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  1. I think its the "flut dark skin"
  2. Luke Shaw not good enough? Rashford is there somewhere. Yeah. Now looking at the squad im going to add to the U18 & u21.
  3. So after playing saves with Coventry City, Valencia and Lyon i decided to control the team i support and went for Manchester United. I just finished season one and won the PL, EFL Cup, Super Cup and UCL.This is my current first team..GK - Lafont & De GeaLB - Shaw & JacksonRB - Valencia & Darmian ( Also bought Cancelo )CB - Lindelof & Rojo & Jones & BaillyCM - Carrick & Matic & Pogba & Herrera CAM - Gomes & MataRAM - Mkhitaryan & Lingard LAM - Kluivert & MartialST - Bacca & Lukaku & MinaUsually i mainly do small/mid table teams so having a big team is new to me. If i have a bad season i know where to add players but if i have a good season like this i struggle at who to bring in.Here are some screenshots of my team and season.https://ibb.co/d6pGRkhttps://ibb.co/h7L1sQhttps://ibb.co/nubwRkhttps://ibb.co/gc3MsQhttps://ibb.co/nxmkK5https://ibb.co/c4ACz5https://ibb.co/bRNgsQWho do you recommend? Any help/advice would be awesome
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