
  7. Thank you for this, I'm not going to be able to do anything close to this because I honestly don't have the time. It's much appreciated that other users on this forum who can be more coherent and spend the time to provide this are here. I've played this game for years, my beta experience was fantastic this year and then something happened because I'm seeing the football I saw in FM 20 again. This post confirms some of my suspicions but I always like to do the eye test, I know what I see and feel watching on comprehensive.
  8. It feels like there is more nonsense in the comprehensive, maybe I should try key but honestly, I can see from comprehensive that players will play the long pass more often that they used to. Maybe it's possible that instead of patching it so that defence is narrower against 3 man strikers, and therefore stopping the overloads , they somehow, maybe a bug, did it so that's how they defend all the time. I don't know, just spit balling here
  9. That's fine, it's your forum, but I'm not going to take condescending people commenting on my post when I bought their game. He answered well the first time and then decided to add that little comment.
  10. I appreciate what you are saying but I'm not seeing things and many other users are not either. I praised the Beta ME because I could see the football made sense, the players did what I told them. It's probably that I'm trying to play a very specific style and it worked in BETA. But something changed, maybe it was unintended on the Devs point of view. But I, as the end user, can see it with my own eyes. You will ignore me obviously,I'm just one user and probably role on to the next game no problem, but I had huge hopes for the ME this year, was amazed by the BETA. Bu
  11. Don't take what I said out of context, I praised the center play, it's still there to FEET, but the through balls are much much reduced. I can see it myself. And it would also benefit you to leave the smug attitude from your posts when I didn't interact with you that way. Have some humility for people who bought product.
  12. Ahh yes the old nothing is broken ,take our word for it approach. So when SI denied that center play was an issue for the past two versions, and then also laughed off claims by users that players taking shots from the touchline was excessive. And now all the things they said weren't that big of an issue magically fixed for this version of the game. Everybody on this forum told me and a number of other users they were crazy to believe that center play was dead the past two versions. Then SI magically fix it ,or at least partially from my experience, and that's not a contradiction at a
  13. Tell my CBs fewer risky passes ,nope, punt it out wide or try an over the top pass. Short passing? Much shorter passing? Nope, punt it out wide. Work the ball into the box? Nope play the first long pass you see., no regard for instructions whatsoever. Stupid long shots are back as well. Take a 25 yard shot from a standing position , that's a great idea. Shoot less often? Nope, I'll take a shot from where I want. My eyes and play time told me on the BETA that the ME was so good. I know what I'm seeing now but they will deny it. They didn't fix the constant throu
  14. I feel cheated. The beta ME, (although Abit too easy and high scoreline) was the best representation of football I've seen so far in this series. I don't care what they say, I know what my eyes tell me, they've changed something again because I'm seeing the same dumb **** that players used to do in FM 20. Long passes out wide even if I tell them to pass through the middle. Work the ball into the box is completely ignored. Low tempo is also a no go again, my dumb players will now play the long ball time and again when specifically instructed to play short passes balanced, through the
  15. I'm not imagining this , I'm definitely seeing more long shots. Nothing as bad as FM 20 but still an uptick from beta. Also seeing more players taking shots from standing positions rather than running onto the ball and scoring, this might be me imagining it though because it might have been like that in beta.
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