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  1. I had Duncan Tooth, who was an afro regen with no previous managerial or football talents with stats all below 10, get the England managers job after Capello retired in 2014. Then himself retiring 1 year later after 1 year in football. Stupid!
  2. Is this for real!? Longest stadium name I've ever seen!
  3. Where the red box's are, I cannot simply click on today nor tomorrow and see a scroll down for rest players stated above. I have no players in training as they are in individual schedule's and therefore cannot assign all to rest. Also, for some reason, I cannot see what today's date is at the calendar at the top of the screen?!
  4. You can't do that any more, which is why I posted this thread!
  5. But why has a patch/update got rid of the calendar 'rest players for 1 day, 2 day etc.' ?! Was so convenient before, why the change to make it longer and more annoying?!
  6. Just after a match, I would select tomorrow at the top of the screen calendar and select 'give squad 1 day off training'. Now when I click on tomorrow it only shows 'Go on holiday'. Any suggestions how to give squad day off training without going into 'training' and taking 10 minutes?!
  7. I've signed a coach who has 20 mental but average attributes for technical coaching e.g. 18 working with youngsters,14 Defending and 10 fitness. What coaching assignment should I put him as, as there are no assignments for Sports Psychology (even though there should be one)?
  8. Finally won the Champions League in 2015 against Lyon who are starting to become the next Barcelona on my game and the FA Cup again for the 3rd time in 4 seasons! But still cannot win the Premier League, with Man Utd having an unbeaten season with a tiny squad and playing a 3-4-3! By the way, does anyone know how to get the best out of Neymar? First season he has been awful for his stats and £70m price tag!
  9. I thought conceding 15 was awesome, well it still is but not compared to this!
  10. Fantastic!!! This is what I've been looking for. FM07 skin is by far the best skin, compared to these blinding white skins that come with FM nowadays. Finally I will be able to play FM in the dark without getting blind the next morning
  11. http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/6660/12696756.th.jpg
  12. When I come from behind i.e. 2-0 down and win 3-2, I run about the house doing a Mark Hughes punch through the air when my team scores the winning goal!
  13. When my defence do silly mistakes, I point at the person (circle) and shout 'Mark him!' whilst flailing my arms about in anger
  14. Probably late 2010 early 2011? I better save up for a new laptop as mine is only 32bit vista
  15. 2D Dots till I DIE! Well Hopefully in a couple of years I'll get an Alienware laptop and maybe the 3D might of improved and might give 3D a try but atm... pffff 2D till i die!
  16. theres no shame being addicted to fm, even if your playing it on the toilet or whilst in the bath!
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