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  1. dan_bre_1988

    'Use tighter marking'

    Thanks for the replies guys. Think I will stick to just targeting specific players through PIs and OIs. Seems like it's main purpose is systems where you are pressing high such as Liverpool and Man City and trying to stop teams from playing out of trouble.
  2. Possibly a bit of a novice question but in what tactical systems/circumstances would you use 'use tighter marking'? Seems a bit pointless imo and best off marking players through PIs and OIs. I may be wrong but I can't think of any teams that I've watched where the whole team is marking tightly including forwards. I'd of thought you wouldn't want strikers marking at all unless you're holding on to a result and it's 'all hands on deck'? Any pointers would be welcome!
  3. For the past couple of years I've always wanted to do a lower league save, specifically with Carlisle United of league 2 and try work my way up the footballing pyramid since they are the only professional team from my home county of Cumbria. What's always put me off doing it is a) lack of knowledge of the lower leagues and good players to sign and b) I'm not great at the game in terms of analysing what's going wrong in a tactic so usually pick a big team (usually Man Utd or Spurs) and do ok as tactical deficiencies can be masked better by individual brilliance and players tend to be more adaptable to what you are asking of them. So this leads to my question(s) (apologies in advance for being fairly vague)- how do people in LLM go about scouting new players since the scouts will generally be quite poor? Is it important to simplify tactics as much as possible e.g. play a 442 with general player roles like full back, winger poacher rather than a fancy assymetric formation with specialist roles such as a Segundo volante or a Mezzela? Any other advice for a LLM novice? Thanks
  4. dan_bre_1988

    Fm18- Spurs

    Great effort. 15 games without conceding is some effort Can you post a screenshot of what formation you use and team instructions?
  5. As stated above, you can play on any mentality and shape. Just some systems place a greater emphasis on roles and duties than others. @Rashidi has a great YouTube video (bustthenet) explaining team shape. As you suggest, very fluid will make your players appear more compact as individual mentalities are closer together which means the team will attack and defend as a unit. More structured on the other hand will make your players seem further apart as more defensive players will have a low individual mentality and more attacking a higher mentality. For the way you want to play, I'd suggest a more structured shape as you want wingers further up the pitch so they can exploit space in behind. With a more fluid shape, your wingers will get dragged back with the opp full/wing backs and will be harder for them to exploit the space. I wouldn't use any TIs or PIs to begin with. That way you can see what the issues are and react with these instructions. If you're wanting to attack through quick wingers, you may end up needing one or more of the TIs pass into space, exploit left/right flank and/or more direct passing. Hope this helps.
  6. Have you tried 'work ball into box' In theory, this will encourage your players to retain the ball, probe the defense (who as you say, are more defensive) and look for the right pass. This will allow the wing backs to stay high and wide too but the team instruction should reduce the amount of crosses they are putting into the box as the instruction should mean they look for an easy pass. If you don't want to lose them long shots (if a player is particularly good at them) then maybe use 'shoot more often' PI.
  7. With Sanchez gone and Özil's future far from certain, Arsenal seem to be making a habit of allowing their star players to run down their contracts and putting themselves in a difficult position (RVP being another high profile example) This comes to my FM question... has anybody managed to sign a player of similar quality on a free/little cost? Also, what happened to Sanchez and Özil on your saves? Did they sign or move on?
  8. dan_bre_1988

    Fm18- Spurs

    Good effort. I've only managed 3/4 games since I last posted but good results. I'm in the Fa cup final against Southampton after beating Chelsea 2 1 and the CL final against Man United after beating PSG. Not easy going. Won 3 0 at home and then lost 2 0 away to set up a nervy last half hour but hung on (My attackers wasteful, had 2/3 good chances to kill the game off) and need 4 points from 3 games to clinch 4th place. Liverpool, United and City ran away up top. Chelsea not won in about 6 games to drop to 6th (can't catch me) and Arsenal just lost 5 1 away at Bournemouth (lol) to drop 3pts behind with 2 to play (I've got 3 games... Leicester away, City at home then Chelsea away) Shame Chelsea dropped right off... could of been a straight shoot out for 4th place last game of the season just hope I don't need a result as I struggle against them usually.
  9. dan_bre_1988

    away games help

    Hey @vandamme22, posting a screenshot of your tactic showing the roles and duties you use may help with the responses.
  10. This is a very good point. Dembele vision is 7. I've tweaked tactic a bit past few games to the one above. In the old system I was playing Naingollan ad a b2b/Mezzela in the same formation but Dembele was playing better so I've started playing him a bit more. Might switch back to Naingollan in the CMs role and see how he gets on. Might offer a better passing option to get Alli and Eriksen into the game more. Ive noticed that in the game that all the play and chances generally go through my wing backs but if they having a bad day then I struggle so this could be a good pointer as to why so will definitely try that these last few games. In terms of fluid/structured, it's something I need to learn more about as I've not really got to grips on the impact it has on the team and which suits what system/playing style best. I understand they bring players closer/further apart but that's about as far as it goes not really sure how positions will behave depending only on structured/fluid. Might have to start a new save just to play around with and see.
  11. dan_bre_1988

    Fm18- Spurs

    De Ligt is going to be my summer target as a replacement for Sanchez. Not really a fan of him on the game. Doesn't fit in to how I want to play
  12. I quite like the idea of this. Trying Alli as a DLFs, so he drops deep (as per his ppm) without (hopefully) dropping too deep and can then make his trademark late runs into the box to get on the end of crosses and through balls. What player roles/duties did you give to Alli and Eriksen? I have nearly tried this too but I'm that stubborn I kept persevering with this tactic
  13. Here's a SS for clarity on my roles and duties as a whole.
  14. So i'm playing as Spurs nearing the end of the first season. Heading into the final 6 games minimum which will decide whether it's been a great or good season. Realistically im going to finish 4th-6th in the league and in the semi of both the Fa cup and CL but I have had massive issues getting the front 3 to perform. I play a 5221 WB formation with Alli and Eriksen in AMC strata behind Kane. They have all had ok seasons but nothing spectacular. Alli and Eriksen have had a few assists and Kane 24 goals in all comps but not played regularly well at all. I'm starting to think that you can't play well with 2amcs behind a sole striker on FM18. I've tried alsorts. Alli as a shadow striker with Kane DLFs and Eriksen APs. Tried Alli as AMa with Kane DLFs and a CFs. Eriksen as an AMs. Usually play on control mentality with no PIs and only TIs being close down more and high d line playing offside. Tried counter instead of control to try draw the opp out a bit and give Alli and Eriksen more room to make runs/passes between the lines. I have had a decent season imo but front 3 have been a big source of frustration and all 3 average below 7. If somebody managed to get them working in that formation I'd love to know how.
  15. dan_bre_1988

    Fm18- Spurs

    Nope, have had massive issues getting the front 3 to perform. Alli and Eriksen had a few assists and Kane 24 goals in a comps but not played regularly well at all. I've come to the conclusion that you can't play well with 2amcs behind a sole striker. I've tried alsorts. Alli as a shadow striker with Kane DLFs and Eriksen APs. Tried Alli as AMa with Kane DLFs and a CFs. Eriksen as an AMs. Tried counter instead of control to try draw the opp out a bit and give Alli and Eriksen more room between the lines. I had a decent first season. 4th in league and semi of FA cup and CL but front 3 were average (all 3 had an average of below 7) if somebody managed to get them working in that formation I'd love to know how.