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  1. I think the issue may be the difference between what the stats are telling your team versus what the player is seeing. If for example the same type of one on one chances are created, so central with no defenders around and the strikers keeps shooting at the goalkeeper, it looks fine on stats if the chance hasn't been scored but what the player is seeing is the same Kind of miss, ball straight at the keeper. What I'm trying to get at is the variety of misses, maybe some of shots should go wide, some hit the post, some the Striker tries to round the keeper and gets tackled. It's i
  2. It's so funny that @Tyburn Snipes at users here with impunity for their opinions but I've had my post deleted for replying to someone (actually making a good point with no abuse or inappropriate comment) saying anyone who bought the game is entitled to nothing. But just because his Snipes are pro SI his posts stay up. @themadsheep2001 I suppose this is not double standards. Bet you won't do anything about his posts.
  3. So I can't reply to people I disagree with. Fine. I'll make a standalone comment, don't let people tell you you are not entitled to enjoy a product that you bought. Voice your opinion, it's a transaction and if you are unhappy with the product, it's your right to voice that. SI is already heavily insulated from criticism because of a lack of competition, god forbid 10 people on this thread say anything negative.
  4. The sad thing is FM 20 is still top ten in Steam for concurrent players, so there's zero incentive for SI to fix these issues. They also have no competition in the gaming market. Feels like it's a numbers game for them on what they fix and if the majority of their players have no issues with the ME, they just won't fix it. I don't blame them from a business point of view, it's just sad that there is no pressure for them to make their game better. I regret that I bought this game,.
  5. Wow, no ME changes whatsoever. And I bet SI will not confirm if they will update the ME this year. See you guys in FM 21 if they fixed the issues. Unbelievable.
  6. From the noises on this thread about possible ME update on the next patch, it seems we are in for disappointment. Hope I'm wrong, if I'm not, I'll hibernate till FM 21.
  7. Is there a need for an overhaul of the match engine then to make it easier to update it and so you are not having to manage these complex knock on effects? To me it feels like the match engine came from an era where the game was extremely simple but now has huge issues because more and more complexity has been thrown at it with the introduction of the lines of engagement and other things. If SI could either give a timeline for fixes in the game or at least a timeline for overhauling this system then alot of people would stop spamming the thread and come back at a later date. The
  8. So SI is just not going to bother responding to this very thorough bug post someone took the time and effort to put together. Not even an acknowledgement or even dialogue about this issue. Why?
  9. The propensity to defend SI in this forum is beyond irritating at this stage. A nothing comment meant to shut people up so they don't complain about a product they bought which has had to have multiple patches since because even the people who made it know it had major issues. See how easy it is to make sweeping statements?
  10. Why do my players stop and then pass back when they have acres of space to run into or cross the ball across goal? This happens every match, they either pass it back or they wait until the opposition full back is in position to block the cross, it's insane.
  11. Thank you for doing this, you have demonstrated exactly what the issues are with multiple examples and all the problems that I have. It's comprehensive and easy to understand and you've provided the PKMs. SI need to have a look at this, but I have a feeling they are fully aware of the problems. They either can't fix it so if they do it will lead to things like the ball over the top issue we had before. I'm starting to believe that without a complete rewrite, they won't be able to fix this. It's been a problem since FM 19 and they didn't fix it before, wondering why.
  12. There is actually an issue with the defensive line being narrow, the problem is that they STAY narrow, realistically the defensive line of teams get moved about by the wingers position and or striker. I've seen movement by the wingers, striker or even midfielder but it doesn't attract players and so you end up with a static low block. Another issue is that even if we have space outwide, the crosses almost always hits the first man with the new patch. It's to artificially control the amount of chances created per game. It all leads to a terrible experience for a sect of players who wa
  13. So we're going to be pedantic to prove a point. Ok. Nobody said CM00/01, if you want to be pedantic then FM 16 onwards till FM 18. Your second paragraph literally is being forced to do something, if one thing is more successful than another in this game to an extreme degree then the user gravitates towards that thing. Not only that but elements that were possible in previous FMs are no longer styles that work with the ME. What do you mean define possession football, I specifically mentioned lower tempos and you grab the fact I said possession to start an argument. Talk about strawman
  14. People making the arguement that it's ok that the match engine forces you to play a certain way obviously have never played these games pre FM 19. It's disingenuous to act like these have always been a problem, FM 18 and prior games allowed for a variety of play styles. They had their own issues but variety was never an issue. The introduction of editable defensive width and line of engagement has basically broken aspects of the play styles because now every team plays narrow and deep if they have time to get back in shape. This is what makes lower tempos and possession footbal
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