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  1. Only played a couple of games since making a couple of tweaks. Hoping Pogba can thrive now, he's been pretty good last couple of games, his passing has been great with the extra room. Didn't make too many change. As suggested above, I changed AML to winger instead of IF and TM to PFa. Lukaku leading the line well and Martial was fantastic against Bayern. Torturing their defense with his dribbling. Hoping my good start to my second season can continue...
  2. I've just tried this to see if it brought about a change in fortune and he got a 6.6, worst player on my team. Very frustrating player. I can see Mourinho's problem now 😂
  3. This is something I've actually started using and it has helped a bit although I'm very good at having players in half space, pass it to Herrera on the edge of the box who then blazes it over, always shooting. Need to check next time I'm on if I can set a PI to shoot less. As for AML as an IF, my worry with that is that him and Pogba would be both vying for the same space? Not sure if they would complement as they may interchange better being so close or whether it's a hindrance. That's why I wanted the PI of stay wider to try give them both space to work in. Just beat Norwich 2 0 away first game. 31(13) shots on goal to their 2(1) I was happy with the performance, albeit against a newly promoted team. The frustration is that with only 3 CCCs it suggests I'm very wasteful and this has been a worrying trend through pre season too where I'm getting plenty of shots but the goals aren't flowing. Maybe some PIs are needed to make us more patient...
  4. Hi guys, At the start of my second season and looking to try get more out of Pogba. Like in real life, I believe the team needs to be built around him as his potential is that good even though he's currently not living up to his billing either irl or in my game. I play a 433 with Pogba as a mezzala on attack. My first season he wasn't terrible as we beat Liverpool to the title on last day as well as in the CL final for the double but he was one of our worst average rated players at just under 7. Looking for some advice and tips how I can get more out of him? In terms of PIs, I don't use a lot at all but one I have tried is IF(R) staying wider to try free up space for him in the channel. The other, more general play issue I have is that all my play and chances)(I'd say 80%) seems to come from crosses into the box. How do I get away from this and encourage more interplay through the middle and through balls in the final third? Playing narrower and focusing play down the middle doesn't seem to help. P. S sorry for the poor picture, I don't have a laptop so play FM touch on my switch.
  5. Long story short- I'm good at beating top/more attacking teams playing a controlled lower tempo possession style and being aggressive without the ball but struggle breaking down defensive teams. Any advice how I can break down teams like Huddersfield and Burnley for eg who defend deep and narrow? Can I simply play a higher tempo or does switching tempo from one extreme to the other affect player familiarity with the tactic and have a detrimental effect on how well they play?
  6. Thanks for that. I will bear them points in mind and tweak my tactic Will let you know how I get on.
  7. How do you find that works for you? It's very similar to me really except I have Herrera as a CMs next to Pogba. What TIs do you have?
  8. So IWB is best for styles which is possession based? Below is Herreras stats. What role do you think is best? I want to use Pogba as a mezzala and Matic as DLP (feel he offers more than if he was a HB)
  9. What are the benefits of IWB? That's the one role I've never really understood the purpose of and when/how to use him. As for Herrera, I will post a ss of his profile tomorrow night when I can next get on. Cheers
  10. I'll try him as a CFs. Do you think my midfield roles compliment each other ok? I keep switching Pogba between AP and Mezzala and unsure what role to give Herrera. I like the idea of Pogba being a mez but not sure if it clashes with the IFa (I have the IF on attack rather than support to get him further forward and nearer the AF)
  11. Thanks for the advice. I've tried Lukaku as a CFa and he's a big oaf. Doesn't contribute in general play at all and I don't see Rashford as being cut out for that role? Could try him as a trequartista I suppose. I'll try standard tempo for a few games and see how it goes. The idea of focus play through the middle is my FBs are the only players who are providing natural width. The rest are looking to play in central areas so was hoping for one-twos and neat interplay as this suits Rash more than crosses into the box
  12. My tactics are probably lost in translation. I'm not a massive player of FM due to time constraints (hence picking a big team that I know well) I take the point about AF and going to try him on support. The idea was I want to dominate the ball, with intricate passes and play (1-2s, 3rd man runs) in final 3rd to open defense with through balls to Af and If(a) with the width coming from FBs. Lower tempo was for the aforementioned controlling possession. When I play high tempo players always seem to make silly passes, giving it away needlessly so I lowered tempo to try improve this.
  13. I'm Man United, playing a 433 and whilst I'm getting the results, I'm struggling (other than beating Chelsea 4-0 3rd or 4th game in) to get a good team performance. I'm getting 2/3 playing a 7 or 8 (normally as they scored/assisted) and the rest are 6's usually. Any advice on my tactics appreciated to try get more out the players. Cheers!
  14. I'd may try swapping the role/duty of your fbs. With Mata coming inside into 10 (playing in same areas as Sigurdsson, too) it's giving you no real width on the right as Coleman is more reserved than Tierney. The only other thing I'd say is that unless you've got PIs set (?) The 3 behind your PF are all more creators than scorers with current duties and with such an aggressive style keeping opponents penned in, you're PF is probably struggling finding space to run into. Likewise the support team to play passes through. Against defensive teams like you've mentioned, the space is out wide so I'd look to exploit that.
  15. I've just hammered Monaco at home. I made the aforementioned changes in my last post and restricted them to just the 5(2) shots. The only negative really is the 42% possession. I'm going to take your points into consideration, particularly away games and make 1 full back more conservative depending on opposition strengths. Valencia and Dalot are injured at the start but they are back now. Valencia is my first choice for now. I was hoping Dalot would but disappointed with his in game stats. Hopefully he will improve to be my regular rb. I've also agreed a deal to sign Ghoulem from Napoli in January to compete with Shaw. Better stamina and crossing ability will hopefully suit the role more.
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