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  1. Yeah that's correct, previous season did have a 2nd team only league separate from the other competitions but it changed this year. The number of promotion/relegation places though will be different next year. This year its 4 up and 3 down in order for the Virsliga and 1.liga to both have 10 teams. Its probably not known yet how many teams will be in the 1.liga B so it might mean just making it up, normally its the winner of the 2.liga that gets promoted so it probably best to keep relegation places from 1.liga B to 1 and the one team promtoed from 2.liga is the one who wins the 2.liga playoffs. I'll probably make a list of changes that need to be made to realistically show the latvian system but for example the fixture rules, it should be a minimum of 6 homegrown players between 12 and 21 allowed in the first 11 rather than a restriction on the number of non-eu nationals which there is no limit
  2. The structure is slightly incorrect, for the 2019 season there is also a 1.liga B for the 2nd teams of the Virsliga clubs. This league sits above the 2,liga and has promotion to the 1.liga for the top 4 teams, while the bottom 3 clubs in 1.liga are relegated to 1.liga B.
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