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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I always thought under the hood, the scouts would scout and opposition would tailor tactics to counter yours. I'm still a bit confused why 1 defeat in ages has led to such a downturn in form. Maybe it is just that teams are now setting off slightly more defensive and exposing my lack of quality going forward. I will try some more attacking roles. The problem I have though is my striker tends to get isolated when on attack duty so idea behind support duties was to attack and defend as a team/one solid unit. I also don't want too many attack duties as I'm a limited team ability wise so don't think that would work out well at all. I'll try having my IF and ST on attack and possibly a cm...
  2. Thanks for the reply but not sure that's really that helpful. What can I do to have more penetration? Why would it take until January to start going on a terrible run when I've been winning 90% of my games the first half of the season? I know people will probably say that scouts have worked my team out or whatever but it feels unrealistic that teams from up the top with me and down near the bottom have all figured out to an extent where everyone can beat me now.
  3. Hi guys, Looking for some advice. Been absolutely flying this season in League 2. Top of the league. Looking unbeatable. Fa Cup 3rd round comes... Away at Leicester. Lose (predictably) then BAM! Team in freefall... Losing 5 out of the last 7 games. Tactically I've not changed anything pre match. The only thing I change is sometimes try press higher and have a higher defensive block if chasing a game/getting dominated. Nothing I'm doing currently is working and it's starting to become very frustrating. Stopped creating many chances and a once reliable defense is now more like a pod of dolphins- all at sea!
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering what the impact is of changing tactics? I currently play a 433 but have toyed with the idea of playing a 532 in big games such as if I get a hard draw in a cup (currently playing as a relative minnow) Can my players adapt to do this effectively or will it be detrimental to their performance? I guess what I'm really asking is if the game punishes you for being adaptable as a manager (thinking more Mourinho style management vs Pep for eg)
  5. Yes I see what you mean. Thank you. I'm a bit adverse to having 2 attack duties on the same side but I've always been more cautious on FM. I don't actually use either instruction. I try to keep instructions to a minimum now other than the basics required for my playstyle as I've been stung having too many instructions on at once in the past.
  6. Having both IF and WB on attack would cause me big problems defensively though wouldn't it? Which would then be compounded by having CMs that get further forward? I've only played one game with the above changes but beat Coventry (top of the league) 2-0. Didn't create a huge amount but the risk/reward balance seemed better.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback I am going to look to take off 'work ball into box' and 'look for overlap' I'm not looking to counter. I had a counter tactic season before and start of this season (hense my strikers being fast but hold up play is poor) but my defense isn't good enough to absorb a lot of attacks so I figured attack is the best form of defense so decided to play more possession orientated style and I had pretty much instant success and currently on a club record 12 game unbeaten run but always looking to improve/spot potential issues in the future. As for Tutte, my usual anchor man was injured and he's the only one who can play in DM strata so put him in as a DLPd as he's my best passer so didn't want him on the periphery. Again, thanks everyone for the advice
  8. I am very satisfied so far. My concern though is if teams start figuring out how to score against me, only scoring 1 a game most of the time will start costing me points so looking for ways to improve my attacking output. Not looking to change it currently but so I've got some tips incase I do need a change of tack.
  9. Hi guys, I'm my second season and doing very well in 3rd place in League 2. Punching well above my mid table prediction. However, I'm struggling creating too many big chances and so every game seems to be very close. Can anyone advise me on how I can create more without risking my defensive record too much? I think I need a stronger striker who can hold the ball up and be a presence in the box but can't find anyone suitable currently and have a limited budget. My current striker has good finishing and pace for the league but hold up stats (strength, determination, balance particularly) are poor.
  10. Not a huge amount to contribute that hasn't been mentioned already. I'm in League 2 myself with Morecambe and have had some success with one player LOA and attack far/near post with centre backs and player (usually striker) to mark their keeper. I've scored a few with it. Corner wise just set to mixed as majority at that level lack accuracy anyway plus makes teams think as you're not consistently planting it in the same place every time.
  11. Did you have many players that were cheap in terms of cost and wages? The biggest problem I have is that they are cash strapped so feeding off scraps in the transfer market.
  12. So bin the counter attacking tactic and try play on the front foot? I am leaning that way given the players I have this season with a slow but technically decent winger, a fast forward but with no link up ability and cbs that don't seem like they can soak up a lot of pressure. My only concern is how long it will take for the players to get used to a totally different system.
  13. This is one of my wingers. He has decent attacking stats for this level but his lack of pace is an issue. Another reason to play more on the front foot. How easy is it to transition from a counter attack team to one that looks to dominate a bit more? Will I have to accept that results will probably dip short term whilst players get used to the new system?
  14. The problem I have is that none of my strikers have good hold up and linking play stats in their locker. I had 2 decent players last season for it on loan but their parent clubs won't let them come back again. I'm currently thinking I may need an overhaul of my tactic and play more on the front foot. I'm not sure my cbs are good enough to soak up pressure and my strikers aren't good enough to hold the ball up to allow support to arrive.
  15. I did have this originally but my winger, although he has a good cross on him, his pace and acceleration is poor so with a counter attack system coupled with default PIs for Wa he wouldn't be able to get past his man very often and to the byline. I seem to struggle from set pieces (I need to change this up) but from open play it's down the flanks via crosses. A lot of the time it seems to be down to poor marking. Tbh I think my cbs just ain't good enough. I had a good cb last season but unfortunately he couldn't get a work permit for this season so had to let him go. I desperately need help with my striker. Played as an AFa so far and this season he has 6 appearances, 0 goals with an av. rating of 6.38 as stated in OP, I struggle creating good chances and majority of his shots are from the edge of the area. I've put his profile below...
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