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  1. I was enjoying the game all the way from the Beta, but can't face playing a match with 20.1.4. I know it wasn't possible last year, but has technology moved on sufficiently to allow you roll back to the last incarnation?
  2. Since the latest update the AI hasn't scored one goal against me I can trust not being a bug. Attached match, goal one a header forward that sneaks into the goal that couldn't been stopped by a five year old. Second, my own player ignores team mates and takes a throw in to the opposition near the edge of the box. In the match prior to this, I'd finally managed to score on the new patch having dominated every game, then one of my midfielders gormless blasts the ball into a team mate that was gormlessly standing in front of him, the rebound turning into a perfect through ball for an opposition one-on-one chance. Guess what - the AI can score their chances, as long as something absurd happens to set them up. I was enjoying this game from the BETA onwards until 1.4. JV Ipswich v Peterborough 1.pkm
  3. I really am beyond sick of players whinging about playing time. I have a cretin in my squad who whinged and whined, despite being injured for the bulk of the season from the start of the game to date, about playing time. I had a chat, and after starting him a few times he was apparently happy. My "promise" was fulfilled. He then gets injured again and while waiting for him to get fully fit he whines and whinges again about playing time. Why are footballers programmed to have the IQ of parsnips? This has been an issue for ages and I'm supremely sick of it.
  4. FM18 passed me by and I've been on my old FM17 saves, but FM19 so far seems excellent (only to November in the 1st season, I should add). My only whinge so far is there's no change to the press conferences and the toe-curlingly embarrassing statements still remain. EG: "That, simply put, was not good enough". What manner of dweeb inserts that "simply put" interjection? I'm embarrassed clicking on it. "You just have to stand up and applaud" etc. Who says these things? And I don't care what the pc brigade says and what their excuses are about word meaning is correct by usage and all this postmodernist bollocks, "disinterested" means impartial, like a referee or a judge. "Uninterested" means unconcerned and bored. If a player looks "disinterested" are we to take it he's refereeing the match?
  5. I've just looked everywhere in preferences and I can't see where this option is.
  6. Can you either disable that lame x-factoresque plastic music that plays when you load or can you replace it with something that adults might like? If so, does anyone know how? Cheers.
  7. I'm finding the match day experience beyond annoying. Why is the in-game tactics now two screens that you both need to see at the same time? When I pause the game to change tactics I now have the team arranged horizontally and to make a sub I have to go to another screen where I have the teeth-pullingly irritating task of dragging a sub up the screen and hopes that he replaces the correct player. Then to re-arrange the formation I have to go back to a different screen. How does this help? How does it improve things? What was wrong with how it was before when you could not only do both from the same screen but could click and drag to sub and re-arrange much more easily. If there's a way of customising the in-match tactics changing then they've hidden it really well because I haven't been able to find it. And has ANYBODY found any use for these "scouting meetings" that come up what seems like every two days advertising 30 players you aren't interested in don't even give you the option of clicking through them?
  8. I made the calamitous error of promising a player he'll get games in his preferred position of left wing back. It's now April and I've done nothing but play this cr@tin in left wing back when he hasn't been injured (about a quarter of the season so far) and hasn't been at below 90% condition for the start of a game. As far as I'm concerned I've played him in every game he's been properly fit to play in. Now, with the season's end in sight, he "feels time is running out to start getting games in his favoured position"! To START getting games??? He's done NOTHING BUT play in his favoured position for the entire season when fit. Does the game not take into account time spent injured? Is he so unprofessional he want to play when his physical condition doesn't warrant it, thus inevitably affecting performance? Is he stupid that he doesn't realise this, or just selfish to deny a young player getting the odd game in a low profile game when he's so tired from the previous game he can hardly get out of his chair? And in player interaction there is no option to deal with this. If he has a gripe which will blow up at the end of the season why can't I point out he's played every game in his favoured position when he's been fit enough to warrant a starting spot? If player promises are to have such an impact there should be an option within player interaction to deal with issues during the season, not just the inevitable hissy fit at the season end because players can't understand the fundamentals of sensible team selection and dumbly think they can start games when injured or still knackered from the previous fixture.
  9. Hello Smurf, I got this one and it's excellent. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for the advice. I currently have a desktop which is on its last legs and can run FM17 but the graphics are so bad I have to holiday through games (half a star on the graphics capability in "preferences". What I'm after is the cheapest laptop that will run FM17 with no problems with full spec graphics; I usually start a game with five or so leagues and would like the option of a large database. Apart from FM17 (soon to be FM18 obviously) I don't play games and just use it for bog standard photos, internet, spreadsheet etc stuff. My original comment about only playing FM17 was to highlight I have no need for a gaming machine. Do I take it I need to add on another £200 or so to my £400 budget just to get a laptop that will run FM17 on full graphics (four stars or more on graphics capability)?
  11. If the only game I play is FM17 is there anything out there for <£400 (latptop)? Cheers.
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