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  1. The dark arts of Playmaking

    Interesting discussion. We say a lot about playmakers and how they are 'ball magnets' but what about if you had 2? Say a DLP in cm and an AP in amc. Would the defense feed the DLP who then feeds the AP? Do people tend to use more than one playmaker or is it counter productive to? Personally if I'm using a CM as playmaker I want dictates tempo definitely. Tries risky passes depends on formation. I don't want it if there are 4 players ahead of him as a misplaced pass trying a low percentage pass can give opponents a counter attack opportunity. I prefer risky passes for an AMC as a must as generally speaking they are the pivot on which attacking play is generally built around and the key to unlocking stubborn defenses.
  2. A Cry For Help

    Screenshot of example tactic you've tried? Team instructions? As @HUNT3R is alluding to, what exactly do you need help with? Nobody is going to suggest a plug and play tactic that you can just copy and voila a season unbeaten unfortunately.
  3. That PPM suggests to me a player with good decision making and passing attributes who knows when to quicken the pace up and when to slow it down (because your team is under the cosh and you need to take the sting out the game) Would you want Fellaini dictating the tempo for Man Utd who isn't great at passing and decision making or Pogba who has a wide range of passing and has the composure to slow the pace down without just giving the ball away.
  4. Spurs 352 help!

    I had a little bit of joy since I posted this by changing up some player roles and beat Watford 4 0 with Kane back on form. I noticed the front 3 kept getting in each other's way and Kane on attack duty wasn't giving my SS any space to run into so I switched Kane to a support duty and PI 'move into channels' to create space for SS to move into and it worked a treat. With regards to my cm balance, I kept finding teams were bossing the midfield especially those with a DM. Drawback of the formation, I know as will often get outnumbered in midfield so changed Dembele from Mezzela to DLP just to try control it a bit better but can change his duty if I feel I have control in the game and need a bit more creativity. I also changed Sanchez to a stopper duty so he pushes out and almost acts as a DM for me knowing I still have cover behind me in 2 Cbs. I've since seen an upturn in form, winning 3 on the bounce so hopefully it can continue.
  5. I think FM is a game where you can almost spend as much or as little time on as you want/have. To answer your question, the only advice i' d give is to start with a team you know a lot about in real life and therefore already have a good idea about the players and their strengths/weaknesses to get you through them early analysis stages.
  6. About team instructions

    Not at all. Arguably it is worse to use a lot than none at all. A lot of the team people use instructions without really knowing what they do e.g. retain possession and pass into space which is a common mistake. Best bet is pick a formation based on how you want to play then look at issues during pre season and tweak team and player instructions from there.
  7. Fm18- Spurs

    What role and duty do you have for Toby? He's a beast on set pieces for me. I have him as a BPD on defend in a back 3 but he regularly gets 6.3/6.4 yet overall our defense is 2nd best in league. Need to analyse. Maybe he plays a lot of loose balls. Check out my other Spurs thread. Really need advice!
  8. Fm18- Spurs

    Have you tried that lad from Napoli? His name escapes me. I know he's popular on fifa, not sure how his stats transfer into FM.
  9. Fm18- Spurs

    I've done exactly the same. Rose has only picked up 1 knock on his thigh since coming back but just not performing. I signed Sessegnon too and Davies is really good as a WB. Was looking at Sandro myself but he went to City as they don't have enough expensive full backs as it is 🙄
  10. Spurs 352 help!

    Has anybody else got any further suggestions? Been really trying to make the 352 work and I hate giving up on ideas but it just isn't working at all. Really struggling to create chances, Kane has gone 10 games now without a goal and just not performing no matter what role and duty I seem to give him and I have no win in 6 (5 draws, one loss in Carabao cup) Reading suggestions on other threads, I have dialled back on TIs and PIs but nothing I try seems to work. I have the worst shooting accuracy in the league, although one positive is I also have the 2nd best defence. I am now faced with the sack and been told I require 9 points from the next 5 games to save my job. I have tried going attacking, riskier passes TIs on my 2 support players behind Kane but just can't create many clear cut chances and I really don't understand why. Please help!!!
  11. I have been reading a few similarly themed threads of late around TIs and PIs and have learned a lot about how different instructions interact and that less can be better at times as the roles/duties are the most important aspect of determining how successful a tactic is. It would appear that I have been making the same mistakes since this new interface was introduced. For PIs, if a player can't dribble or be effective from long shots, I would automatically set their PI to do it less and for TIs I would have maybe 8 or 9 set thinking that was how you 'refine' your tactic. I guess the question I'm asking from this thread is do you guys alter PIs based on individuals attributes or do you set them based on tactic requirements? E.g if your tactic is based on your team pushing up and putting a lot of crosses for a big target man but your full/wing backs have a low crossing rating, would you still have them cross the ball with the thinking your target man will eventually receive a good ball to attack or would you select 'cross less' and look for other ways to create chances? Such as keeping full backs back and having wingers on a more attacking duty.
  12. Fm18- Spurs

    Depends on the style of football you want. Whether you want to control the match with possession or playing attacking football which involves playing lower percentage higher risk passes to try unlock a defense! Although your results so far also suggest you are doing well without our input!
  13. Fm18- Spurs

    Can't argue with your results. Some cracking ones so far and unbeaten. One thing I've noticed in your TIs, you have both 'pass into space' which involves playing riskier passes yet you also have 'retain possession' which is contradictory as that means playing safer, looking for the easy pass. That's quite a common thing people do.
  14. Fm18- Spurs

    In midfield I'd suggest Wanyama or Dier as CM-d so they don't press as aggressively and not as much space in midfield. Also gives an outlet for recycling possession.
  15. Fm18- Spurs

    What problems are you finding during games? Not creating enough? Conceding a lot from crosses? Counter attacks? Ball over the top? Also what TIs do you have? My original comments were purely based on formation and pre empting what issues you might have but its hard giving advice without knowing how it plays.